Potsdam, NY

Current Vote Count 26,464
Welcome! Your daily votes will help us win money for the first dog park in the North Country. All-volunteer labor & equipment is being used to clear & beautify the woods donated by the Potsdam Humane Society. There will be three separate areas: for community dogs, for small dogs, & for shelter dogs. We want to increase awareness of the many animals in need of forever homes, & we and our dogs want to play! It will be the only fenced, off-leash dog park within 90 miles unless you cross the border into Canada, & even that is 51 miles away! We need this dog park! Thank you for voting for Potsdam, NY!

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Vote For your City:

What: Get friends, family members, community leaders, and everyone in your city to visit us online and vote for a dog park. Remember, your may vote twice a day; once here and once on our facebook page.

When: Stage 1 – May 1 to May 31 before 5pm Eastern. Stage 2 – June 5 to July 26 before midnight.

Land Verification

Land Verification:

What: In order to qualify to win a park, your city must find land and approve it's use for a dog park. Work with local government and landowners to find your spot!

When: Ends May 31st at 5pm Eastern

Community Support:

What: PetSafe needs to know your community government supports your pursuit of a dog park. To complete this task, notify your civic leaders (ie: mayor, county executive, city manager, Parks and Recreation director) of the contest and encourage them to create an account to upload a letter.

When: Ends May 31st at 5pm Eastern

Media Coverage:

What: This step is optional, but getting your pups' faces in the media can't hurt. Get in touch with your local news station and print media to rally support for the new park!

When: Spans the entire contest

Video Invitation:

What: If you're been selected as one of our 15 finalists, you'll be invited to make a .30 video ad to show the world why your city deserves to win a dog park! Watch our video for tips to help you.

