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Bluffton, SC

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  • Carol Mullins 06/13/2014 On pins and needles!
  • Gloria Diggs 06/08/2014 I voted keep up the good work Jen!
  • Laurie Lokken Brown 06/06/2014 I voted. This is support of Jennifer Megliore, one FANtastic gal!!
  • jean citron 06/04/2014 Time for a BIG push - keep voting & pass the woof - we could use this added help.
  • Barbara Compa 06/03/2014 Every town should have one!!!!
  • Tena Thompson 06/01/2014 Vote for paws. Let their bark be heard:)
  • Jennifer Megliore 06/01/2014 It's the last week everyone- pour it on!
  • Jennifer Megliore 05/31/2014 We've worked so hard for a park- this is the miracle we need!
  • Amber Reynolds 05/23/2014 Let's get it done!
  • deborah karambelas 05/22/2014 Hey Everybody, be sure to add your second vote per day on your facebook page!
  • Jennifer Megliore 05/17/2014 Friends- Spread the word to your friends- we can make this park a reality this year!
  • jean citron 05/15/2014 Spread the word we need more voters. We really need a local park.
  • Nita Fox 05/12/2014 I really hope we do get this dog park, I live in bluffton and I do not like driving all the way to the Island just to take my dog to a dog park so he can run around free and play. Fingers crossed !! =)
  • Joan Barbarossa 05/11/2014 Best of luck. I would to take my Molly where she can run and play with other dogs her size
  • Susan Yahn 05/09/2014 our dogs would love a dog park and a safe place to exercise and greet their friends
  • Sandi Hodges 05/09/2014 We are one of the fastest growing & most beautiful towns in the country. Our pets are long over due for a park!!!
  • Eileen Bull 05/09/2014
  • Bella Frass 05/08/2014 Good luck! We need a dog park!
  • Rebecca Baker 05/08/2014 Your website is pitiful. Keeps telling me to verify my email address when it is there and correct.
  • Paw Logo PetSafeBrand 04/23/2013 Welcome to your City's discussion board. Use the form below to add to the conversation.

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