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Geneva, NY

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  • Geneva Dept 05/14/2013 we would like to upload an additional support letter, but don't see the right link to do so.
  • Geneva Dept 05/10/2013 Natalie - Thank you - we just uploaded a letter from the City Manager on the land. Thank you!
  • Natalie PetSafe 05/10/2013 Hi Geneva, thanks for participating in Bark For Your Park. While reviewing your documents, we noticed you uploaded presentations under land verification. We need more firm communication about the home of your future park should your town win the contest. If you have any questions, please email dogpark@petsafe.net. Good luck!
  • 05/08/2013 The City Council unanimously voted on Feb. 6, 2013 to accept the Dog Park committee's request to create a dog park on an old piece of playground land! Since that point our community has been working hard to get awareness out about the Bark park and to create fundraising opportunities within the community!
  • CNY Dog Owners Group 05/03/2013 Hey Geneva - We'd love to see a dog park for you. But, Auburn has the plans, the land, and support - we did this last year and came in 9th. Right this minute we're sitting in second. We'd love it if you'd consider throwing your votes our way to try and win for our area - we're set to be an open park for everyone to use. Thanks! facebook.com/cnydog www.cnydog.com
  • Paw Logo PetSafeBrand 04/23/2013 Welcome to your City's discussion board. Use the form below to add to the conversation.

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