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Hurricane, UT

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  • Sandra Adams 05/30/2013 We are driving to another city tonight, in order to exercise our dogs. They get depressed when isolated. I can't think of one that's in terrible shape now, but for recently rescued dogs, or older dogs, depression can determine life...not just determine the quality of life. Our 11yo Max, a GSD, lost his mate on March 8th. Since then, he's dropped about 15lbs and shows stamina issues...he's aging years-in-months. Seeing his buddies will definitely be a boost. :)
  • September Smith 05/26/2013 With two state recreation areas in our city limits, along with four national monuments and three national parks within a comfortable day’s drive you can imagine the beauty of our area. The beauty, however, has many risks. From rattlesnakes to cacti, many typical desert risks become true hazards for off-leash dogs. We want a safe and usable dog park in our city that can be enjoyed year round and visited by vacationing and resident dogs alike. Because of our city’s central location to these amazing parks, monuments and reservoirs we have a heavy tourist season and it’s certain to draw additional dog park use. Hurricane has about 14,000 residents, many of whom have dogs. Please keep voting and supporting this great opportunity for us all!!
  • 05/25/2013 We live near the "Y", the point on the highway where people turn to go to Zion National Park. Travelers often stop at the grocery store near the intersection. I heard some tourists there talking about finding a place to walk their dogs. When I learned that they were headed toward Hurricane, I told them about the dog park. Even though we're allowed to use the park, it's not officially open yet, so they hadn't seen anything when they did their travel research. They were surprised and excited.
  • J.c. Schilling 05/24/2013 It gets very hot here in SW Utah in the summer and the dogs burn their paws on the sand and raise so much dust when they play in the current park you have trouble breathing sometimes. Please, grass, trees....
  • Cassie Sarmento 05/24/2013 Can't wait for a nice and safe park for my furbabies.
  • Cheryl Thompson 05/23/2013 Our little community is such a great place, full of happy people and their wonderful family dogie companions. Having a nice dog park would be a wonderful addition to our little town. :)
  • 05/22/2013 We are on vacation and voting everyday. Our dogs need and deserve a safe dog park to play in. We have lots of visitors from other states that would like to find a great dog park for their dog's respite while traveling. We have a beautiful city now we need a completed beautiful dog park!
  • Cassie Sarmento 05/21/2013 We need a great place to take our fur-family that's close to home!
  • Cassie Sarmento 05/20/2013 My fur-babies love the park, but I'm so worried taking them there with it in its current state. I'd love a wonderfully put together park for them!!
  • Cheryl Thompson 05/20/2013 With Rattlesnake season here it's way to dangerous to take our dogs out for walks here in Hurricane, UT. If our dog park had water, grass and some shade it would be a much safer place to go.
  • Andrew Jenner 05/19/2013 I visit family in Hurricane every summer and hope they get this park. I'll keep voting from TX.
  • Cheryl Mobley 05/19/2013 We're slowly getting there, we have a fence, but Hurricane's dogs need more than a fence or dirt! We need water lines, grass, etc. Lets show our dogs we love them Hurricane!!
  • Anne Williams 05/19/2013 It rained again yesterday and the dog park is muddy. It's not so bad for Corey and Reinee who have short coats, but Zoey is a wheaten terrier mix with long, fluffy hair and she loves to roll in the mud. What a mess! I can't wait for it to be dry again, though I know we need the rain.
  • September Smith 05/15/2013 Hurricane residents and visitors are so lucky ... we have such a beautiful high desert valley to enjoy. Please help us enjoy it with our dogs! Since they aren't allowed on any other park land they can't enjoy any place off leash and year-round that is safe for them.
  • Troy Swyers 05/15/2013 We had to say goodbye to our 16 year old Springer last year, but I still support this dog park. I hope everyone keeps voting every day.
  • Ron Clegg 05/12/2013 Please help our dog park get the sprinklers and lawn it needs. The city park does NOT allow dogs.Thanks!
  • Sandra Adams 05/11/2013 We have an 11 year old German Shepherd who has trouble running in the foothills but wants so badly to be off lead. He needs a thorn free, snake free, level area where he can lay down when he gets tired and just enjoy the view. After the life he had, before we got him, we feel like he's earned it. Please help Max and his buddies.This park would change the quality of life for hundreds of dogs!
  • J.c. Schilling 05/10/2013 Please help our dogs. Dogs here are NOT allowed in any park in the city and only place to let them run is the desert where there are scorpions, rattlesnakes, etc. Our pets need a safe place with grass and shade to play.
  • 05/10/2013 We have our own dogs and foster dogs that all need to get exersize. Being disabled makes it hard to use the Hurricane park in it's current state. Our dogs like to run and I like to watch them having fun. We need a complete park that every one can use.
  • Beth Lock 05/09/2013 Dedicated Hurricane residents have donated their time and resources to get the dog part to the stage it is right now but it needs so much more. A grant from PetSafe would give us green space, water, shade and seating so we can enjoy the park year round.
  • September Smith 05/09/2013 As a representative of Because Animals Matter, and an occasional dog foster parent myself, I see the enormous benefit a dog park can have on socializing dogs (especially those in foster care who need all the help they can get to find their forever homes). Our community needs a dog-friendly green space that can be used year-round! Please keep showing your support!
  • Melinda Wright 05/08/2013 Please everyone VOTE for HURRICANE!!!!! This town needs a park and has worked their tails off to get one!!!!
  • Diane Gil 05/06/2013 Every city needs a dog park. It is not only a place for dogs to socialize but a place for like minded people to socialize and the elderly and disabled to be able to let their dogs exercise. It is a place where community events can take place. From dog shows, to dog training, dog sports, pet adoptions and more. I encourage everyone to vote because the community needs a dog park.
  • Cheryl Thompson 05/04/2013 Our dog park needs lots of TLC, and with everyone's help, one day it's going to be a beautiful place for our dogie's and their people. Just vote it you will, that will be a BIG help.. Thanks everyone :)
  • J.c. Schilling 05/02/2013 Take a look at the pictures of the park we now have and imagine it after it rains...muddy! Imagine it when it's 110 degrees out with no grass or shade. Imagine all the older folks who come out having to stand because there is no seating. Please vote for our furry friends and their human friends in Hurricane, Ut
  • J.c. Schilling 05/01/2013 The dog park in Hurricane is funded entirely by donations. The city has provided the land but nothing else. Dogs and owners currently gather in a dusty fenced in area with no benches, no shade, no water, no trees, and a few desert shrubs. Help us make this a place we can all really enjoy and our pets will have a blast playing at.
  • September Smith 05/01/2013 Welcome to Hurricane's contest page! We love our community, as do our dogs, but we all need to show our support during this fantastic contest! Some amazing cities have been winners of the grand and runner-up prizes the past two years and we want our hands on some of it this year! Keep barking!
  • Paw Logo PetSafeBrand 04/23/2013 Welcome to your City's discussion board. Use the form below to add to the conversation.

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