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Jemez Springs, NM

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  • Susanna Cooper 06/01/2014 We are an isolated community with many more dogs than people, in a beautiful area of the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico. Many of us have talked about how we could get a dog park in our community that would serve us, as well as the 6 other small towns up and down the Jemez River Valley. We all love our dogs, but leash laws keep us from being able to let them run and play with other dogs, like they need to. We are all good at pulling together to get things done for the community -- like our recycling center, community gardens and other projects which are all managed by volunteers who are happy to participate to make the community meet all of our needs. We would be so happy to have a dog park, and be assured we would maintain it and take good care of it into the future!
  • Lynne Kito 05/10/2014 This community really needs a dog park! Lynne Kito
  • Leone Wilson 05/09/2014
  • Michele Ryan 05/08/2014
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