Beckley, WV

Current Vote Count 20,168

Do the dogs in our town dream of wide open spaces and a place to call their own? Then win your furry friends a new dog park from PetSafe®. Read the Contest Overview to get the full details on participation!

is competing to win a dog park!

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Vote For your City:

What: Get friends, family members, community leaders, and everyone in your city to visit us online and vote for a dog park. Remember, your may vote twice a day; once here and once on our facebook page.

When: Stage 1 – May 1 to May 31 before 5pm Eastern. Stage 2 – June 5 to July 26 before midnight.

Land Verification

Land Verification:

What: In order to qualify to win a park, your city must find land and approve it's use for a dog park. Work with local government and landowners to find your spot!

When: Ends May 31st at 5pm Eastern

Community Support:

What: PetSafe needs to know your community government supports your pursuit of a dog park. To complete this task, notify your civic leaders (ie: mayor, county executive, city manager, Parks and Recreation director) of the contest and encourage them to create an account to upload a letter.

When: Ends May 31st at 5pm Eastern

Media Coverage:

What: This step is optional, but getting your pups' faces in the media can't hurt. Get in touch with your local news station and print media to rally support for the new park!

When: Spans the entire contest

Video Invitation:

What: If you're been selected as one of our 15 finalists, you'll be invited to make a .30 video ad to show the world why your city deserves to win a dog park! Watch our video for tips to help you.

