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City Nominations and Phase 1 Voting from May 7th-June 7th. Finalists Announced: June 13th.

Our community needs a PetSafe dog park!

WELCOME Plymouth Dog Lovers! Please spread the word and vote everyday so we can win the grant for a DOG PARK in Plymouth!!

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Mary Rittenhouse

Hi Robert! If you noticed we already have civic support and we will have the land verification this week! The civic support accidently went into the land verification document area! Thanks for taking the time to read through rules ....we have been working on it for you know these things take time :)

Robert Rodgers

I noticed that the rules clearly state that we need to have all three of the documents in BEFORE June 7th so I hope someone is working on the civic support and media reports because all of this work will be to waste if we don't follow the rules to get into the final round this weekend.

Mary Rittenhouse

I can't wait until we reach 1000!! I'm obsessed ...just a bit ;)

Mary Rittenhouse

If you have a pinterest site you can pin our page to pinterest and ask people to vote!! See the little pinterest P?? Just click on it and pin and make a comment in the pin!! Same with facebook, twitter and all the social media ...just click!!!

Mary Rittenhouse

Happy Memorial Day! Please take a moment and vote :)

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