When: Due June 26th by 5pm Eastern

  • Heather Bracy West 08/12/2014 Well, who won?? It says up top see below for winners. I can't see a list of winners anywhere.
  • Anita Harvell 08/08/2014 Next year Potsdam! Get the word out sooner and you can do it! You all are awesome!
  • Cheerful Strength 07/31/2014 Of course, I hope we make it into the top 5, but no matter what happens this has been a great opportunity to raise awareness for this awesome project! I love all the photos folks have posted.
  • Jackie Pinover 07/31/2014 Voted twice. Yes,GREAT job Deborah! GOOOOO POTSDAM!!!
  • Chelle Lindahl 07/31/2014 Just put in my last two votes for Potsdam! Now for the fingernail biting time! Great job Deborah, Jackson and all of the people who helped make this a great community effort! Sure wish I could report what number count I had with this vote...but only question marks remain! GO POTSDAM!!! We are winners whether we get a bunch of money or not! :-)
  • Ashley Preston 07/30/2014 Voted 2x! It's not over. Let's finish strong, Potsdam!
  • Jivan Clarkson 07/29/2014 Voted!
  • Jackie Pinover 07/29/2014 Voted but didn't see the count. Off to vote on Facebook
  • Chelle Lindahl 07/28/2014 Vote Vote Vote! Re-post anything you've sent your Facebook friends and re-send out any email recruitment letters - this is it, peoples! FOUR DAYS, we gotta get 'em in! Deb has done a GREAT job, and we're all backing her up! For the pups!
  • Anita Harvell 07/27/2014 Voted!
  • Ashley Preston 07/25/2014 This is our big chance to surge forward! Please try again if you're having troubles. Every single vote matters! Thanks to everyone, near and far, for making the time to vote for the North Country's furry friends.
  • Donna Wright 07/25/2014 I'm trying Deb!
  • Carol Crandall 07/25/2014 Have to be to work for 2nd shift...may not get my extra votes today, unfortunately, if not fixed soon.
  • Deborah Massell 07/25/2014 PetSafe is working on an issue with the 7 extra votes today, please be patient. Thanks. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.
  • Jennifer French Grant 07/24/2014 Wondering if anyone will be at the Pars for Paws golf tournament tomorrow (Friday) with computers and iPad to get votes?
  • Deborah Massell 07/24/2014 Still going on, yes Lainie. Voting until July 31. And thank you!
  • Lainie Johnson 07/24/2014 You emailed me and told me this is still going on, but your dates say it is not? I am still voting just in case..
  • Ryan Meashaw 07/24/2014 20,880!
  • Hilary Oak 07/23/2014 20625! I just got my vote in before in before midnight! If I'm awake in another half hour I can vote tomorrow too!
  • Deborah Massell 07/23/2014 I'll be downtown at Best Friends Thrift Shop all day Friday helping people get in their 7 extra votes. If anyone can join me with their laptops or ipads please come on down! 100% of all proceeds from sales go to to the Potsdam Humane Society and it's a great thrift store. 8 Raymond St. across from the Cantina. Keep voting Potsdam!
  • Jennifer Impey 07/23/2014 20,456!
  • Amber Wagg 07/23/2014 20365
  • Sueellen Plantz 07/23/2014 20214
  • Jennifer Impey 07/22/2014 20,025!
  • Michele Ellis-Porcaro 07/22/2014 20,007
  • Kris Barrigar 07/22/2014 I am number 20,000
  • sara o'neal 07/22/2014 19815
  • Karla N Charlie Brown 07/22/2014 19745
  • Deborah Massell 07/22/2014 So proud: yesterday Potsdam was announced as the "Shelter Supporter Winner" – 200 Busy Buddy® toys for a local shelter (The Potsdam Humane Society), plus 5 one-year’s supply of Busy Buddy toys. THANK YOU PETSAFE!!! As our beautiful shelter animals wait for their forever family they'll stay occupied just a little easier. Please continue voting for Potsdam so they may also have a park to run in.
  • Carol Crandall 07/21/2014 19306
  • Tia Bush 07/21/2014 19253
  • Shayna Farrell 07/21/2014 We made it to 7th place!! 19,178!
  • Michele Ellis-Porcaro 07/21/2014 19,162 Keep 'em coming!
  • Heather Bowman 07/21/2014 13642
  • Carlene McCargar 07/20/2014 18802
  • Rhonda Sawyer 07/20/2014 18,700
  • Karla N Charlie Brown 07/20/2014 18611
  • Arlene Rafter 07/19/2014 18,574
  • Karla N Charlie Brown 07/19/2014 18472
  • Rhonda Blackmer 07/19/2014 18,294
  • Michele Ellis-Porcaro 07/19/2014 18,253!!!
  • Mary Ann Kearney-Danboise 07/18/2014 Doing great!! C'mom folks!
  • Ashley Preston 07/18/2014 We're now at 17,800 votes!!! Let's keep it going! ***RANK*** is found by selecting the menu at the TOP RIGHT corner of your city page...then clicking HOME (which is www.petsafe.net/barkforyourpark/). It's at the very bottom.
  • Shayna Farrell 07/18/2014 we made it to 8th place!! yay
  • Rheannon Harvey 07/18/2014 16,888 with the 7 extra votes! Woohoo
  • Mitch Griffin 07/18/2014 how do you find out what rank potsdam is
  • sara o'neal 07/18/2014 16583
  • Matt Griffin 07/18/2014 16,551
  • Michele LaPointe 07/18/2014 Why won't the site let me get my 7 extra votes today?
  • Rhonda Blackmer 07/18/2014 16,356
  • Stacey Smith 07/17/2014 Hope Potsdam Wins!
  • Deborah Massell 07/17/2014 Rhonda, the ranking is found at www.petsafe.net/barkforyourpark. Thanks for voting for Potsdam everyone!
  • Holly Chambers 07/17/2014 16000!
  • Holly Chambers 07/16/2014 15588
  • Melissa Rae 07/16/2014 15477
  • Anna MIles 07/16/2014 15,434 Bark, Bark, Bark
  • Peggy Zurn 07/16/2014 15 432
  • Margie Sherman 07/15/2014 15205
  • Holly Chambers 07/15/2014 15185
  • Rhonda Blackmer 07/15/2014 15,075 ... Where do you find ranking ?
