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City Nominations and Phase 1 Voting from May 7th-June 7th. Finalists Announced: June 13th.

Our community needs a PetSafe dog park!

Neighbors, let's get Amherst its own dog park! Please come back to vote every day, and share this site with your friends. Thanks so much for your help! --Phil Van Treuren, Amherst City Council

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It would be so wonderful to have a safe place to take our fur-babies so they can run and play and socialize with other dogs. We have awesome, responsible people in our community that truly care for their dogs. A dog park is something we have needed in our community for a very long time now. A safe place to take dogs after work and let them run out their energy so everyone can get a good nights sleep.

Cathi Ziemba

Queen Sheba wants a park to reign!!!

Jean Danicki

It would be wonderful to have a safe place for the dogs in our community to socialize and play! There are so many pet lovers here! I always see people walking their dogs. I have 2 young dogs myself! It would be AWSOME to have a dog park near by!

Katie Henery

Vote 901! Yay over 900 votes for the beautiful city of amherst!

Jill Wohlever


Robin PetSafe

Congrats on getting your civic and land letter submitted Amhurst! GO AMHERST! Bark For Your Park!

bernice bickel

725 yay let's get more votes tell everyone

keep going

Jon Pippert

I've always thought a great place for a dog park would be across the street from the old spring!

Jackie Hurt-Orozco

Let's go Amherst!!! We have done this before, we can do it again!! Like the firefighters!!! Go Amherst!!!!

Rose Hammon

We need a dog park! Please vote Amherst!

Phil Van Treuren

Hi everyone . . . please be sure to come back and vote for Amherst once every day! Thanks :)

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