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  • Allison Saputa 05/23/2015 There is now a FB page! Search for Park for your Park 2015, Vacaville Like, share and get the whole community involved!
  • GeorgeAnne Meggers-Smith 05/23/2015 Please vote everyday!
  • David Kimberly Weatherwax 05/23/2015 we need a nice dog park...everyone vote please...
  • Allison saputa 05/22/2015 https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1645440392343578
  • JoeDenean Minellone-Perkins 05/22/2015 I really pray for our furbabies get a park of their own!!! VOTE PLEASE 🐶❤🐶
  • Kathy Bradanini 05/21/2015 We welcome a dog park in Vacaville! Please VOTE EVERYONE!
  • Terri Saunders 05/21/2015 It is so important for a dog to run freely and socialize regularly with other dogs. We welcome this park to Vacaville for our dog-children!!
  • Mary Hodson 05/20/2015 Can't wait until Dog park @ Centennial!
  • Mary Blasco 05/18/2015 There is a perfect spot for a dog park next to the community library on Ulatis !
  • Melyssa Laughlin 05/18/2015 This would be such a great thing for the dogs of Vacaville!
  • Laura Corson 05/16/2015 It would be a wonderful addition to the community. A larger dog park than what is currently in Vacaville. Please vote! I want to play and be free from my owner's 8 foot leash. From Samantha, a 5 year old yellow lab mix
  • Mary Hecker 05/16/2015 Come on and VOTE - do it for the Pups!!!
  • Lisa Edwards 05/16/2015
  • Tammy Fogg 05/14/2015 Vacaville is in a dying need of a dog park that holds a small dog area and med to big dog area. I would love to see the pet park be like the one in Redondo Beach Dog Park or the Woodland Off Leash Dog park that is here in California. Vacaville as plenty of room to put a dog park out by Midway, Business area by Vacaville Reporter and Genentech area to put in grass, bark or dirt areas with water and pick up your pets poop can area. Vacaville is a big time pet friendly town and supports lots of animals in need. We would love to see a dog park that the dogs could run free off the leash, play with there friends , have special events for dogs, outdoor dog training day, and so much more! Please help us vote for this park and support us as we need something fun for the pets to do in this area instead of all the business shopping areas popping up one after the other, to where eventually we won't have no place to have a dog friendly park. Help us win to build this park! Thank you to everyone that supports and enters!
  • Robin Sherman 05/13/2015 Vacaville needs a nice dog park, please?
  • Holly Kirk 05/13/2015 We'd really love a wonderful dog park in Vacaville ! Vote daily and share this on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ! Our doggies deserve the Best !!
  • Karen Hall 05/13/2015 Please vote for a new dog park in Vacaville.
  • GeorgeAnne Meggers-Smith 05/13/2015 Share this contest on your Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and vote everyday to help Vacaville win $100,000 to build a new dog park!
  • Christine Long 05/13/2015 Dog park in Vacaville please and thank you.
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