Long Beach, CA

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  • Mary Matthiensen 06/07/2014 It closes today and we will know if we are in the final's on June 13.
  • Nancy Bauer 06/07/2014 No Button to vote!!!! :(
  • Mary Matthiensen 06/02/2014 Thanks Nancy Burtis
  • Nancy Burtis 06/01/2014
  • Mary Matthiensen 05/27/2014 Hi Kathy I know! On my phone it is a lot more difficult! Really I can not see them at all. I vote on my computer.....
  • Kathy Benoit 05/26/2014 These words you have to spell are awful. Sometimes it takes me 4 or 5 times.
  • Mary Matthiensen 05/22/2014 Hi Nancy They must have had a few issues. It has been much more difficult this year. But I am sure they want to make sure all votes are on the up and up.
  • Nancy Bauer 05/22/2014 Finally got to vote on both sites! So confusing.
  • Maria Sim 05/22/2014
  • Sean Furmidge 05/19/2014 Come on Long Beach! We need this !!!
  • Mary Matthiensen 05/17/2014 Ask your friends and family to vote twice a day until June 7. :)
  • Mary Matthiensen 05/14/2014 Fantastic! We can do this!
  • Kate Karp 05/14/2014 And so did I!
  • Lisa Andria 05/14/2014 Just voted for our new dog park in Long Beach!!!
  • Mary Matthiensen 05/14/2014 K-Earth 101! You rock Sylvia!
  • Sylvia Aimerito 05/13/2014 Just voted for our awesome, new dog park here in Long Beach, CA!
  • Judith Crumpton 05/13/2014 Voting for our dog park here in Long Beach, California!
  • Kay Cofield 05/13/2014 They are asking to verify my email address, but the field is blank. Making it very difficult!
  • Mary Matthiensen 05/13/2014 Remember to vote twice a day!
  • Dave Greaves 05/13/2014 I voted :)
  • Mary Matthiensen 05/13/2014 Love doing bark for your park, but a little more difficult this year to vote.
  • Mary Matthiensen 05/12/2014 We have a new dog park and we are ready to bark for it.
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