Code of Conduct

While some may joke about “fighting like cats and dogs,” animal lovers everywhere know that we can learn a lot from our furry friends about how to approach others with a wagging tail and open heart. After all, that’s one of the main objectives of a community dog park – to offer a place for humans and canines alike to meet and make new friends. People and dogs of all ages, backgrounds, sizes and colors can find common ground within the gates of the dog park. We only ask our dogs to “play nice” with one another, and we should hold ourselves to the same standard of kindness and civility.

With that spirit in mind, competing cities commit to ensuring that residents, supporters, elected officials, employees and/or volunteers, while speaking on behalf of the community, refrain from the following activities during PetSafe’s Bark for Your Park contest from May 7-August 7, 2014: badmouthing, sabotaging, using profanities, engaging in verbal abuse and attacks, policing of other cities’ efforts in order to make accusations of misconduct or “cheating,” and/or all other forms of incivility towards or about any other competing community.

We’re asking every city to be creative in its strategies to rally support from its community members, while also following the contest’s Official Rules. PetSafe will not tolerate efforts to disgrace another competitor or hurt its ability to rally support for a dog park by making hollow accusations or attacks or by calling in to question whether a city or person “deserves” a dog park. Additionally, community members should pull together to work for the good of their own dogs instead of attacking other individuals also working to bring a dog park to their hometown.

PetSafe reserves the right to disqualify a city from competing in the contest and/or an individual from voting and participating in the contest if that community or individual violates this Code of Conduct. As always, PetSafe will monitor contest activity to ensure that all participants abide by the Official Rules and reserves the right to also disqualify any city or individual who violates those rules. To maintain a community’s nomination and an individual’s voting status, participants should avoid in engaging in negative behavior on the PetSafe social media accounts, participants’ social media accounts, the Bark for Your Park city page message boards and any other online forum.

A dog park is a wonderful addition to a community. Let’s support each other in our efforts to better each of our city’s pet-friendly offerings, promote green spaces for public enjoyment and support animal welfare.

Best of luck, and play nice!