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Help your city design the park of your dreams. Keep up with park features and track along with the city’s progress. Check back often because your city admin will be uploading photos and sharing progress.

Do the dogs in our town dream of wide open spaces and a place to call their own? Then win your furry friends a new dog park from PetSafe®. Read the Contest Overview to get the full details on participation!

-Porcelain Fountains 2013

Park Timeline

click the orange markers to get details about the steps to park completion


You have won funds from PetSafe® to build a dog park in your community. What’s next?

Your community is responsible for completing the proper paperwork and receiving the correct permits to begin construction.

Excavation and water line construction will fill a large part of your park timeline. These projects are time consuming but necessary for park completion.

Fun details like landscaping, fencing and water features are the next step in a finished park. When completed, zoning reviews are the final step.

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Colleen Maddy

Happy Dance !!! Im glad we won for small city.What do you get for winning that category? I also thought winners weren't going to be announced until 8/13.

Shannon Haley-Anderson

Voted everyday from Seattle for Tehachapi! Glad you won some money to start a park! Happy dance!!

Annette Kirby

Tehachapi won medium city! Thank you all who voted for our town's dog park

Matt Young

We did it! Runner up and winner of the Small City Category! Way to go Team TEHACHAPI!

Leslie Katz

You deserve the win, Tehachapi! From your supporter in Thousand Oaks, CA!

Nicole Ferguson

Just voted, been voting every day. Has anybody contacted radio stations o maybe give a shout out and have people vote? We can use all the help we can get.

Tricia Mullins

Got my last two votes in!! LETS GO TEHACHAPI!!!!

Matt Young

A special thanks to all who have voted and continue to vote for Tehachapi. I couldn't be happier to witness how this contest has unified Tehachapi and reminded us of how passionate we as a community are in providing safe, public parks, recreation and resources for our pets. Together we are realizing a 'real' dog park in Tehachapi! - Matt Young, TVRPD District Manager.

Barbara Sheehan

Best of Luck, Tehachapi should truly walk with this one, we will see....!!! Dog speed.

Joni Letlow

I love what you do, best wishes for winning!

Diane Arden

Good luck Tehachapi, you deserve to win

Lisa Rethke

Nothing left to do, but pray and wait for the results now. Fingers crossed for Tehachapi. Dogs rock ! I think all had their share of voting issues. If you're experiencing that now, PLEASE keep trying, your's is the vote that could take T over the top. Thanks!

Al Dameron

Yes, constantly. I've lost a lot of votes because it just wouldn't let me vote. Sometimes I logged in and out three times before I could vote.

Anne Pear-White

Hello! I'm having a ton of trouble voting today. When I verify my email, it keeps denying me and now it told me I've already voted today, which I have not. Anybody else having a problem??

Jordan Reclusado

I'll keep voting till the last day! Tehachapi is such a small town and they been working hard to get this. Let's get this for them!!:)

Barbara Sheehan

The vote count with ??? is because the last week of voting they do not show 'who' is leading or falling behind, we just vote EVERYDAY!!! So post it up and get your friends to vote for us too!

Leslie Katz

Good luck from Thousand Oaks, CA!

Samantha Waldeck

All week my vote look's like this ???????? ..Why? I hope they are getting counted ;)

Wally Haulman

We maybe small come on Tehachapi let's show the east coast we are "mighty here us bark."

Kristine Longo Cleary

Good luck from Massachusetts!!! There's a group of us rallying and voting and sending good vibes from the East Coast : )

Leslie Katz

Got my votes from Thousand Oaks, CA!

I'm going nuts. I've really been trying to help and vote twice a day and it's been going ok for most of the time when in Sweden but for the last couple of weeks I've been travelling around in Europe and the FB voting has worked but not the other one. I have to give my email but I can't! I promise to keep in trying ... Hope you'll win guys!

Annette Kirby

Thanks to all of you from other towns and states for helping us here in Tehachapi!

Wally Haulman

Come on MM, this park is needed so bad in this small town.

sylvia lacey

got my 2 votes in today.....only 4 more days to go!

Crystal Smith

This may seem like a David and Goliath situation with Tehachapi against these bigger towns, but remember David won! We can do it. Go Mutt Militia!

Alison Brown

Alison from Marina Del Rey..Marley's Mutts in Tehachapi WILL WIN !!!!!

liz harwood

yay marley's mutts for making this far……GOOD LUCK!

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