  • Eudora Watson 07/14/2014 14970
  • Nancy Hammill 07/14/2014 14,918
  • Alana Alpert 07/14/2014 14834
  • Theresa Robinson 07/14/2014 14819
  • Margie Sherman 07/14/2014 14805
  • Shay Silver 07/14/2014 14660
  • Nancy Hammill 07/13/2014 14,474
  • Michele Ellis-Porcaro 07/13/2014 14,455 Share the Sunday Article about the park via Facebook if you can! http://www.mpcourier.com/article/20140617/DCO/140618930
  • Holly Chambers 07/13/2014 14431
  • Justin Capen 07/13/2014 14346
  • Karla N Charlie Brown 07/13/2014 14240
  • Peggy Zurn 07/12/2014 14076
  • BaLeigh Birchhurst 07/12/2014 14074!
  • K Hodson 07/12/2014 Thanks for Ryan's suggestions. They didn't work for me, nor did suggestions from the PetSafe page, so I've e-mailed them.
  • Eudora Watson 07/12/2014 14024
  • Holly Chambers 07/12/2014 14023
  • Rhonda Sawyer 07/12/2014 13949
  • Ryan Meashaw 07/11/2014 Click on the PetSafe logo to reach the homepage and scroll down a bit... a clue should pop up in a black box. Follow the clue and find the page it refers to and another black box should pop up with the quiz question. Get it right (based on content on the page) and win 7 extra votes you can allocate to Potsdam. Unfortunately the PetSafe website seemed to freeze up earlier today and lots of folks weren't able to vote at all. I'm personally having troubles getting the question to pop up on the page it should be on. :(
  • K Hodson 07/11/2014 It's Friday. Don't we somehow get extra votes on Fridays? I've searched the page that was mentioned and can't find any likely place to get them, or any test question. "Just got to www.petsafe.com after you vote and the test question will come up." Looks like Potsdam's in 10th place so really needs those votes! Thanks.
  • Eudora Watson 07/11/2014 13358
  • Anita Harvell 07/11/2014 13281
  • Joseph Goehle 07/11/2014 WEEEEEEEEE
  • Nancy LaFaver 07/11/2014 13,040!! Yeah!
  • Jennifer French Grant 07/11/2014 12,806!!!
  • Holly Chambers 07/11/2014 12667
  • Anna MIles 07/11/2014 12, 144
  • Anthony Piccione 07/11/2014 12, 135! Remember to take the quiz! Just got to www.petsafe.com after you vote and the test question will come up.
  • Bob Zurn 07/11/2014 12,107!
  • Peggy Zurn 07/11/2014 12,097!
  • Rhonda Sawyer 07/11/2014 1243
  • BaLeigh Birchhurst 07/11/2014 12,042
  • Nancy Hammill 07/10/2014 11,985
  • Shawn Grant 07/09/2014 11,586! Let's Go Potsdam!
  • Ryan Meashaw 07/09/2014 If you scroll down on the main page you'll see the list of rankings and the break down by category - http://www.petsafe.net/barkforyourpark/
  • Beth Flanagan 07/09/2014 11,444 and ranks 9th overall
  • Jackie Pinover 07/09/2014 Does anyone know where Potsdam ranks at this time?
  • K Hodson 07/09/2014 I keep voting for Potsdam from way out in Colorado, but how does the town stand? I haven't heard in maybe two weeks. Is there anywhere we can click and check, so we don't need to keep asking?
  • Wendy McArdle 07/09/2014 Go Potsdam!
  • Nancy Hammill 07/09/2014 11,323
  • Deborah Massell 07/09/2014 Yes, I agree with Ryan, please don't change your votes. Our Humane Society dogs are longing to get out of their cages, and our community dogs are longing to be unleashed. Potsdam is not ready to give up, we need these generous funds: VOTE POTSDAM!!!
  • Ryan Meashaw 07/08/2014 No, please don't change your votes. Potsdam needs all the votes it can get!
  • Cheryl Mirer 07/08/2014 GO POTSDAM!!
  • Jackie Pinover 07/08/2014 11,072 wow let's keep on rolling Potsdam! We can do it. (Any idea how we place right now?)
  • 07/08/2014 Would you consider changing your vote to Wavery to help out another small town?
  • Carol Crandall 07/08/2014 10996...keep barking!!
  • Jennifer French Grant 07/08/2014 10,991!
  • Anita Harvell 07/08/2014 Voted again from Sackets Harbor!
  • Ryan Meashaw 07/07/2014 Keep voting folks, still lots of time to raise our ranks! And there was just a new local media article that will helpfully get the word out!
  • Ellen Nesbitt 07/07/2014 I voted again! Have You?!
  • Holly Chambers 07/07/2014 10544
  • Rhonda Sawyer 07/07/2014 10,352
  • BaLeigh Birchhurst 07/07/2014 10,336
  • Cindy Goliber 07/06/2014 10,267
  • Jennifer French Grant 07/06/2014 10261!
  • Susan Smith 07/06/2014 woof! 10230
  • Holly Chambers 07/06/2014 10,204
  • Darcy Wilson 07/06/2014 10,081
  • Eudora Watson 07/05/2014 9920
  • Amber Haag 07/05/2014 9,895... Best Wishes!
  • Holly Chambers 07/05/2014 9814
  • Rhonda Sawyer 07/05/2014 9785
  • Anthony Piccione 07/04/2014 9418!
  • Peggy Zurn 07/04/2014 9410!
  • BaLeigh Birchhurst 07/04/2014 9375 at 7:10!
  • Meribeth Murray 07/04/2014 Its at 9280 as of 4:38. Lets get these numbers up plz.
  • Pamela Foster 07/04/2014 9214 .. It's not showing a vote button today ?
  • Ryan Meashaw 07/04/2014 9158
  • Holly Chambers 07/04/2014 9066
  • Nancy Hammill 07/04/2014 8951
  • Eudora Watson 07/04/2014 8950
  • Deany Wood 07/03/2014 8446
  • Amber Haag 07/03/2014 8,368!
  • Patsy zurinski 07/03/2014 8130!
  • Anthony Piccione 07/03/2014 8128! Barking still!
  • BaLeigh Birchhurst 07/03/2014 8123!
  • Deborah Massell 07/03/2014 Vote on! Get in your two votes everyday through July 31st! And don't forget: every Friday you can win an extra 7 votes through the clue game on PetSafe.net! We need every vote so please help us. Potsdam truly needs this park, and our Humane Society will benefit right away from the space. Thank you.
  • Arlene Rafter 07/02/2014 8044
  • 07/02/2014 8044
