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Richland, WA

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  • Darlene Morris 06/07/2014 I hope I have voted correctly so it counts. I so want to see this park win.
  • Alexandra Olson 06/06/2014
  • Robin PetSafe 06/05/2014 Hello Richland, WA! We received your letter supporting your dog park renovation/expansion. This letter is approved! Congratulations on a great mission to keep your current dog park a wonderful one for your community. Bark for your Park Richland!
  • 05/27/2014 I noticed that the rules clearly state that we need to have all three of the documents in BEFORE June 7th so I hope someone is working on the media coverage and civic support!
  • Quaylin Barnes 05/26/2014 Quaylinbarnes@yahoo.com
  • Alexandra Olson 05/17/2014 The site is just checking so somebody doesn't flood the competition with votes. After typing in your email address, you need to prove you are not just a computer by retyping the weird text below. The Facebook site is much easier to use
  • Melanie Koon 05/13/2014 Every time I try to vote on this page it gives me a message that first I must verify my email address....will not take a vote and I have not voted here today :(
  • Paw Logo PetSafeBrand 04/23/2013 Welcome to your City's discussion board. Use the form below to add to the conversation.

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