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City Nominations and Phase 1 Voting from May 7th-June 7th. Finalists Announced: June 13th.

Our community needs a PetSafe dog park!

Welcome to Sherwood's Bark in the Park community page! This is where you will find the latest information on our efforts to win this national contest. And most importantly, where to vote for Sherwood! Also, find us on Facebook at

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Michael Swinarski

I'm afraid that I am a bit late to the show here. What was the result of the vote?

Brittany O'Renick

30 votes away from the 5th spot and just 2.5 hours left. Lets do this!

Brittany O'Renick

Lets do this Sherwood! We have about 16 hours left to secure our spot in the top 15! We currently sit at 16, SO CLOSE!

Dave Emmons

Sherwood deserves a dog park, Sir Brady of Sherwood needs a place to mingle

Sharon Ballard

Just Voted. My dogs need a place to run and be dogs.

Jen Warner

We're moving to Sherwood at the end of the month. Our little mutts would love an awesome place to make new friends!

Brittany O'Renick

Hope for about 400 more votes today, lets do this Sherwood! The city has big things planned if we can get into the finals!!!

Joe Gall

we are currently in 21st place so get your rally caps on and vote Sherwood...we can still make the top 15!!

Brittany O'Renick

We really need to make a huge push. I found a few more cities with big numbers. I'm hoping for 250 votes per day until voting closes on the 7th. Finalists are announce 6/13.

Joe Gall

We are on a roll....keep it up everyone!!! One week to go

Jessica Pearson

Really, really want to win this!! My Shih-Tzu, Harley, loves to play!

Brittany O'Renick

Make sure you find the Sherwood Dog Park on Facebook too!

Wendy Groeger

We really need a dog park in Sherwood!

Robin PetSafe

Hello Sherwood. We are excited to let you know that we received your land and support letters and they are good to go. Great job getting this part of your park effort in order as well as letting your media know this is something your community is passionate about. Keep your barks coming in! We hear you! Go Sherwood, OR! Bark For Your Park.

Clayton Goode

I just checked the voting progress of 20 other cities at random. All 20 had less than 10 votes!!! You can vote every day! Please do!

darci vandenhoek

Sherwood has already been voted as one of the best places to live, a dog park would just be the icing on the cake! Sherwood dogs deserve a space of their own!

Colin Wester

Jackson the wolf dog will be loving this!!! Woohooo!

Bill Sweet

This is just what this town needs. All the families and all the dogs. Keni is all in....Let do what it takes...It's a great way to socialize the dogs and humans :0)

Carla Bietz

Our city really needs this! We have so many families with dogs and there is nowhere to take our dogs off leash. My golden retriever would love this!

vickie abston

Bubba would like a fun & safe place to run & play.

GiGi Brand

Can't wait for the dog park in Sherwood!! Paws For Elegance

Greg Hanson

Cody would walk a mile for a dog park in Sherwood.

Leora Le Gear-Casey

There are 16 paws in my household that would give you a high paws for a dog park in Sherwood.


Smokey wants a dog park in Sherwood too!!

Kristie Spurling

Abby wants a Dog Park in Sherwood too!!! Two paws up!!!

Ellen Kilkenny

Mr. Podkee, our Puggle, votes for Sherwood, OR!!!!

Cheryl Strehlow

Scruffy Stopit...our labradoodle votes for Sherwood,Oregon!!!!

Naomi Belov

I clicked 'Vote Now' and it keeps saying I need to verify my email, but doesn't show how to.

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