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  • Deanne Peterson 06/05/2014 Thanks Robin. We are hoping to make it to the finals as well!
  • Robin PetSafe 06/04/2014 GO Delaware, OH! Congratulations on loading your land and civic leader letter. You have lots of great BARKS too! We hope to see you in the finals. BARK FOR YOUR PARK!
  • Deanne Peterson 06/03/2014 Just a quick thank you to Jackie Walker and Tom Homan from the City for completing the land verification and civic support documents needed to proceed with this contest. Fingers crossed we will become finalist. At our next meeting we hope to discuss in further detail the three potential locations mentioned in the land verification letter. I believe Blue Limestone is the front runner but we are getting lots of reaction of the pros and cons pretty much daily. If you'd like to have a say, please join the committee at its next meeting. I believe it should be Thursday, June 19th around 5:30 but will confirm details closer to the date. Thanks!
  • Jasmin Senecal 05/19/2014
  • Deanne Peterson 05/15/2014 Hi Traci - Thanks for your suggestion. We have a meeting tonight so I'm hoping we might be able to get an ad run in the Gazette. I know our meetings are usually reported on so hopefully we get some press about it that way too. This contest also provides templates for posters and signs and I do hope I'll be able to visit some local businesses this weekend with some signs to post. If you know of people or places I should visit, let me know.
  • Traci Peveler 05/14/2014 This is absolutely great! The only thought I have...I think those that are not on the computer often or do not have a FB account should be reached out to a different. Different channels equal more votes :)
  • Deanne Peterson 05/14/2014 Dog Park Committee meets tomorrow to discuss more potential locations for our dog park. Once we get a location agreed upon, we'll be sure to update our map. Thanks again for your votes!
  • Holly Reed Kauf 05/13/2014 Make sure to share on your FB PAGE/ LINKEDIN ACCT/EMAIL..TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW...and post your pooches pic under community Photos :)
  • Deanne Peterson 05/13/2014 Thanks to the Judy Orahood, the Delaware Humane Society and Rocky Van Brimmer for help getting the word out!
  • Holly Reed Kauf 05/12/2014 Thanks Dee!! We need to share share share!!
  • Deanne Peterson 05/12/2014 Hi everyone. Thanks for your support. To keep up with the Delaware Dog Park Committee and it's progress, follow us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/CityOfDelawareDogPark or you can search for us in Facebook by entering Delaware Dog Park - Cool Dawg.
  • Paw Logo PetSafeBrand 04/23/2013 Welcome to your City's discussion board. Use the form below to add to the conversation.

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