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West Winfield, NY

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  • Peggy Zurn 05/22/2015 655! Remember to check out out webpage www.poochplayground.net
  • Christine Merritt 05/21/2015 Barking twice daily for all the dogs...
  • Peggy Clancy-Flyte 05/21/2015 Let's go to the park!
  • Peggy Zurn 05/21/2015 Fill the Hill On Tuesday, June 2, 2015, We want to invite you to join us at our next event, “Fill the Hill” . On that evening at 6:30 we will be placing all of the Sponsor Signs on the hillside of the Pooch Playground site and are asking for anyone who supports this project to be a part of a community support photograph. Please come and bring your family and ‘furry’ friends for this great public presentation of our love for our four legged family members. Thank you again for your support. See you ‘on the hill’ at the PoochPlayground behind the Post Office on Tuesday, June 2nd !! (Rain date of Thursday June 4th) - See more at: http://www.petsafe.net/barkforyourpark/city/12088/west-winfield-ny/#sthash.jfVKc8pv.dpuf
  • Julie Stanburg Sliski 05/20/2015 Keep it going :)
  • Peggy Zurn 05/20/2015 Thank you so very much for all of your support!!!!! Keep Barking!
  • Peggy Clancy-Flyte 05/20/2015 Voted, # 500
  • Rachel Searles 05/20/2015 :) The park will be ours!!
  • Tricia Barnum 05/20/2015
  • Don Drake 05/20/2015 Charlie says "Let's Go!!! (two barks today!)
  • Sandy Smith 05/20/2015 Awesome job voting everyone !! So great to see we have so much support and enthusiasm for our park !!. Keep barking everyday !!
  • Anthony Piccione 05/20/2015 440! Still Barking everyday from work!
  • Anna MIles 05/20/2015 Thank you so much Ann from NC! Jillian you can vote everyday twice...once through FACEBOOK and once through the website....start on facebook and then just below where it says you have voted it says vote on the website...
  • Jillian Smith 05/19/2015 how many times can you votes? everyday or just once?
  • Ann Grummons 05/19/2015 Cindy McMullen from 96.1 The Eagle did a blog on this yesterday. West Winfield has my vote/votes everyday! Go West Winfield from N.C.!
  • Greg Sawicki 05/19/2015 Let's go West Winfield!
  • peggy kers 05/19/2015 just voted! Kiki and Luna need a fun safe place to play!
  • helen morgan 05/19/2015 please go to vote every day
  • Peggy K Zurn 05/19/2015 350! Awesome job Southern Herkimer County! Keep the votes coming!!!
  • Christine Merritt 05/19/2015 Barking for West Winfield
  • Anna MIles 05/19/2015 330! Woot, Woot!!!! I'm Barking everyday for you guys!
  • phyllis newton 05/19/2015 We had a VERY successful Dogs Day Out! Let's all Bark 4 Our Park! Tell ALL your friends! Thanks everyone! Let's go West Winfield!
  • Peggy Zurn 05/18/2015 Check out all our Media! Sandy and the Pooch playground have been hard at work! Go West Winfield!!! http://www.poochplayground.net/pooch-playground-media.html
  • Mary Currier Pustay 05/18/2015 Dogs Day Out was a great event, well planned and fun to participate. Looking forward to next year's event and bringing one of my dogs. Thanks to all for the hard work putting this event on!!
  • Rebekah Sawicki 05/18/2015 We can do this! Our pups deserve it!
  • missy thayer 05/18/2015 I just barked!
  • Christine Merritt 05/18/2015 Hey everyone. You know that dog that left dog days out and passed out cold from all the fun? Imagine that everyday. Your dog can be healthy exhausted from play with a dog park. Vote, bark, woof, and spread the word!
  • Jennifer Denton 05/18/2015 Dogs Day out was a great time! Thank you to all involved! I cannot wait for our park to be a reality!
  • Joan Evans 05/18/2015 thank you so much for supporting us at out Dog's Day Out. it was a great success! everyone on the committee is grateful
  • Terry Martin 05/18/2015 Bullet and I had a wonderful time yesterday. I
  • Anthony Piccione 05/17/2015 I had a great time walking Baleigh around the park and seeing the signs of all the sponsors! This was a really great way to bring the community together! Good Job West Winfield!
  • phyllis newton 05/17/2015 Wow! What a great day at our Dogs Day Out! We had a super turnout! The costume parade was a real kick!
  • Peggy Zurn 05/17/2015 So proud of the West Winfield Community! Dog's Day out was a success! Lot's of people showed up! The music and food were great and loved the dogs in costumes!
  • Jennifer Alderman 05/17/2015 West Winfield needs something like this so more people can enjoy the outdoors with ALL of their family members. Not just the ones on two legs! Go Winfield!
  • Rebekah Searles 05/17/2015 Let's go West Winfield!! Little town- BIG Heart!!!
  • Julie Stanburg Sliski 05/17/2015 West Winfield needs to be barking loud! They can surely use this park!
  • Sandy Smith 05/17/2015 If everyone who is registered on our West Winfield Pooch Playground website would vote everyday on both sites we could have over 100 votes per day......Come on folks vote each morning or every night.....it only takes 5 minutes and we can't win this for our puppies if you don't vote.....Bark for OUR PARK !!!
  • Caroke Boyd 05/16/2015 Vote!!
  • Joan Evans 05/16/2015 please keep voting
  • phyllis newton 05/15/2015 We need a place for our puppies to socialize!
  • Joan Evans 05/15/2015 go west winfield pooch playground !!!!! joan
  • Anthony Piccione 05/15/2015 Barking for the Park!
  • Joan Evans 05/14/2015 keep those votes coming in. i know we can win!!!thank you everyone for the support! joan evans
  • Christine Merritt 05/14/2015 Frodo is all about a dog park. He will play tag for hours...My vote is for West Winfield...
  • Anna MIles 05/14/2015 My friend BaLeigh needs a dog park to socialize with her friends! I'm voting for West Winfield!
  • Bob Zurn 05/14/2015 I'm barking for West Winfield! It would be nice to have a place to take my dog when I visit my sister!
  • Phyllis Newton 05/13/2015 Y'all vote! My friends in Texas & relatives in Virginia & Maryland can help us with their votes. We need everyone's support! Vote on www.facebook.com/petsafe and www.petsafe.net/barkforyourpark
  • Joan Evans 05/13/2015 we need everyone to vote for our park. we came very close last year to getting in he finals. please vote twice every day and encourage everyone you know to vote! thank you for your support
  • Sandy Smith 05/13/2015 This is The 2nd year for West Winfield to enter the contest and we need all the votes we can get to get our Dog Park...We have a place for it, a name for it "West Winfield Pooch Playground" and a very hard working committee dedicated to raising the money we need starting with our 'Dogs Day Out' this Sunday May 17th from 11:00am to 2:00 pm at the Winfield Town Park...Please get the word out to everyone to Vote, Vote, Vote for West Winfield.....
  • Paw Logo PetSafeBrand 04/23/2013 Welcome to your City's discussion board. Use the form below to add to the conversation.
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