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Corpus Christi, TX

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  • Jeanne Brenz 07/29/2013 I hope Corpus Christi gets a most deserved Dog Park!
  • Amanda Burns 07/27/2013 I'd like to say thank you to everyone that continued to vote and show support for Corpus Christi! It's very much appreciated! :)
  • rena garcia 07/25/2013 Come on Corpus Christi! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!
  • tom farmer 07/22/2013 do we ever need a dog park!!!!!!!!!just like people who need people,doggies need doggies to be happy!come on corpus christi,texas,vote!thank you.
  • Adrienne kerr 07/22/2013 We really need a Dog Park here as we have lots of dogs to use it AS WELL AS OUR TOURIST who visit are always looking for a place.
  • Mary Lou Camp 07/19/2013 Come on Corpus Christi-Let us get behind this effort and try to win this time. Will keep our doggies safe, happy and out of our yards. Please vote daily. It would be a shame to lose by a 'few' votes. Mary Lou
  • Kathryn Thompson 07/19/2013 Go Corpus Christi!!! We can win this--keep on voting!!
  • rebecca watson 07/13/2013 Texarkana, TEXAS is in a battle with Ca. To win the grand prize $100, 000. Please help us to show them they can't "MESS WITH TEXAS". Please vote with Texarkana, TEXAS. GOD bless. Nancy Smith
  • Margaret Hawkins 07/07/2013 Your best friends are worthy of having their own park just as much as our "furless" friends! Don't forget to be a good neighbor and take a plastic bag along on your walks in the neighborhood. Do two good things at once. Make good use of those plastic bags that we throw out and allow to blow all over our city AND pick up your furry friends poop. Being a good neighbor two ways! It's setting a good example for all. Margaret Hawkins 7/7/2013
  • Shawn Crespo 07/06/2013 Vote Corpus Christi! We need a dog park!
  • Kathy Dement 07/05/2013 Oh Please vote for the dog park. There are lots of dogs in the area that need a place to run and play. There are lots of apartment homes, and condos that have dogs as residents and do not have places to play or anyone to play with.
  • Romy Brewer 06/28/2013 This city really NEEDS some responsible pet owner areas for people to gather and mingle with their dogs!!!
  • Amanda Burns 06/19/2013 Make sure to like the Facebook page we've set up for this contest, Bark For Your Park Corpus Christi! http://www.facebook.com/barkforyourparkcorpuschristi
  • 06/17/2013 I'm having trouble voting in the facebook page. I've tried all three websites and can only vote on the Petsafe site.
  • Amanda Burns 06/17/2013 Here's the article written by the Caller Times about Bark For Your Park Corpus Christi! http://www.caller.com/news/2013/jun/10/corpus-christi-in-running-to-receive-funds-for/
  • Ellen Anderson 06/12/2013 I live in California, but recently I wrote to Coastal Bend Pit Bulls about rescuing a pibble and they were so prompt and polite about answering, I was grateful for that courtesy .. so I will vote for Corpus Christi every day now till the contest closes. Good luck!!!
  • Renee Parry 06/09/2013 hey guys, don't forget to vote for Corpus Christi!
  • Deborah Shaw 06/07/2013 Everyone vote for a Dog Park in Corpus Christi, Texas!
  • Evanne Higgins 06/06/2013 Please all of my FaceBook friends...Vote for Corpus Christi, Tx....we so need a Doggy Park!!!!!
  • Jo Barr 06/05/2013 Everyone, PLEASE vote to show our support in the community for a dog park and the importance of off leash socialization for our furr-babies!
  • Araceli Isabel Sáenz 05/21/2013 Lala and Fynn are so excited and hope that people vote so they can have a REAL Dog Park to play at instead of a school yard.
  • Angie Birmingham 05/10/2013 Don't forget to Vote for Corpus Christi so we can win $$$$$ for a dog park.
  • Amanda Burns 05/01/2013 This is our third year to enter the Bark for Your Park contest! I really hope the community can show support and make this year the one we win! Thank you!
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