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Moore, OK

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  • Katie Hays 05/28/2015 Please take a quick second to vote to help Moore get a dog park!
  • christine benavides 05/27/2015 Please don't forget to vote daily.
  • Carla Thrasher 05/27/2015 Vote, vote vote! We need a dog park in Moore!
  • Traci Prince Applebee 05/26/2015 Let's vote people
  • Cara Lindsey 05/26/2015 A dog park would be a great addition to Moore! So many people would love it!
  • Susan Hellams 05/26/2015 We love people and share our love with our pets. Please consider Moore to be granted the dog park.
  • Melissa Cruthers Hoyle 05/26/2015 A dog park in Moore could be a great way to meet new people who have an interest in dogs the same way I do.
  • Jana Raper 05/25/2015 This is very needed here in moore.
  • Elizabeth Vaughn 05/25/2015 We need a dog park!!
  • Carol Downey 05/22/2015 Please vote for Moore to get a dog park!
  • Susan Hellams 05/22/2015 We need a wonderful dog park. Goooo Moore!!!!!
  • Terri Suggs Owen 05/21/2015 Keep voting and sharing every day! Don't give up! We need/want this dog park! Let's do this Moore!
  • Toni Jones 05/21/2015 Voted!!
  • Diane Schullo 05/21/2015 1338. Let's get a dog park, Moore!
  • Nel Summers 05/20/2015 are you all looking at the doggies in the picture box that want to go to the dog park???
  • Yvonne Streeter 05/20/2015 We really do need a park...Maggie Mae wants to play!
  • Tara Malbrough 05/19/2015 Let's do this.
  • Jayme Shelton 05/18/2015 I am really excited about this opportunity. We need a dog park and this prize would be the catalyst to make it happen!
  • Bob Keene 05/18/2015 Paying it forward to Moore for helping Waverly last year. Thank you, Moore!
  • Michael Womack 05/18/2015 In order for this to wok the park needs to NOT have a tornado siren in it; unlike all the other parks in Moore.
  • J Keene 05/18/2015 Vote every day! #730
  • Sommer Stankewitz 05/18/2015 I have lived in Moore my entire life! Moore needs a great dog park!!!! Please help!
  • Nel Summers 05/18/2015 Moore people have already jumped thru the hoops to get verified for this project. all you need now is zillions of people to vote for it in each of the qualifying rounds. you got to want it to win it - and it is well worth the effort! tell your friends- vote twice every day!
  • LARRY Meilleur 05/17/2015 Please we need a safe pet park for Moore, OK
  • Tabitha Wright 05/16/2015 So do we have a community leader keeping up with this, cause the verifying info below sounds like no civic leader has and if we win either one we won't get it :(
  • Lauren Hamilton 05/16/2015 Moore needs this!
  • helga brumley 05/15/2015 love the idea of a dogpark
  • Pat Conway 05/14/2015 I am 71 years old and have two dogs it would be great to take my boys to a nice and safe park
  • Ellen Vest 05/14/2015 My granddogs are in Moore! A dog park would be a great asset.
  • suzan miner 05/14/2015
  • Tracey Wallace 05/14/2015 Having a dog park here in Moore would be awesome! It would be great to not have to drive 30 minutes to get to a decent dog park
  • Sarah Rayborn 05/13/2015 My kid is scared of dogs, he has autism, it's a paralyzingly fear. We have to leave the park almost every time we go. It would be awesome to have an alternative place to walk dogs.
  • Peggy Brown 05/13/2015 I don't have a dog right now but a dog park would be great.
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