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Berlin, NH

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  • Michelle Ball 06/04/2014 Where are all are voter's this year??? We are working so hard on fundraising for your family member can go and play in a beautiful dog park!!!
  • Michelle Ball 05/27/2014 Getting ready for our Local Farmer's Market. Let the fundraising begin. We also are having a meeting tonight at our local WREN. Please Support the Berlin Dog Park!!!
  • Michelle Ball 05/17/2014 Berlin,NH realy could use some help here!! Last year the City wasn't ready for a dog park but decieded to move to the next step this year. Help Berlin NH get a dog park... please.
  • Cathy Boucher 05/12/2014 Lynn Lipari I go to the setting account down to the bottom don't change anything and hit submit. I was having a hard time too... Hope this helps...
  • Lynn Lipari 05/11/2014 Sorry, I keep trying to vote, but I get this: "Oops! Invalid reCAPTCHA. Please try entering the words again." So I keep trying. I even changed my password. And I still can't vote.
  • Michelle Ball 05/09/2014 Please help Berlin, NH get a dog park. We been working very hard with our City for over a year now. Now we need the people's support.
  • Kathleen Anderson 05/08/2014 Our community really needs a dog park! A safe place that we can take our dogs to play and run and socialize!
  • Michelle Ball 05/07/2014 Berlin, NH really could use a dog park. Image the North Country not having a dog park ???
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