  • Rheannon Harvey 07/02/2014 7, 934 and 35 :)!
  • Darren Blake 07/02/2014 We are third under "small cities". Might pull something out of the bag yet! :)
  • Bob Zurn 07/02/2014 7701!
  • Anthony Piccione 07/02/2014 7700!
  • Peggy Zurn 07/02/2014 7695! Still Barking!
  • Ryan Meashaw 07/01/2014 Everyone, please keep voting! We've dropped to 9th place overall and we need to change that. But can't do so without your help and votes. Spread the word and tell your friends. Get them to vote twice a day, every day! The pups of Potsdam will thank you forever!!!
  • Deborah Massell 07/01/2014 Thank you all for attempting to vote and couldn't. I realize it's frustrating. All I can say is that you should email PetSafe and they will respond individually to your issues, that's what they told me: dogpark@petsafe.net. Good luck!
  • Jackie Pinover 06/30/2014 There is a different name associated with my account, any idea how I get back to the original name and email?
  • K Hodson 06/30/2014 I wasn't able to vote over the weekend. Is there any way I can cast those e-mail votes after the fact, since I'm entitled to one vote per day and would have voted if I could have?
  • Holly Chambers 06/30/2014 Jennifer - and others - having difficulty voting - try clearing out your browser cache. Also, as someone else suggested, try visiting another page. I've had success with this.
  • Jennifer French Grant 06/30/2014 I couldn't vote again today :(
  • Rhonda Blackmer 06/30/2014 The website has been making it very difficult to vote I've been having issues for the week :(
  • Deborah Massell 06/29/2014 I have a couple of lawn signs left with the PetSafe logo. Contact me through Contact@Potsdamdogpark.com
  • Ceceile Baker 06/29/2014 Kris, thanks for the information about Commercial Press providing the lawn signs. I will contact them tomorrow.
  • Robert Brothers 06/29/2014 6752!
  • Rhonda Sawyer 06/29/2014 6751
  • BaLeigh Birchhurst 06/29/2014 6732! Bark, Bark, Bark
  • Kris Barrigar 06/28/2014 Commercial Press on the Canton Potsdam Road. They are also animal lovers!
  • Ceceile Baker 06/28/2014 Does anyone know where I can get a lawn sign?
  • Rhonda Sawyer 06/28/2014 6550
  • Anthony Piccione 06/28/2014 6504....:( we are slipping!
  • Anna MIles 06/28/2014 6503! Barking!
  • Bob Zurn 06/28/2014 6502!
  • Peggy Zurn 06/28/2014 6500! But we are losing ground! Are you guys posting to the facebook sites of all the neighboring businesses/colleges?...everyday!
  • BaLeigh Birchhurst 06/28/2014 I got the quiz and have no trouble using firefox....try another browser!
  • Ceceile Baker 06/27/2014 I tried to do the quiz in the morning to no success. I was able to get the quiz in the afternoon. For all that had no initial success, please try again before Friday is over.
  • Deborah Massell 06/27/2014 I was not able to get my extra 7 votes today either, no pop-up window at all. Keep voting folks, perhaps we can do it WITHOUT the extra "sniffing"!
  • Bob Zurn 06/27/2014 6237! Bark Bark Bark
  • Anna MIles 06/27/2014 6228 Barking for Potsdam because they really need a park for the shelter doggies!
  • Anthony Piccione 06/27/2014 6226! Baleigh sent me!
  • Peggy Zurn 06/27/2014 6225!
  • Jennifer French Grant 06/27/2014 Didn't accept my vote for today either. It said I had no remaining votes left and I haven't voted yet today. :(
  • Lainie Johnson 06/27/2014 I have tried so hard to get a dog park in our area, and to not even be able to vote is sad....I gave it my email and ever since won't accept it....sad...good luck to the winner..it is a wonderful gift to receive ;)
  • Ryan Meashaw 06/27/2014 Sorry some folks are having problems voting... it works for me. Although I'm not seeing the quiz question on the homepage today like it should be.
  • Britni Ashline 06/27/2014 5906! I am never sure if my Facebook vote is counted, everytime I try it says I've already voted.
  • BaLeigh Birchhurst 06/27/2014 5773 Barking from West Winfield!
  • Chelle Lindahl 06/26/2014 Facebook has not accepted my vote twice now. Just now and at maybe 2 or 3 am (earlier today.) I thought maybe I'd gotten just within a 24 hour window that the website would let me vote but Facebook wouldn't. But it's still not taking it. Anyone else having a problem or is this just some weird glitch with me? I see the post below about the cookies and visiting another page, but I came back to Facebook fresh this time...
  • Rhonda Sawyer 06/26/2014 I got it thank you Ryan for your help! 5689
  • Sherri Stone 06/26/2014 5588! Yeah potsdam!!
  • Ryan Sara 06/26/2014 Sometimes the cookies on the site don't work quite right and will say you've already voted for the day when you haven't. Simply visit another page on the site and come back and you should have the option to vote! We can't afford to miss out on votes!!!
  • Jennifer French Grant 06/26/2014 5543! Let's go Potsdam!
  • Rhonda Sawyer 06/26/2014 I couldn't make my vote today. It wouldn't let me but it says my vote has been counted and it wasn't. I will try again tomorrow. I really want this park!!
  • Shelly Tramposh 06/25/2014 Port Chester has over 10,000 votes, and we have 4.900. Spread the word!
  • BaLeigh Birchhurst 06/25/2014 4942! We need to get moving to be in the top 4! Email your friends everyday to remind them! Delete and repost all facebook items so that they are fresh on the newsfeed everyday! Post on local businesses facebook sites!
