Application Process

Each spring, PetSafe® invites communities across the country to apply for grants totaling over $250,000 to build, maintain and enhance off-leash dog parks. Awards are given to 25 communities: five $25,000 grants to help build new dog parks, ten $10,000 awards to maintain existing dog parks and ten $5,000 grants to enhance existing dog parks.

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The next big dog park could be in your community

Preparing Your Community’s Application

What You'll Need:

  • A letter from a civic leader showing support for your dog park project
  • Photos of your future dog park space or current off-leash dog park
  • Blueprints of your ideal dog park
  • Summary of how your community would benefit from the building, maintaining or enhancing of the dog park
  • A brief of ways your community has shown support for an off-leash dog park


  • $25,000 New Park Awards

    We’ll choose communities without dog parks to receive prizes valuing $25,000 each. We’ll get to know each community’s needs and desires to determine how we can best help each community open their dog park within three years!

  • $10,000 Park Maintenance Awards

    Ten communities with existing dog parks will receive prizes valuing $10,000 each to help maintain and improve their current dog park. Communities who have previously won PetSafe dog parks can enter to win a park maintenance award.

  • $5,000 Park Equipment Awards

    Ten communities will each receive a combination of $5,000 worth of funds as well as high-quality dog park equipment from UltraSite by PlayCore, a leading outdoor recreation product manufacturer.


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