When: Due June 26th by 5pm Eastern

  • Karen McClung 08/17/2014 I don't see them either.l
  • Donna Harris 08/09/2014 Ok, why do I not see the winners posted anywhere?
  • Donna Teague 07/29/2014 Here in California voting for my hometown of Beckley, WV. Good luck!
  • Robin Black 07/28/2014 Come on, Beckley, let's vote everyday and get back in the running for the 25K! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!!!!!
  • Logan Gentry 07/27/2014 When does the contest end?
  • Cathy Fontana 07/26/2014
  • Mabel Miller 07/26/2014 wv out staters you help us please everyone...VOTE
  • Sheri Lowe 07/25/2014
  • Logan Gentry 07/24/2014 Who will win? When does the Contest end? Will I win?
  • rita adkins 07/23/2014 if you really love your dog you will want a park you can take your dog and best friend to so vote vote and vote again
  • Nicole Swartz 07/23/2014 Bark for our Beckley Babies!!!!!! Vote, vote, vote!!!
  • Steve Hylton 07/20/2014 Please vote for the dog park for Beckley
  • Tammy Miller 07/20/2014 Come on Beckley let's vote
  • Beth Marshall 07/20/2014 LET'S GO BECKLEY VOTE VOTE VOTE
  • Subrina Potter 07/20/2014 I just voted!
  • emma shrewsbury 07/19/2014 everyone please vote beckley wv
  • Erica Shrewsbury 07/19/2014 Come on everyone please vote for Beckley they really need this in that area!! Share this PLEASE!!!
  • Tammy Miller 07/19/2014 7/19/14 Come on people we need this Dog Park In Beckley. Help us get it. Even if you don't have a dog or even if you don't live in WV help us get the Dog Park. Please vote and re-post asking people to vote for Beckley.
  • Rebecca Shumate 07/18/2014
  • John Lipphardt 07/18/2014 WV and other friends - let's help Beckley win! Huntington and Wheeling have been successful. Vote for Beckley.
  • Cathy Fontana 07/18/2014 Sniff out your clue on the PetSafe website for 7 extra votes today. Find the page for toys, Busy Buddy Ultra Woofer. Toy is scented with Vanilla..... Please vote for Beckley, WV today
  • Tina Pullen 07/17/2014 I live in Barboursville WV and have voted for Beckley every day. We love our dog park in Huntington! Go Beckley!
  • Mabel Miller 07/17/2014 Hello......voted your turn!!!
  • Sara Stowers 07/17/2014 We are #8 on the list. Let's get those votes in! Tell your friends!
  • Dawna Lilly 07/16/2014 love for beckley to get a dog park
  • Sharon Orlofske 07/16/2014 I'm near Wheeling, WV and have been voting for Beckley. I vote for a WV city and will every year that this contest continues. GO BECKLEY!
  • Tracy King 07/15/2014 We need to get the word out! Most people still have no idea that there is a contest for a dog park!!!
  • Nancy Price 07/15/2014 There is NO reason why everyone in West Virginia is not voting for Beckley! Come on Mountaineers...lets help out our four legged friends in Beckley!!!!
  • Robin Black 07/14/2014 Come on Beckley, folks in Huntington are voting for us, why aren't we!!!!!!
  • emma shrewsbury 07/14/2014 vote beckley wv
  • Tammy Miller 07/13/2014 Come on Beckley.... are you voting
  • Monica Richards 07/11/2014 Some phones are not supported if that is how you are trying to vote.
  • Catherene Corbin 07/11/2014 The clues never load properly where I can submit my answers so I can never vote the extra 7 times. I've tried doing everything I know to do to get the clues to load properly.
  • Sheila Louisos 07/11/2014 How do you get the 7 extra votes?
  • Leslie Rowe 07/11/2014 Voted on FB and on Petsafe plus got the 7 extra votes today! Good luck Beckley, from Huntington, WV!!! You all can do this and we got your back!!!!!!!
  • Cathy Fontana 07/11/2014 Got the extra 7 votes today. Item on the PetSafe website is the Big Dog Spray Collar. Answer is 40-50. Keep voting!!!
  • Steve Hylton 07/10/2014 End of july. We all need to keep voting, and get yor frieds to vote for Beckley to get our dogs a park,!
  • Lou Ella Mckendree 07/10/2014 how much longer does this go on?
  • Beth Marshall 07/08/2014 COME ONE BECKLEY..... WE CAN STILL WIN THE 25,000
  • Tammy Miller 07/08/2014 Keep voting Beckley !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tonia Daniels 07/08/2014
  • Robin Black 07/07/2014 Are we giving up, Beckley??!! We can gain momentum just vote everyday and tell everyone you know to vote everyday. We Can Do This!!!! VOTE!!!!!!
  • 07/07/2014 Vote for BECKLEY
  • Tammy Miller 07/07/2014
  • Jackie Eubank 07/07/2014 Catchy i have vote for your park...<3 U
  • Tammy Miller 07/06/2014 We need this Park.... Please help us get it vote for us. Even if you don't live in WV and you have family that does ... please vote
  • Kathy StJohn 07/04/2014 I got the 7 extra votes for today. I did my 1 vote first, keep that window open. Open another tab on the main page. You might have to try it a couple times. It will pop up the clue. It was something like train & praise potty training. Scroll down on that main page and click "house training" when that page pops up, click on the train & praise potty training. answer the question about 6 layers, you might have to go back to the voting page and vote again after that to get your 7 votes. they do NOT make it easy. But if you keep trying you will eventually figure it out. this particular 7 votes are only good for the 4th of July.
