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Lynchburg, VA

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  • Barbara Chambliss 06/14/2013 I want to vote, but it's not letting me. Is L'Burg not participating this time?
  • Thomas Strayhorn 05/31/2013 The Friends of Lynchburg Dog Park worked on the contest last year, but we are unable to do so this year. We've opened our "bare bones" park and decided this year to focus our efforts on managing and making improvements to our new dog park. Go to www.lynchburgdogpark.com and check it out.
  • Marge Denham 05/31/2013 Where's the publicity? We need more votes.
  • D Lejins 05/28/2013 Is anyone out there getting their docs in a row?????
  • Jo Heil 05/24/2013 Hate to tell you this but if you do not get your documents posted by the 31st you can not participate in the contest. All the votes in the world will not help you if you have note submitted the proper documents.
  • 05/23/2013 Hey, you guys need to get your docs in order....and, we'll be glad to vote for you.
  • Jennifer Cash 05/21/2013 Okay, let's hope for no freak storms and extended power outages this year!!
  • Bonnie Kliamovich 05/18/2013 Are we in this contest for sure? Does anyone know who was in charge last year? It says we need to upload documents. Thanks.
  • Sarah Farmer 05/13/2013 Good luck Ziggy of Lynchburg, we're going to make it this time.
  • Inga Wilkerson 05/08/2013 The city has to upload documents for us to officially be in the contest. Not sure we are officially in yet????
  • P A McLemore 05/06/2013 Good Luck from Texarkana, I'm barking for you.
  • Chrystal Sloan 05/02/2013 Wishing Lynchburg the best! Good luck Ashley!
  • Elaine Stern 05/02/2013 YAY, Lynchburg is ready to win money for our Dog Park‚Ķhopefully we will have a successful year! PLEASE Everyone Vote!!
  • Andre Sloan 05/02/2013 GOOD LUCK Ashley, and best of luck to all of Lynchburg!
  • Ashley Atkins 05/02/2013 Here we go Lynchburg!!
  • Paw Logo PetSafeBrand 04/23/2013 Welcome to your City's discussion board. Use the form below to add to the conversation.

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