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Foley, AL

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  • Angela Johnston 06/08/2015 Voted!!! My little Baxter cant wait to play at the dog park!
  • Ralph Hellmich 06/05/2015 Everyone please keep voting if you check other cities on the list we are doing pretty good...keep it up!!!
  • Makayla Nelson 06/03/2015 My little Shih tzu would have so much fun!
  • leslie hartzog 06/01/2015 I lost my boxer one month before I moved to Foley from Michigan. So I am voting in her memory.
  • Neoma Conner 05/29/2015 My pooch would love this.
  • Billie Nardell 05/29/2015
  • Stephanie Lowery 05/28/2015 WE NEED THIS!
  • Teresa Mellies 05/21/2015 Let's help our furry friends!
  • Ralph Hellmich 05/21/2015 Thx for all the support Foley keep it coming it helps finish what we have started!
  • 05/20/2015 Need more people to help with the dog park! Please vote!
  • Lynda Folks 05/18/2015 Need more people to help with the dog park! Please vote!
  • Noel Zorn 05/18/2015
  • Donna Riley-Lein 05/16/2015 Come on everyone -- FOLEY needs a dog park.
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