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Brighton, TN

is competing to win a dog park!

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PetSafe is here to help you along! We've created a visual process for your city to follow. As you reach each milestone and upload the required information, that icon will be brought to full color. You can click through the milestones to see what is needed to activate it. We've even provided you some templates to assist you in the process. Scroll down to see what your community has already uploaded.

Here's how the contest works


Vote For your City:

What: Get friends, family members, community leaders, and everyone in your city to visit us online and vote for a dog park. Remember, your may vote twice a day; once here and once on our facebook page.

When: Stage 1 – May 1 to May 31 before 5pm Eastern. Stage 2 – June 5 to July 26 before midnight.

Land Verification

Land Verification:

What: In order to qualify to win a park, your city must find land and approve it's use for a dog park. Work with local government and landowners to find your spot!

When: Ends May 31st at 5pm Eastern

Community Support:

What: PetSafe needs to know your community government supports your pursuit of a dog park. To complete this task, notify your civic leaders (ie: mayor, county executive, city manager, Parks and Recreation director) of the contest and encourage them to create an account to upload a letter.

When: Ends May 31st at 5pm Eastern

Media Coverage:

What: This step is optional, but getting your pups' faces in the media can't hurt. Get in touch with your local news station and print media to rally support for the new park!

When: Spans the entire contest

Video Invitation:

What: If you're been selected as one of our 15 finalists, you'll be invited to make a .30 video ad to show the world why your city deserves to win a dog park! Watch our video for tips to help you.