  • Deborah Massell 06/24/2014 Of course, Sherri, we will have a strict list of rules, including the request for up-to-date vaccinations and dog licenses. Most parks do that as well. Thank you for your votes, and let's go, go, go!!
  • Sherri Stone 06/24/2014 I hope we get enough votes. And I hope they ask for records of shots.
  • James Snyder 06/24/2014 We are way behind in votes! Better spread the word!!
  • Shayna Farrell 06/24/2014 Wahoo!! 4,672!!
  • Rachel Bender 06/24/2014 I vote every day! This dog park HAS to happen for Potsdam, NY!
  • Nancy LaFaver 06/24/2014 Go! Go! Go! Potsdam! Our furry friends need this park!!
  • BaLeigh Birchhurst 06/24/2014 4557! Mez has to put da paw in the i-pawed and make a call to my unkle Bob! He better be voting everyday!
  • Bob Zurn 06/24/2014 4555! Baleigh told me to vote for Potsdam, NY!
  • Anthony Piccione 06/24/2014 4554 from West Winfield. NY!
  • Peggy Zurn 06/24/2014 4550!
  • Deborah Massell 06/24/2014 Off leash in a local, dense woods today, and came across a teensy fawn. My dog started playing with it like a toy and I had to grab her ruff to catch her. In the process got kicked by the little fawn, the feisty thing, who thought I was after IT! Our village of Potsdam has a LOT of wildlife of all sorts and to keep our dogs and the wild animals safe WE NEED A DOG PARK! Our park will have an 8-foot farm fence to keep our dogs in and the deer OUT. Please vote for Potsdam! Thanks to those who already are.
  • BaLeigh Birchhurst 06/23/2014 Keep the votes coming! Stay in front of East Hartford!!!! Go Potsdam!
  • Rachel Bender 06/23/2014 Putting in my vote every day, GO Potsdam NY! :D
  • Deborah Massell 06/23/2014 Thank you all! We moved back into 7th Place today. Keep it ups for our pups!
  • Elizabeth Glass 06/23/2014 The Potsdam Community Dog Park gets my vote! ~Beth from Ohio~
  • S K 06/23/2014 From a Clarkson student, go Potsdam!
  • Lydía Zervanos 06/23/2014 GO Potsdam!! :)
  • Bob Zurn 06/23/2014 4089! BaLeigh sent me!
  • Anna MIles 06/23/2014 The ranking list is at www.petsafe.net/barkforyourpark just scroll down to see the rankings. You can also see the rankings for city size there.
  • Chelle Lindahl 06/23/2014 I have looked at the overall rankings of all the towns before but can't seem to find that page anywhere and I've clicked all over the PS website - is there a link you know of, Deborah? Also, did you want to meet this week? My schedule fills quickly, sorry to say! Give me a call if you can! 10am-10pm is best!
  • Liz Arnold Bollt 06/22/2014 I am sure that all these communities need dog parks. Let's be supportive of everyone. Vote, and keep it pawsitive!
  • Paige Zusy 06/22/2014 HEY LISTEN! Yesterday Potsdam was several hundred votes away from overtaking the #7 spot from East Hartford, CT. Do you know how far a citizen of East Hartford has to journey to get to the closest dog park? A grueling 4 miles, to Glastonbury. Closest Dog Park to Potsdam? Russell Township, 80 miles away, and in CANADA. That’s just not right. Well tonight we’re only 9 votes away from that #7 spot. Ride a bike, East Hartford. Vote!
  • Becky Harblin 06/22/2014 just what this doggy town needs. we treat our pets like the humans they are.
  • Susan Smith 06/22/2014 Go Potsdam!!!
  • Peggy Zurn 06/22/2014 Yea! We're catching up to East Hartford....but still down a place! Email all your friends and give them the addresses-everyday to remind them! AND tell them you donate to lots of causes even though they don't necessarily affect you...That really irritated me when I got people who said that then expected me to donate for one of their causes....this doesn't cost anything and the benefit is so G-R-E-A-T!
  • Tim Donahue 06/22/2014 Even though I keep getting the "you've already voted today" message, they tell me I am voting through facebook. Website hasn't been any trouble. Hopefully the message is getting out there. What an asset this park will be to the Humane Society
  • Deborah Massell 06/22/2014 We chipped more brush piles this morning. It's looking cleaner and clearer everyday. Has everyone contacted all their friends and Facebook buddies? Vote, friends, VOTE!
  • Lucille Waterson 06/22/2014 Love the pictures of the park-on-progress.
  • Bob Zurn 06/22/2014 3735 Voting with Baleigh!
  • BaLeigh Birchhurst 06/22/2014 Baleigh here! 3734!
  • Anna MIles 06/22/2014 3730!! Com'on Potsdam! We're slipping!
  • Anthony Piccione 06/22/2014 3728 from West Winfield!
  • Deborah Massell 06/21/2014 The Potsdam Community Dog Park is an extension of the Potsdam Humane Society. They will have their own separate area. We want to bring dogs together, people together, and dogs AND people together! Support our community and help our shelter dogs get adopted, VOTE FOR POTSDAM! Thank you.
  • Jennifer French Grant 06/20/2014 If anyone knows where to download the app to vote on facebook for Androids, please let me know! Thanks!
  • Ryan Meashaw 06/20/2014 Thank you everyone for your votes, especially West Winfield who is barking for the Potsdam pups! We are very appreciative of your support in winning a Dog Park for Potsdam!
  • Anita Harvell 06/20/2014 Barking my 2 online and 7 extra votes in the scavenger hunt from Sackets Harbor, NY
  • Ashley Preston 06/20/2014 2948! It looks like a few may only be using their 2 votes today. It's Friday! Why not 7 instead? I'm in TN & will be moving up to Potsdam this summer. This is fantastic for Potsdam & the North Country. Are we reaching out to cities in the area (Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Ogdensburg, Massena, Malone, Tupper Lake, Fort Drum, Watertown)? I've reached out to my friends/family in TN, but if there's anything else I can do for marketing or otherwise please let me know.
