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City Nominations and Phase 1 Voting from May 7th-June 7th. Finalists Announced: June 13th.

Our community needs a PetSafe dog park!

Please help Old Drum's Best Friends Dog Park Committee build a Dog Park at Cave Hollow Park! Vote today! Vision Statement - Old Drum's Best Friends Dog Park is a place where dogs and their people come to play, exercise, and bond, reponsibly and safely. it celebrates the connection between humans and their canine companions in a way that honors the legacy of Old Drum, the orginial "man's best friend."

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Lifetime Animal Center thinks a dog park would be an awesome addition for the pets and families of our community!

Robin PetSafe

Congratulations Warrensburg! We have received your land and civic leader letters. Share you efforts with your local media to help you get the word out! We love your vision for your dog park. GO BARK FOR YOUR PARK!

Jay Pattiz

Amy she contacted me and helping us.

Amy White

Who is the contact person for organizing this? I've got a friend with experience who won this grant contest last year for Texarkana, TX. She's offered her help for us.

Kelly Kesinger

Only four days left to vote. Vote twice a day, once here, once at

Brandy Moore

Hi from Texarkana. I voted for you today. :)

margaret kesinger

Hope to see you tonite @ 6 at Trails Library to make the final push in obtaining a $25,000 grant for the Old Drum Dog Park.

Jay Pattiz

Thanks for encouragement Pat! Warrensburg, MO is small community too, less than 20,000 population. We are home of Old Drum Dog "Man's Best Friend" still without a Dog Park.

david kesinger

Thanks Pat for the encouragement. All anyone can do is give their best. That way, no regrets.

Pat Dannatt

Don't count yourself out of the running yet. North Platte, Nebraska, recently won $12,000 from Troybilt in competition with four other much larger communities. Our closest competitor was Newport News, Virginia. If I recall, Wikipedia listed Newport News' population at about 180,000 - North Platte's is about 25,000. Read all the tips PetSafe suggests, get some videos of your project posted, along with cute videos of pets, anything to personalize your project. Then send a link to this page to everyone you know and ask them to send the link to everyone in their address book. You can do this! I'll be back voting every day that I can.

Jay Pattiz

Warrensburg has Statue of "Old Drum Dog" Man's Best Friend but looking get our first Dog Park. Old Drum Best Friend Dog Park be located Cave Hollow Park. The site already partially developed. Please vote for Warrensburg Dog park Daily!

Fallon Medlin

Looks like we may be out of the running. I clicked on Tehachapi, CA and they are at 5698, Hutto, TX is at 1291, East Hartford, Ct is at 2822 and Bluffton SC is at 872. Tell your friends. We need more votes!!!

Join us Monday, June 2nd, 6-7 PM @ Wbg Trails library to finalize plans for a final big push towards receiving a nomination. All dog lovers invited.

brett kesinger

Just down the hill and less than a mile from the still-standing county courthouse where the "man's best friend" speech by George Graham Vest was made.

Rachel Clements

We NEED this! How can the city where the saying, "A dog is a man's best friend." came from not have a dog park?! We of all cities should have one!

david kesinger

twice a day, everyday, before the deadline

Scott Umphrey

Thanks to everyone who has taken time out of their bust day to vote. We really appreciate it, and so do our dogs! S-

Sue Kraus

We have been working very hard to finish the dog park but it will take the dog loving community to make the park a reality. Vote today and everyday!

Dodee Matthews

Let's go Warrensburg, Missouri, we need the Old Drum's Best Friends Dog Park in Cave Hollow Park! And Pet Safe can make it happen. Please Vote :)

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