When: Due June 26th by 5pm Eastern

  • jt owens 07/24/2013 fingers crossed
  • Linda Moran 07/08/2013 Come on everyone! We need votes and views of the video. We can still win $25,000. for Brighton!
  • Kira Dangoinin 06/25/2013 Come on Brighton! We got thisss <3
  • Brenda Carroll 06/22/2013 We love this town. Vote for Brighton TN.
  • Brett Giannini 06/21/2013 Good luck, Brighton!
  • Jane Brown 06/19/2013 This would be so wonderful for the entire county!!! We need to have a dog friendly area here. Please everyone vote and tell all your family and friends to do the same!
  • Brenda Carroll 06/18/2013 Brighton Tn come everyone, let's vote every day and win one for our Tipton County canines.
  • Nancy Haney 06/18/2013 We've had an awful lot of people stating that they're having trouble voting, especially on facebook. I just wonder how many votes we've lost because of this????
  • Lenett Lomax 06/14/2013 lets go brighton, tn
  • Johny Tripp 06/14/2013 hope we win!!
  • Jennifer Hickman 06/14/2013 GO BRIGHTON,TN!!!! WE GOT THIS!
  • Katrina Jones 06/12/2013 i sure hope brighton gets the dog park i will take my dogs there for sure i thank its a great idea the dogs can play and be safe i love all dogs.
  • Robin Bowman Brainard 06/08/2013 We have to "get the lead out!".....IF we are gonna win this thing!! Come on Brighton and ALL of Tipton County!! Even North Shelby County....
  • Nancy Haney 06/08/2013 If you haven't already, check out our Bark for Your Park facebook page for lots of updates & pics! And don't forget to "LIKE" it, & share it! Thanks! https://www.facebook.com/BarkForYourParkBrightonTn
  • Pamela Brown 06/08/2013 ok Natalie PetSafe It won't let me & I noticed a lot other people having trouble Voting! It let me VOTE on F/B but not on website? & I know there's a lot more people that's it happening to & we need Votes BAD! were already struggling being a small town so help us out here PLEASE! :)
  • Nancy Haney 06/07/2013 I can't get the petsafe.net page to load so that I can get my 7 extra votes! I've been trying all day! What's up with that?
  • 06/07/2013 ALL of Tipton County: Please VOTE for Brighton!!
  • jen hall 06/07/2013 Go Brighton~ We can do this! Lets all pull together and get these babies this park!!!
  • MARVINE COLEY 06/06/2013 Brighton a great place to live.
  • Nancy Haney 06/05/2013 Woo Hoo!! Second round, here we come! We're now in 5th place, & moving up!
  • Nancy Haney 05/31/2013 Can we combine Atoka's & Brighton's votes? That would be the sensible thing to do!
  • Cheri Causey 05/31/2013 Land Verification has been added! Atoka met this requirement also but only has 116 votes. Munford and Covington did not meet the deadline for land verification. Vote for Brighton!!
  • Nancy Haney 05/31/2013 We're down to the wire, & I know we're gonna make it to the second round! Keep on voting, & be sure to come to our facebook page & "Like" us, & keep up with our progress! https://www.facebook.com/BarkForYourParkBrightonTn
  • Heather Twisdale 05/30/2013 Come see our facebook page, so you can keep up with everything going on! Visit us @ Bark for Your Park Brighton, TN
  • Nathan Harmon 05/29/2013 lets go brighton,tn!!!!!
  • Natalie PetSafe 05/22/2013 Hi Brighton, thanks for participating in Bark For Your Park. While reviewing your documents, we noticed you uploaded a picture under land verification. We need more firm communication about the home of your future park should your town win the contest. If you have any questions, please email dogpark@petsafe.net. Good luck!
  • Nancy Haney 05/20/2013 Keep voting! Keep voting! Let's get to 5,000 votes by the end of the week!!! We can do it!
  • Pamela Brown 05/19/2013 Go Brighton Tn Keep on Voting whoo hooo! :)
  • Pamela Brown 05/17/2013 Go Brighton,Tn keep on Voting!
  • Tommy Walker 05/16/2013 Worried about the land specs. All it shows is a picture of a dog when I click on it and I did see this Natalie PetSafe 05/06/2013 Hi Brighton, thanks for participating in Bark For Your Park. While reviewing your documents, we noticed you uploaded a photo in place of the land verification documents. While it is adorable, we need more firm communication about the future home of your dog park should your city win. If you have any questions, email us at dogpark@petsafe.net. Good luck!
  • Dogslove Is great 05/16/2013 Praying to win
  • Nathan Harmon 05/16/2013 Brighton,tn!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Chad Brown 05/15/2013 Keep on Voting! Keep on Voting! Keep on Voting! Go: Brighton, TN
  • Dogs Rock 05/15/2013 Texas Texarkana is beating us !!! We need to step up y'all!!!! Share share share
  • Dogs Love 05/15/2013 Can't wait to have a dog park. I pray we win
  • Marty Mernitz 05/14/2013 Where is the dog park going to be - do we already have the land
  • Linda Moran 05/12/2013 Hey Brighton,please get at least one friend to start voting every day!
  • Dogs Rock 05/12/2013 Go brighton
  • Dana Huggins 05/08/2013 Hope we win hope we win :)
  • Carol Mullen 05/06/2013 Go Brighton!
  • Natalie PetSafe 05/06/2013 Hi Brighton, thanks for participating in Bark For Your Park. While reviewing your documents, we noticed you uploaded a photo in place of the land verification documents. While it is adorable, we need more firm communication about the future home of your dog park should your city win. If you have any questions, email us at dogpark@petsafe.net. Good luck!
  • Jeff Huggins 05/04/2013 Brighton,tn
  • Dana Owens 05/04/2013 Go Brighton,tn
  • Paw Logo PetSafeBrand 04/23/2013 Welcome to your City's discussion board. Use the form below to add to the conversation.
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Meet Tyler. He's a recue dog looking for a furever homeMeet Alton. This is his before and after picture.Chevy wants a dog park in Brighton TN :)Daisy and Gidgett Sniffin' there way to the Brighton Tn Dog parkHave you heard the news? We are winning a dog park in Brighton, TNAll Daisy Mae wants for Christmas is a dog park in Brighton TNChief from Tipton Shelter! He would love a park!mia wants to meet new friend'sReese would love to have a dogpark in Brighton!Reese loves frisbee time!Hank has a big interview with Justin Hanson from Action News 5!Please God Bless us with a safe & fun park.....AmenMy mommy & me just voted for Brighton Have you?Did someone say "Dog Park?" yippppeeee!!!!Awe, really?!? A park... for me?!? Brighton, Tennessee, the place to be!If I had a dog park, I could run and play and be free to be me!!!If I had a dog park, I could run and play and be free to be me!!!I really need some exercise! Can you take me to the dog park?Please, Mom, can we go to the dog park, can we, huh?Let's go to the Dog Park! I'll drive!Smiling pretty for a new dog park!"Can we go to the Dog Park? PLEASE vote for Brighton TN, so we can!!!" Thanks, Tana, Bear, Gin-Gin and Sassy"Please, oh, please VOTE for Brighton!! Mom, Dad and our big Sissy would take us!!" Bear pleads!!Bear says, "I could FLY through a DogPark!! PLEASE vote for Brighton TN!!"Yaaayyyyyy going to the dog park!!!!Brighton is in the paper again!Sure woul be nice not to locked up & go out & play with all my friends! So go Vote: Brighton,TNGo Brighton,Tn sure would like to win that Dog Park that everyone is talking about!Go Vote : Brighton,Tn we need a place to play & run, like a doggy park!Please! Vote: Brighton, Tn. for the Dog Park that everyone is talking about, I really need to get out of this back seat& stretch & get some exercise with all my friends!Come on! we really need this Doggy Park for all my friend & me! Vote: Brighton,TnPlease! Please! Please! vote for Brighton,TnKeep on Voting for Brighton, Tn whoo hooo!Hey! my name is Cocoa & I have so much energy & we need a Dog Park to go to to meet , hang out & play with my friends! so go Vote for Brighton Tn. Arff ArffPlease Vote Brighton Tn so all my kinfolk can go to park & play It would be Purrriffic!Say what? We're getting a DOG PARK!!! YAY!!Pssst.... I heard we're gonna win a dog park! :)Sure wish we had a dog park, so I could run & play off the leash!They say I'm too young to vote! Will you vote for me?We're looking for the dog park in Brighton, Tn.!What? You haven't voted for Brighton yet???This kitty voted for Brighton! Have you voted yet?Sometimes dogs give birth at the shelter...... :(We Love our pets! Vote for Brighton,TNI voted for Brighton, TN! Have you???