  • Anthony Piccione 06/20/2014 Baleigh Birchhurst says I need to vote for West Winfield! 2631!
  • Bob Zurn 06/20/2014 2625 Barking for Baleigh Birchhurst from West Winfield, NY!
  • BaLeigh Birchhurst 06/20/2014 2464! Bark, Bark, Bark!
  • Amber Haag 06/20/2014 2,608 Best wishes from Lexington, Kentucky... Your friends from West Winfield sent me. Thank you, BaLeigh Birchhurst for telling me about Potsdam, New York and their mission. <3
  • Peggy Zurn 06/19/2014 Everybody go through your email addresses and see who you can send emails with the links to!!!!
  • BaLeigh Birchhurst 06/19/2014
  • Sandrarena Mosholder 06/19/2014 This is away for us to take pride in our community and are animals alls we need is votes so come on friends, nieghbors and families a like . Love your dogs and community vote now
  • Anna MIles 06/19/2014 2374 from West Winfield NY! Go Potsdam Go!!!! Love your dogs!
  • Anthony Piccione 06/19/2014 2371 from West Winfield, NY!
  • Michele LaPointe 06/19/2014 Potsdam really needs a dog park! Come on people, get your votes in!!!!
  • BaLeigh Birchhurst 06/19/2014 2222 from West Winfield, NY!
  • Rachel Bender 06/18/2014 I really want Potsdam to win this! Come on, Potsdam! You CAN do it! :D
  • Ryan Meashaw 06/18/2014 If you are trying to vote on Facebook with a smartphone or tablet you will need to search for the Bark For Your Park app and grant it permission. Thanks for all your votes!
  • Jean Dillon 06/18/2014 GO, POTSDAM. We LOVE our Animals & NEED THIS PARK. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE
  • Jeannie Blake 06/18/2014 Come on Potsdam, we can do this! :) Please vote twice a day until the contest is done at the end of July. Thank you! :)
  • Jennifer French Grant 06/18/2014 Anyone else having problems voting on facebook?
  • Julie Anderson 06/18/2014 Go Potsdam NY!
  • Robin Bradish 06/18/2014 The current vote count did not change even after posting both votes.
  • Anthony Piccione 06/18/2014 1909 West Winfield loves Potsdam NY!
  • Anna MIles 06/18/2014 1904 From West Winfield, NY!
  • Tim Donahue 06/18/2014
  • 06/18/2014 I'm wondering if the vote count on this page is accurate at 1812 right now...because the information just below it talks about finalists being announced June 13th and so on? That much is outdated, so it makes me wonder if the vote count is old too? Haven't been looking at it before, so don't know! Just checking! :-) BTW, Deborah, I sent it out as part of the Local Living Venture.org big mailer to over 2500 people today; don't know how many read it, or all the way through, but...every bit helps! XO Chel
  • Amber Haag 06/18/2014 Sorry, I previously said West Windham and meant West Winfield...Potsdam, New York now has my support. West Winfield didn't advance to the top 15, however they graciously took the time to describe Potsdam, New York's mission and I am 100% behind your pawsome group winning and achieving your goal of providing a dog park for the dogs that are fighting for a chance to be loved in a furever home! Best wishes and I applaud your efforts and dedication! I hope that West Winfield will one day be awarded a dog park too!" <3
  • gail anderson 06/17/2014 Thanks for voting, everyone!! Vote every day!
  • Deborah Massell 06/17/2014 Thank you, thank you, thank you all. What a wild ride! Whatever happens, our community is banding together like pack of passionate canines. We're learning from our best friends!
  • Amber Haag 06/17/2014 Voted #1,750! Best wishes! Your friends at West Windham encouraged us to transfer our support to your group! Our pleasure to support your awesome efforts! <3
  • Janet Brown 06/17/2014 Good luck Potsdam, and thanks, Deborah, old friend and fabulous soprano, for your work on this!
  • Ryan Sara 06/17/2014 Happy to support Potsdam NY for the win!
  • Theresa Witmer 06/17/2014 Go, Potsdam!!!!
  • Deborah Massell 06/17/2014 And don't forget: the 7 Vote Sniff Out is a weekly online scavenger hunt to earn 7 extra votes for Potsdam. Each Friday visit www.PetSafe.net for your first clue. The clue will hint at a webpage on PetSafe.net. When you find the page, a quiz question will pop up. The webpage with the quiz question includes the answer to the question. When you get the answer correct, you’ll earn a week’s worth of extra votes for Potsdam! Bravissimo!!!
  • Anthony Piccione 06/17/2014 1378 Go Potsdam! Lets get those shelter dogs a park! WW
  • Peggy Zurn 06/17/2014 1375 from West Winfield, NY! Go Potsdam!!!!
  • BaLeigh Birchhurst 06/17/2014 1372 voting from West Winfield, NY!
  • Rufina Gillette 06/16/2014 Let's Do This!!
  • Deborah Massell 06/16/2014 Thank you all. By voting for Potsdam you are helping a small town do big things for the dogs and people of our community. Our dog park will be unique in that is is not only a park for townspeople to run their dogs, it is on donated land owned by the Potsdam Humane Society, which means the dogs at the shelter will finally have a place to walk and play and maybe even win over the heart of a new owner, and as a result, get a loving home. Couldn't get much better than that. We have thousands of people living in Potsdam and the North Country. We can do this.
