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  • Alan Pate 06/08/2014 Go Beaufort, North Carolina !
  • Puke Pants 06/08/2014
  • Beth Marshall 06/07/2014 1064
  • Amiee Scott 06/07/2014 #1050!
  • Nancy Francis 06/07/2014 1041 at 8:45 keep voting ~ if you see the main screen it says voting is paused.... but if you go to it will let you vote.
  • Paula Gillikin 06/06/2014 We broke 1000! Go, Beaufort!
  • Mary Brenner 06/06/2014
  • Barbara Heckman 06/06/2014 989!!! #VoteBeaufortNCBarkforyourPark
  • Nancy Francis 06/06/2014 we have a pencil drawing of the park layout done by lora I'll see if I can't get that scan this afternoon so people can get an idea of what it's going to look like
  • Amanda Lloyd 06/06/2014 968!!! KEEP VOTING PEOPLE!
  • Amiee Scott 06/06/2014 Meeko wants a park so he can meet new friends!
  • Missy Bishop 06/06/2014 928! We can do this!
  • Jane Ellis 06/05/2014 We are featured on page 14A of Wednesday's Carteret News Times. Check it out and VOTE FOR BEAUFORT NC!
  • Barbara Heckman 06/05/2014 #tellyourfriendsonfbtovotebeaufortncbarkforyourpark
  • Amiee Scott 06/04/2014 Vote number 800!!! That's me:-)
  • Kim Safrit 06/02/2014 Voting here AND on FB!
  • Robert Rodgers 05/30/2014 We just need to get the media links uploaded before Jun 7th so that all our votes are not wasted!
  • Barbara Heckman 05/27/2014 If you've put the park contest on your website, please post the link here! Thanks.
  • Nancy Francis 05/21/2014 This morning Lora showed us the pencil drawing of the dog park. Looking good!
  • Nancy Francis 05/20/2014 We walked the lot yesterday and Lora will be doing the park design. As soon as I get it I will post. It's going to be really nice. Two main areas; little dogs and big dogs, each with their own water stations for cooling off, rinse off and drinking, a social area with shade.
  • Nancy Francis 05/18/2014 We really got to get more votes and get everyone voting every day I know this site is a little hard to navigate but please join us thank you
  • Barbara Heckman 05/16/2014 Park is earmarked for Yaupon and Ann, near water tower park!
  • Kate Pollard 05/15/2014 Please vote Beaufort!
  • Judy Guerrin 05/15/2014 It's a wonderful idea. Where, exactly?
  • Kate Pollard 05/14/2014 My kitties, Puts, Puddin', and Pooty Tang want their dog siblings to get a park so they can have the house to themselves.
  • Karanne Potter 05/13/2014
  • Carolyn Fowle 05/13/2014 Yes for a dog park in Beaufort!
  • Kate Pollard 05/13/2014 Schatzie and George voted today.:-)
  • Carol Roop 05/12/2014 Voted Today! :-)
  • Jane Ellis 05/12/2014 Janet Hartman - Yes! The Town of Beaufort has set aside land and we have a committee working to develop a plan for a dog park.
  • Douglas Doubleday 05/11/2014 Thank you Jane for pulling this together !
  • Janet Hartman 05/10/2014 The rules say the town has to buy into this and select a spot. Have they done that?
  • Lucia Stanley 05/09/2014 Wow! Let's hope we can win this. Thanks for letting me know and please encourage everyone you know to vote.
  • Carol Roop 05/08/2014 Easy! Jane - keep reminding us!
  • Robert Heckman 05/08/2014 It will not let me vote on website today, only on FB.
  • Barbara Heckman 05/08/2014 Let's show our true spirit ~ vote Beaufort NC ~ Bark for your Park!
  • Amiee Scott 05/08/2014 Such a dog friendly town! We need this badly!!!
  • Erin LaBrecque 05/08/2014 Woof! That's Sadie's vote.
  • Paula Gillikin 05/08/2014 Go Beaufort!
  • Jane Tindall 05/08/2014 You've got mine too. We really need a dog park!
  • Martha Dowty 05/08/2014 You got my vote!
  • Robert Heckman 05/07/2014 Got my 2 votes in for Beaufort NC
  • Barbara Heckman 05/07/2014 Its time to vote for Beaufort NC ~ the Coolest Small town in America is hot on the trail of building its first dog park. Vote twice a day, once through Pet Safe website and once through facebook. Lets go beaufort!
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