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See, Treat, & Share: PetSafe® to Introduce Social Pet™, the Industry’s First Social Sharing and Remote Treating System for Pets


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (Feb. 11, 2014) – According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), more than 54 percent of pets are left at home during the day while owners are at work or involved in extra-curricular activities. However, one company will soon be offering an innovative way for busy pet owners – and their Facebook friends – to check in with their pet from wherever they are.

PetSafe®, an industry brand leader in the development of innovative pet behavioral, containment, and lifestyle product solutions and services, has announced the launch of its Social Pet™ Camera & Treat Dispenser. Available Feb. 15, Social Pet is the only complete system that allows pet owners to remotely treat and socially share photos and videos of their pet with the Social Pet Facebook App.

According to Randy Boyd, CEO and founder of Radio Systems Corporation, makers of the PetSafe brand, the popularity of social networking and pet owners’ desire to interact with their pets while away from home were the foundation for developing the innovative Social Pet system.

“Visiting social network sites is the No. 1 activity on the web,” Boyd said. “As the leader in innovative pet products, we saw the opportunity to make busy pet owners’ lives easier by developing the Social Pet system. We’re excited for Social Pet to hit the market and can’t wait to see how it improves the pet ownership experience.”

Social Pet enables pet owners to see, treat, and share their pet’s best moments from anywhere. The Social Pet system includes a camera and treat dispenser that can be accessed anytime via a computer or smartphone through the Social Pet Facebook App. Pet owners and their friends can watch a live video stream of the pet, take and share photos with others, and give the pet his or her favorite treats all through the Social Pet Facebook App. Social Pet also allows pet parents to set certain permissions for friends and family, as well as a feeding schedule through the Social Pet Facebook App, so that their pet can only be treated during the times (or from users) they select.

In addition to remote treating and sharing photos and videos of their pet through the Social Pet Facebook App, pet owners can also use Social Pet’s live video stream feature to monitor their pet’s behavior when they’re not around. Pet owners may learn that their pet isn’t truly housetrained or suffers from separation anxiety. The Social Pet system is also great for multiple pet households where pet owners may not know which pet is responsible for each action when they’re not at home.

The Social Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser will be available to purchase online starting Saturday, Feb. 15 for $199 at http://store.petsafe.net/socialpet. Learn more about Social Pet and the results of initial product testing on PetSafe’s blog, The Paw Print.

About PetSafe®

Headquartered in Knoxville, Tenn., PetSafe® is an industry brand leader in the development of innovative pet behavioral, containment, and lifestyle product solutions and services. For more information, visit www.petsafe.net or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.