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Our Research Panel

Radio Systems Corporation, home of the PetSafe brand, is delighted to announce the appointment of an independent Research Review Panel consisting of top class international experts from the fields of both academic scientific research and the applied behavioral, veterinary practitioner and practical dog training communities to assist in the design and application review process of the RSC Research Funding program. Members of the Panel include the following US-based academic and applied specialists and other internationally renowned applied companion animal, and clinical veterinary behaviorists. RSC is extremely grateful to the distinguished members of the Panel for their enormous help and expertise in executing our research funding and review process.

Peter L. Borchelt, Ph.D.

Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist

Ph.D. in comparative psychology from Michigan State University (1973)
Post-doctoral fellow, Dept of Animal Behavior, The American Museum of Natural History (1972-74)
Asst Professor, Dept Psychology, Fordham University (1974-1978)
In private practice, Animal Behavior Consultant (1978 - present)

Raymond P Coppinger, AB, MA, PhD

Professor (Emeritus) of Biology, School of Cognitive Science,
Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts USA

Professor Coppinger focused his long career on teaching animal behavior and evolution, with domestic dogs at the core. At Hampshire College, he founded and directed the Livestock Dog Project, which has international renown and impact. His research is widely published in science and popular journals, and he is the author of two books (so far) on dog behavior.

Joy Pate, Professor, C. Lee Rumberger and Family Chair in Agricultural Sciences

Director, Center for Reproductive Biology and Health
Professor, Department of Animal Sciences, Penn State University

Ph.D. in Reproductive Biology, University of New Hampshire
Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Ohio State University 1983-2008

Dr. Joy Pate has served on numerous Editorial Boards, NIH and USDA study sections, including a 2-year term as Panel Manager for a USDA panel and her research has been funded through USDA and NIH grants continuously since 1985. She has served as Director, Secretary and President of The Society for the Study of Reproduction and was a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellow and Visiting Scientist at Okayama and Obihiro Agricultural Universities in 2008. She chaired the Organizing Committee of the Inaugural World Congress on Reproductive Biology was a member of the Organizing Committees of the International Congress of Reproductive Immunology and the international Ruminant Reproduction Symposium.

Marcy J. Souza, DVM, MPH, DABVP (Avian), DACVPM

Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical & Diagnostic Sciences
University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Marcy J. Souza is an assistant professor of public health and wildlife medicine at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. She teaches in numerous courses including Wildlife Diseases, Zoonoses & Food Hygiene, and Infectious Diseases. Her research interests include zoonotic and infectious diseases of wildlife and exotic pets and using wildlife as sentinels for human health.

Clive D. L. Wynne, PhD

Professor of Psychology
University of Florida

Clive Wynne is the director of the Canine Cognition and Behavior lab at the University of Florida. He studies the behavior of dogs and their wild relatives in Florida and at Wolf Park in Indiana, where he is Director of Research. His interests include cognitive differences between dogs and wild canids, the welfare of dogs in shelters and sanctuaries, the training of sniffer dogs, and just what it is about people that dogs find rewarding.