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Amherst, OH

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  • Laura Nickoloff-Post 06/13/2014 Anxiously waiting to see If We made It to the next round!
  • Toni Davis 06/05/2014 Time to power vote!!
  • Elizabeth Miller-Szefcyk 06/05/2014 Amherst, Ohio really needs this
  • Catherine Bloor 06/04/2014 The pictures of the dogs are great!
  • 06/01/2014 It would be so wonderful to have a safe place to take our fur-babies so they can run and play and socialize with other dogs. We have awesome, responsible people in our community that truly care for their dogs. A dog park is something we have needed in our community for a very long time now. A safe place to take dogs after work and let them run out their energy so everyone can get a good nights sleep.
  • Cathi Ziemba 05/30/2014 Queen Sheba wants a park to reign!!!
  • Jean Danicki 05/29/2014 It would be wonderful to have a safe place for the dogs in our community to socialize and play! There are so many pet lovers here! I always see people walking their dogs. I have 2 young dogs myself! It would be AWSOME to have a dog park near by!
  • Katie Henery 05/29/2014 Vote 901! Yay over 900 votes for the beautiful city of amherst!
  • Robin PetSafe 05/28/2014 Congrats on getting your civic and land letter submitted Amhurst! GO AMHERST! Bark For Your Park!
  • cindy gentry 05/28/2014 793
  • bernice bickel 05/27/2014 725 yay let's get more votes tell everyone
  • 05/26/2014 keep going
  • Melissa Hickman 05/26/2014 652! How do we see the standings?
  • Laura Nickoloff-Post 05/26/2014 We Haven't Gained Many Votes Lately So Start Voting Each Day!
  • Catherine Bloor 05/23/2014 500 votes!
  • George Kolcun 05/22/2014 Everybody needs a park!!!!
  • Catherine Bloor 05/22/2014 I voted ! If we win, I will get a dog :)
  • Jon Pippert 05/22/2014 I've always thought a great place for a dog park would be across the street from the old spring!
  • Katie Henery 05/22/2014 Come on amherst!!!!
  • Mary Hobson Moran 05/22/2014
  • Jackie Hurt-Orozco 05/19/2014 Let's go Amherst!!! We have done this before, we can do it again!! Like the firefighters!!! Go Amherst!!!!
  • Toni Davis 05/18/2014 Keep voting everyone!!
  • Rose Hammon 05/16/2014 We need a dog park! Please vote Amherst!
  • Phil Van Treuren 05/08/2014 Hi everyone . . . please be sure to come back and vote for Amherst once every day! Thanks :)
  • Paw Logo PetSafeBrand 04/23/2013 Welcome to your City's discussion board. Use the form below to add to the conversation.

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