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Foley, AL

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  • Karen Hubbard 07/15/2014 Our furry friends need / deserve a safe place to play. Please vote for Foley, AL and all of us "CDP's" (crazy dog people)
  • Deb Carlson 06/08/2014 Vote, vote, and vote again!
  • Fran Hopkins 06/06/2014 Vote for Foley ,Al!!
  • Michelle Majors 06/06/2014 Vote please!
  • Suzanne Kellams 06/06/2014
  • Tammy Armond 06/06/2014 Vote to get a dog park in Foley, AL. Foley is behind by 250 votes
  • Randi Henson 06/05/2014 spread the word. surely we can beat Stratford. VOTE!
  • Kelley Wansley 06/05/2014 Getting closer Stratford, CT 1445 Foley, AL 1217
  • Kelley Wansley 06/04/2014 Stratford, CT is at 1340 this morning everybody vote
  • Donna Riley-Lein 06/03/2014 Stratford, CT still ahead. Get tv, radio and papers involved !Tell everyone!
  • Lynda Folks 06/02/2014 Can't wait to have a dog park on Foley. Just hope there are some big trees for shade in the hot summer! Thanks to the City of Foley.
  • Ashley Porter 06/02/2014 I'm super excited that foley is building a dog park! I was really getting tired of going all the way down to gulf shores
  • Randi Henson 05/31/2014 you have to check the standings of other cities by just going to the city as if you were going to vote for them and look and see how many votes they have.
  • Jackie Janke 05/31/2014 how do you check the standings
  • Sue Steigerwald 05/30/2014 Wow, thanks for all of the support from our citizens, employees, and neighbors. I know my pups are ready to play!
  • Randi Henson 05/30/2014 get the word OUT , Stradford, CT is ahead of us!!
  • Joanna Hardin 05/28/2014
  • Ralph Hellmich 05/28/2014
  • Donna Riley-Lein 05/21/2014 Use the graphics provided on the site and create your own. Somebody made up some nice ones for the library.
  • Makayla Nelson 05/20/2014 I wonder were you can get flyers? I tryed looking it up but I couldn't find anything like that.
  • Donna Riley-Lein 05/20/2014 Be sure to tell everyone you know about it! Foley, how about some flyers at the Orange Beach and Fairhope parks? They have bulletin boards.
  • Bess Rich 05/19/2014 Hope that you win. Having a community Dog Park is wonderful! Good Luck
  • Randi Henson 05/19/2014 Been voting every day, help Foley win. Tell everyone to vote!!
  • Jackie Janke 05/17/2014 I have been voting everyday hope it helps, it would be nice to win!
  • Makayla Nelson 05/16/2014 Just looked and East Rockaway, NY has 26 votes. As much as I've checked we're in the lead Foley.
  • Connie Caldwell 05/16/2014
  • Ralph Hellmich 05/16/2014 Thx Makayla, still trying to get word out to all our friends and supporters...this is a good thing for all of us to try to pull off...even if we don't win!
  • Makayla Nelson 05/14/2014 YAE, just checked and Birmingham, AL only has 9 votes
  • Ralph Hellmich 05/13/2014 Please pass this contest on to your friends and neighbors...it would a nice for the City of Foley to get behind this and help our community.
  • Makayla Nelson 05/13/2014 RESPONSE FOR SHEILA MORGAN: It told me to verify my email too. So I just hit vote once and then scroll to the bottom of the page until you see where it says, “verify email" & “enter these numbers" do what it says then scroll back up to the top of the page and hit vote!
  • Sheila Morgan 05/12/2014 /Sheila Morgan 05/12/14 It keeps telling me to verify my e-mail address but there is no where to do so. Very difficult to vote.
  • Melanie Schnieders 05/12/2014 It is telling me to input the CAPTCHA, but nothing is showing up there to enter.
  • Makayla Nelson 05/12/2014 I have the same problem, I hit it to go vote on face book and it says request not found or something. And you can only vote once a day, not every 24 hours, once a day
  • Lucy Douty 05/12/2014 I thought we could vote twice a day?
  • Marybeth Stearns 05/10/2014 When I click the link to vote in Facebook, it tells me the link is not found.
  • Makayla Nelson 05/09/2014 Who's in the lead?
  • Donna Riley-Lein 05/08/2014 Get this to whep a and newspapers
  • Nancy Mann 05/08/2014 Trying and trying to verify address and it's not working. Please help. Thank you.
  • Paw Logo PetSafeBrand 04/23/2013 Welcome to your City's discussion board. Use the form below to add to the conversation.

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