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Submission Process

All guidelines for submission of pre-proposals and final proposals are subject to change. Please revisit the website prior to submission for the most up-to-date guidelines and forms. Direct any questions via email to studies@petsafe.net. For telephone inquiries, contact Jim Tedford at (865)-824-5240.

  1. Download Pre-Proposal Submission Form.
  2. Complete form, following all instructions.
  3. Email completed form by June 30 to studies@petsafe.net in Microsoft Word .doc format. Forms submitted in print format (e.g., .pdf files) will not be accepted.

Who can apply for RSC project funding?


Applications are invited from any organization, institution, interest group or individual who can meet the application requirements. While these are mainly targeted towards those in academic institutions with access to departmental resources, support and expertise, other organizations and individuals working in the field of feline and canine behavior and training, welfare etc. may also be eligible and are encouraged to apply. Such projects may also be funded if appropriate study supervision and IACUC review (see below) can be arranged. To see if your project or that of your organization, institution or interest group's project may be eligible, please e-mail RSC at studies@petsafe.net informally in the first instance and we will be glad to advise and assist potential candidates with their application.


If your pre-proposal is selected, the Research Panel will notify you by August 15 and send you the Invited Proposal Submission Form. Complete and submit this form by November 15. The forms are provided below in view format only for information.

View Invited Proposal Submission Form for Projects A and B
View Invited Proposal Submission Form for Project C