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Baker City, OR

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  • Gail Duman 06/09/2015 402 votes! Thank you everyone! One day left to vote to make the finals!
  • Gail Duman 06/07/2015 351!!! Let's get to 400!!! Keep on voting!!!
  • 06/06/2015 C'mon Baker City! VOTE DAILY!
  • Kina Allen 06/06/2015 C'mon Baker City! VOTE DAILY!
  • Gail Duman 06/06/2015 336 and 4 day's to go! Please ask all your friends to vote! Let's try to get to 400! Our dog's need a safe place to roam.
  • Kristy Rice 06/05/2015 I think Baker having a dog park is a great idea we need a place just for our fur babies so they can be safe.
  • Michele White 06/03/2015 Keep it up Baker City. Wee need that Dog Park!
  • Patsy Blair 06/02/2015 We really needs a dog park!!!
  • Gail Duman 06/02/2015 Keep up the good work! Only 8 days left to make the finals.
  • Shelly Carper Smith 06/02/2015 269 votes!!
  • Cheryl Parks 06/02/2015 I voted for baker City, and I don't even live there!!
  • Joshua Dillen 06/02/2015 Baker City needs a Dog Park! Come on people vote for Baker! There's not much time left and we need more than 250 votes!
  • Gail Duman 05/31/2015 10 More days! Keep up the voting! We can do this! Thanks for your help!
  • Kina Allen 05/30/2015 The City of Baker has land available and is willing to donate it if we win this $100K contest! All of the money would go to building the park including full fencing, landscaping, waste stations, etc. Please vote every day!
  • Kina Allen 05/29/2015 VOTE EVERY DAY! This is a huge opportunity for our small town to get ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS to build a great fenced dog park for our four-legged family members. The money is free, the park will be free to attend, the only cost from us is getting involved by VOTING every day! :) Let's do this!
  • Michele White 05/28/2015 Our Dogs need a safe place where they are welcome in the community. My Daughter has been going to college in Bend and they have at least 4 dog parks she has taken me to and they are wonderful. We need at least 1 dog park here in Baker and we would all LOVE to take our Dogs there!
  • Liz Burton 05/27/2015 Baker City REALLY needs a dog park! Travelers and locals alike are trying to use city parks and pathways to run their dogs, but those areas are all subject to leash laws. We have some land available but no funding to further develop a plan to improve it.
  • Gail Duman 05/21/2015 104 Votes! Let's keep it going!
  • Gail Duman 05/19/2015 88 votes! Woot Woot!
  • Gail Duman 05/19/2015 22 day's left to vote!
  • Gail Duman 05/18/2015 Thanks to everyone voting! Keep it up!
  • Lynette Perry 05/18/2015 We really need a dog park in Baker city. Please add your vote or us
  • Becky Fitzpatrick 05/15/2015 Good luck. Let's get some votes!
  • Joyce Bornstedt 05/14/2015 Visit our Facebook Page - "Bark for Your Park - Vote for Baker City"!
  • Paw Logo PetSafeBrand 04/23/2013 Welcome to your City's discussion board. Use the form below to add to the conversation.

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