  • Ryan Meashaw 06/16/2014 Don't forget to share with all your friends and be sure to let them know they can vote twice every day!
  • Peggy Zurn 06/16/2014 Love that this park will be so close to the animal shelter....I want the lost, forgotten, dropped and abused to have some joy in their lives so I will promote Potsdam, NY!
  • Janice Hagadorn 06/16/2014 Some more votes from West Winfield for your Pottsdam pups. Good luck. We're cheering for you!
  • Ryan Meashaw 06/16/2014 Thanks to West Winfield for lending your votes to the Potsdam pups!
  • 06/16/2014 Voating again and again! Potsdam, you really DESERVE this dog park! Lets keep up the good voting, folks! :D
  • Sandy Smith 06/16/2014 Good luck Potsdam.....We are going to vote as much as we can for you to win. We are barking for Potsdam in West Winfield.....Bark, Bark, Bark.....
  • Deborah Massell 06/16/2014 Thank you West Winfield!!! You are our small city neighbors for sure!!! Potsdam and the North Country thank you as do all of our dogs!!!
  • Anthony Piccione 06/16/2014 1044 Another vote coming your way from West Winfield NY! LOOKING GOOD POTSDAM, NY!
  • Jean Wellington 06/16/2014 from west winfield
  • Anna MIles 06/16/2014 880 from West Winfield, NY!
  • Bob Zurn 06/16/2014 879 I hear West Winfield, NY is voting for Potsdam! I went to college in Potsdam so you get my vote too!
  • BaLeigh Birchhurst 06/16/2014 West WInfield NY is voting for Potsdam, NY! 879!
  • Peggy Zurn 06/16/2014 I'm from West Winfield, NY and I will throw my votes at Potsdam now! Bark, Bark, Bark!!! Our town had to have been close to the top 15 but we didn't make it. Good Luck!
  • gail anderson 06/15/2014 This is such great news!! Wonderful way for kids/teens to make a difference doing what they enjoy so much!!
  • Deborah Massell 06/15/2014 You do not need to live in Potsdam to vote! You can vote because you went to school here, have family or friends here, know someone with a dog here, or just believe in the power of community. Thank you to the Potsdam Humane Society for donating the land and believing in the project. Thank you local businesses for donating materials and machinery. Keep voting everyone! We can do it!
  • Sharon Perkins Girard 06/15/2014 Voting as many times in a day that I can!!
  • 06/15/2014 Got my two votes everyday! dogs need this in their life!
  • Ryan Meashaw 06/15/2014 2 votes EVERY day!
  • Deborah Massell 06/14/2014 Thanks all! Is IS exciting!
  • Prisbin Kharupa 06/14/2014 Great Idea! Will vote helping all the way!Go Potsdam!
  • joe cox 06/14/2014 Great Idea, look forward to it!!!
  • Steve Marqusee 06/14/2014 Thanks, Deborah. Oliver thanks you, too. We sure do need this.
  • fred smith 06/13/2014 Oh Boy, YouGotMyVote Deborah GoGetem
  • Michael Lotano 06/13/2014 Good luck!! I voted!!
  • Heather Osowiecki 06/13/2014 Good luck! I will keep voting for you each day!
  • Carlyn McKee 06/13/2014 thanks for posting this on FB. it's really exciting!!!!!
  • Jeri Tiernan 06/13/2014 This is great news
  • Ryan Meashaw 06/13/2014 Yea, Potsdam Community Dog Park made it into the finals! Everyone please vote twice a day!!!
  • Meryl Bates 06/07/2014 I have a couple pups that would love a dog park!
  • Deborah Massell 06/07/2014 The last hour of the contest. Hopefully we have enough votes to enter the Finals. Thank you to everyone who has voted and shared on Facebook and by email. Here's to the Potsdam Community Dog Park and the new life it will give the Humane Society and the town. Go Potsdam!
  • Susan Smith 06/07/2014 Good Luck! i have 3 Labs that need a park!
  • Deborah Massell 06/07/2014
  • Jess Tyre 06/06/2014 Go Potsdam Pups!
  • Deborah Massell 06/06/2014 Second to last day everyone! Thanks for all your posts, support, votes and love for dogs. It's an honor to serve the Potsdam Humane Society to help them have a place to walk, train, exercise and socialize their dogs. And of course, the largest part of the park is for the community, so it's an honor to serve them as well! Good luck to us!
  • Shirley Clark 06/05/2014 Please help the Potsdam Animal Shelter by casting your vote for them.
  • Anita Harvell 06/05/2014 Voted - support from Jefferson County!
  • John Lancaster 06/05/2014 I know this community, and I know their Potsdam Humane Society, a "no kill" shelter. There is a real commitment to animal welfare there, and in particular - dogs!
  • Deborah Massell 06/04/2014 Thanks Gail! Perfect idea for young people. I know you'll use the park daily!
  • gail anderson 06/04/2014 Got my teenagers on it
  • Dani Poste 06/03/2014
  • Deborah Massell 06/03/2014 Nice try, Mark! Can't beat the computers! Thanks for helping out.
  • mark Martin 06/02/2014 I tried to vote 3 times today since I only voted once yesterday but they shut me down :( I'll get twice in tomorrow!
  • 06/02/2014 We have the support and verification of our beloved Potsdam Humane Society for their donation of the beautiful land for our dog park. We have everything now but the votes! VOTE PLEASE!!!
  • Deborah Massell 06/02/2014 We got the endorsement of our wonderful Potsdam mayor and the entire Village Board today! What an amazing letter he wrote. They approved our participation in this great contest and we're on our way! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!
  • Deborah Massell 06/02/2014 Thank you all for voting! We're catching up now, so keep it going! Yeah Potsdam!!!
  • Sarah p 06/02/2014
  • jill conrad 05/31/2014 happy dogs, happy humans, happy village... love this park!
