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  • Jennifer Botts 06/06/2014 We will not give in or give up! We are brainstorming fundraiser ideas for the summer. Thank you to everyone who has called and emailed with their support and encouragement on this venture. We look forward to making this park a reality. Have you hugs your pup today?
  • Jennifer Botts 06/05/2014 Keep going guys! Bark loud and proud! So excited at all the support coming from Parks and Rec, Home At Last Humane Society, and even our Mayor Steve Lawrence. We can do this!
  • Robin PetSafe 06/04/2014 Great news The Dalles, OR! We have received your land and civic leader letters and approved them! Keep barking for your park! GO THE DALLES!
  • Jennifer Botts 06/04/2014 A note from HAL: Dear PetSafe Bark for Your Park Committee, On behalf of the Board of Directors of Home At Last Humane Society in The Dalles, Oregon, I want to pledge our support for a dog park in the Dalles. Home At Last believes this type of venue for the Dalles will enhance the community‚Äôs intrinsic and extrinsic value. A dog park sends a clear message to visitors that our community is organized, welcoming, and accommodating. A dog park also allows residents a public outlet to exercise their dogs, which can improve the overall physical and psychological well-being of our pets and their owners. Not only is there the need for a dog park to help the community safely exercise their dogs, but most importantly a safe place for off leash dog training, a place to hold special events for dogs, a place to educate the public. Approximately 1100 dog parks have been created nationwide and are very successful. The many benefits of a dog park include: 1. Off-leash areas protect the rights of community members and other park users by preventing off-leash dogs from infringing on their activities. 2. Encouraging groups of dog owners (and their dogs) to enjoy the parks, 3. Adequate off-leash play and exercise, as can be obtained in designated off-leash areas, makes dogs better neighbors who are less likely to bark incessantly or jump on people. 4. Offering elderly and disabled citizens a place to exercise their companions. 5. A dog park will be a huge benefit to the many tourists who visit our city. 6. Off-leash areas bring people together, create a greater sense of community and provide a forum for dog owners to share information that can help foster more responsible pet ownership, thereby making dog owners better neighbors, too. The Home At Last Board is in full support of this park. It would be a great asset for the Dalles and makes our city an even more desirable place to be. If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. Sincerely, Diana Bailey President Home At Last Humane Society homeatlastpres@gmail.com (541) 296-5189
  • Lisa Holmes-Siders 06/03/2014 We need this!! I live in an apartment and my husband has a service dog that needs a place to run off some energy , but no "run off" .. thanks!!
  • Robert Dobyne 06/03/2014 Wintering in Arizona we feel in love with there Dog parks, This community needs a safe and pleasant place for our dogs to play and socialize.
  • Cody Yeager 06/02/2014 I moved to The Dalles recently (from Central Oregon) with my dogs, Radar and Johnny Cash. We are barking every day for the dog park! Our community needs this. Let's all support a dog park in The Cherry City.
  • Bekah Stewart 06/02/2014 This would be fantastic and much safer and more humane. . Responsible pet owners in our community know what it would mean and would of course love for their pets to enjoy the space and clean up after them :)
  • Rymmel Lovell 06/02/2014 We walk our two dogs on a leash around a track. Being free to run safely in a fenced area would be heavenly. I'm voting daily for a dog park! YES, I'll supervise and YES, I'll pick up after them as always, just like my kids.
  • Emily Tilton 06/01/2014 I know the community of the dalles Oregon would love a dog park. I have family from all over Oregon and Washington who have the luxury of having dog parks and they wish we did as well!
  • 05/31/2014 This would be amazing! I don't have any friends with dogs, and my pooch would love to have some friends!
  • Robert Thouvenel 05/30/2014 It would be nice to have dog park in The Dalles.
  • Starla Yarbrough 05/29/2014 This would be amazing. I have two dogs that just love to chase tennis balls and I usually have to take them miles out of town just to find a place to throw the ball for a while. What a great idea!
  • Jennifer Botts 05/29/2014 Hi Mark, I know that NWCPRD will consider all angles when posting rules and regulations. I can't say that there will be breed restrictions, but information may be collected from park goers so we can better identify any issues that may take place later. As a responsible pet owner, we'd expect that you would monitor your pet's behavior and determine whether your pet is good in a social setting. :) Thanks for the question
  • mark locicero 05/29/2014 Will there be restrictions on breeds
  • 05/29/2014 9 days left to vote!! Make some noise!
  • Danny Kittelson 05/28/2014 Vote everyday The Dalles, Oregon we need this in our community!
  • Scott Jackson 05/27/2014 Something we all need
  • Jennifer Botts 05/27/2014 So glad to hear the NWCPRD Board has dedicated land for this!
  • Kassandra Rice 05/18/2014 Please vote for The Dalles!!!
  • Rosie Enesi 05/14/2014 We really need one in The Dalles!
  • Jennifer Botts 05/13/2014 I know my 2 furry companions would love a place to roam without the restriction of a leash. Come one, come all....big or small and Bark for Your Park!
  • Tamee Feriante 05/08/2014 Hope we win!
  • Becky Schertenleib 05/08/2014 Save and safe to vote for a pet safe park
  • Jenel Rose-Jones 05/08/2014 This would be great!
  • Diana Pike 05/08/2014 Be sure to vote for The Dalles and let's win a Dog Park for our four-legged companions!!
  • Jennifer Botts 05/08/2014 Vote for The Dalles to finally get a place for our furry friends to frolic. Bark for our park!
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