  • Deborah Massell 05/29/2014 Hard to say, Kelley, because I'm not sure which towns are in our small city category without looking them all up. But some are in the thousands already so we have a ways to go! Spread the word! And thanks.
  • Kelley Burns 05/28/2014 Do you know where you rank?
  • Deborah Massell 05/28/2014 If anyone has trouble with the facebook or the website for the dog park contest, please contact PetSafe. They have offered to help troubleshoot directly: dogpark@petsafe.net Keep voting my friends!!!
  • Mackenzie Moulton 05/26/2014
  • Jody Wallace 05/26/2014 Free to run and play somewhere, what more could a dog and their human want?
  • fay stronach 05/25/2014 hoping and voting
  • Darlene Georges 05/24/2014 This is fantastic :D
  • Ryan Meashaw 05/23/2014 What a great addition to Potsdam the new Potsdam Community Dog Park will be! Thanks to Deborah and the community for organizing and supporting the project!
  • Deborah Massell 05/19/2014 "Only unleashed dogs can [make us sweeter or more kind]. They are a kind of poetry themselves when they are devoted not only to us but to the wet night, to the moon and the rabbit-smell in the grass and their own bodies leaping forward." Mary Oliver, from the poem "Dog Talk" from her book DOG SONGS
  • Paw Logo PetSafeBrand 04/23/2013 Welcome to your City's discussion board. Use the form below to add to the conversation.
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Wow!Who wants to be on a leash? Not me!Katey loves her RatatouilleRocco is all tucked in for bed.MUGGSIE NEEDS A PARKWe're just lying around dreaming about that awesome dog park that is going to be in Potsdam NY.Summer is our Rescue pooch! She is dearly loved by everyone that meets her!Did you say dog park?"My dad works in the dog park with his chainsaw to clear me a beautiful park, park, park!"Park! Park!Please! we need to get off the leash.Please! we need to get off the leash.I need a place I can relax.Dreaming of a doggy park.......Please vote for Potsdam- WE NEED YOU!!!Finn and Abby being lazy-we need to run!Unleash us, PLEASE!!!Keene stutting his stuff for a dog park in Potsdam!!Lida is dreaming of a dog park in PotsdamEven a diva needs a park to play inKopi daydreaming for a dogpark!!So many rules...Where can a dog be free?Sidney: "I am freezing! I need a park to run!"Mom washed my bear .. and sewed his head back on. He smells so good. I'm sorry I tore his head off.Beagle BabiesGinger says "A dog park in Potsdam! AWWWWWWWWW!!!Good Luck dogs - sorry but I won't be at your dog park.Quinn wants a Dog Park in Potsdam.Quinn wants to play with REAL dogs, not stuffed animals.Corky and Cooter are bored because they have no place to run... :(Corky and Cooter need to be able to run !!!!StumpyChanceIf Jasmine had a Dog Park, she wouldn't spend her time squished into this little bed.Brody, he is just a pup, looking for new friendsEllie Mae votes YES!Ms. Bella wants to play with some new pals!Shadow wants to play with other doggiesI dig Potsdam, NY! (lol!)Cupid is howling for Potsdam, NY! She loves going off-leash!Cupid visiting the river, looking for friendsHave you voted today?West Winfield Barks For Potsdam, NY!Baleigh Birchhurst says Vote for Potsdam, NY!Bolt and Neva want to meet other dogs!Riley is lounging now, but is waiting patiently for the new Potsdam Community Dog Park!Augusta would love a park to play with others!Potsdam, NY made it to the Bark For Your Park finals!Our very first day venturing into the tangle of the Potsdam Humane Society land last fall. A dog park is born."Please, oh please let me out in a safe, fenced-in area!"We had quite a winter here in Potsdam. A dog park is a great place to take a winter walk without worrying about losing your dog in the cold.The sheer joy of the chase and of being chased! Dog park please!Clarkson men and women's rugby and community members. Even after the land is cleared, we need so many expensive items to create a dog park. Please vote so our dogs can be dogs, safely.Clarkson rugby and community members: everyone donates their time and energy to this project. Let's build a dog park!Clarkson University men's rugby team helped clear the land. Strong and generous guys!The wonderful students and alumni of Clarkson University helped clear the land. Clarkson really does serve.Before we understood just how much energy Shika had, she chewed up some shoes and insoles, let me tell you! Dog park please!Dogs need to run with abandon. They give us so much, let's give them something in return.Hey, what you got in there?!Dogs love winter if they're prepared. Our dog park will be open 365 days a year.Shika instinctually helped a woman in VT who's afraid of dogs relax. Dogs are beneficial to humans' health and well being.All sizes of dogs can play together if they have a sweet temperament and understand their own strength!Dogs are very social and need other canine interaction. The Shelburne Village Dog Park is similar to what our park will look like: a woodland paradise!My dog Shika and her friend Henry happy together. They need a dog park with lots of room!My dog Shika and a pal play at the Shelburne Village Dog Park in VT!The Seaway Tech BOCES students help clear the land!The Potsdam Community Dog Park land, in progress!The Potsdam Community Dog Park land, before...Our beautiful design, donated by Jeff Hodgson of Burlington, VTHappy dogs unleashed!
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