  • Jo Heil 07/04/2014 i also did not get the clue so i could get the extra votes.
  • Betty Shideler 07/04/2014 Where is this Sniff Out clue that they keep referring to. I would like to get these extra votes but it doesn't come up.
  • Tammy Miller 07/04/2014 Beckley is #6. Come on people get those votes going
  • Shari Drennen-Crookshanks 07/04/2014 Does anyone know where Beckley, WV is in the standings?
  • Katelyn Thomas 07/04/2014 We can do this! Be sure to share Facebook and encourage all of your friends to vote!
  • Tammy Miller 07/03/2014 Lets move on up still #6
  • Debbie Stone 07/03/2014 Let's go Beckley!!!
  • Tammy Miller 07/02/2014 Voted again come on Beckley we need this DOG PARK
  • David Deschere 07/02/2014 1 woof for Beckley!
  • rosa giambanco 07/02/2014
  • Danita Bragg 07/01/2014 Go Beckley W V.
  • Tammy Miller 07/01/2014
  • Debbie Shuck 07/01/2014 Getting votes from family in Colorado. We all need to tell family and friends to HELP US WIN and VOTE!
  • Kathy Sanders 07/01/2014 This would be so exciting for Beckley. There are so many dog lovers here!! Go Beckley!!!
  • Tammy Miller 07/01/2014 I voted for BECKLEY
  • Andrea Groves 07/01/2014 #10050.... Helping Beckley from Charleston ... Good luck!!
  • Jackie Eubank 06/30/2014 Cathy I voted,,
  • CASSANDRA Hill 06/30/2014 Go Beckley!!
  • Cathy Thomas 06/30/2014
  • Sharon Baines 06/30/2014 Voted for Beckley Dogs again! Cherie in CT
  • Matt Bishop 06/29/2014 Come on Beckley - get voting!
  • Tammy Miller 06/29/2014 Voted for Beckley again!!!!! Come on people lets get Beckley A doggy Park
  • Kaitlin Sims 06/29/2014 Voted Beckley, WV :)
  • Jackie Eubank 06/28/2014 I voted again Cathy.....
  • Donna Wilson 06/28/2014 I voted!!!
  • Sharon Orlofske 06/27/2014 I voted for Beckley, WV
  • Heather McDonald 06/27/2014 Voting from Pittsburgh, PA!
  • Elaine Hatfield 06/27/2014 Thank you Brenda for helping us out here in Beckley, WV.
  • Tracy King 06/27/2014 Brenda, that has happened to several people. Try clicking cancel, then re-enter your information.
  • Brenda Bates 06/27/2014 Won't let me vote, keeps saying confirm your email address ....what do I do? I'm from Huntington but want to help you all get a dog park too.
  • Judy Rothenberger 06/27/2014 Go Beckley - Go Go -Go! :)
  • Debbie Shuck 06/26/2014 My two girls would love to see this dog park in Beckley! We are lucky to have a huge fenced in back yard but still...............playing with new friends is always even more fun; the more the merrier is their motto. Let's all keep voting and get this park for our kids. Beckley; we can do this
  • Judy Rothenberger 06/26/2014 Go Beckley Go! We can do this! :)
  • Tammy Miller 06/25/2014 Voted and please keep it going
  • Teresa Hylton 06/25/2014 Definitely Need A Dog Park !!! In Beckley,WV !!! Due To Keeping Our Dogs Healthy, Wealthy And Wise !!! Also, God's Creation Is Not Only For Humans !!! Also, For His Animals !!!
  • Donna Bolen 06/25/2014 Voted
  • Diana LeAnn Green 06/25/2014 6942 that was me
  • Beth Marshall 06/25/2014 6888 so far. TY Everyone for voting each day. We can do this. I see they have us listed as being a MED CITY. We have two chances to win. If not the 100,000 then we could win the 25,000. I see WV won in the past. Let's make it a repeat for our town of BECKLEY.... GET your friends to VOTE...:)
  • 06/25/2014 Voting with my fb account is Breeze. With via my email account(s) on the website is a nightmare. You ALWAYS have to "diddle and fiddle" and it takes forever. Works best very early in the morning or just after midnight.
  • Beth Marshall 06/24/2014 TROUBLE VOTING... go to Bark for your Park on Google and maybe that will get you there. I had trouble the using the website the paper had listed. Once I got in, now I'm in.... Keep trying
  • Debbie Hanshew 06/24/2014 At the top of this page to the left there is a green box that says Thank you for your vote, small letters underneath say to vote again on facebook. It will take you to the FB page and you can click on Beckley to vote again. Hope this helps!
  • Beth Marshall 06/24/2014 6,299 Please vote once a day. Drive us home to win the 100,000 to build a pet park.
  • Judy Rothenberger 06/24/2014 6213 votes currently and counting :) We CAN do this Beckley! GO, GO, GO...
  • Adam Lilly 06/24/2014 If you go to the bottom of this page and click "FAQ" you can go to number 16 and click that. It gives you a direct link to the FB page to vote.
  • Leah Spears 06/23/2014 I can't figure out how to vote through facebook either.
  • Ashlee Belcher 06/23/2014 I can't vote through Facebook.
  • Rosmary Callahan 06/23/2014 Voting problems. Can vote from the web site but when I go thru facebook it says my facebook vote has been counted.
  • karen lemoine 06/23/2014 I have also had trouble times I have to do it manually
  • Becky Sarrett-Cloonan 06/23/2014 Rick Garner is absolutely RIGHT!!!!! This site wont always allow us to vote!
  • Rick Garner 06/23/2014 about every other day this site lets me vote. Maybe thats why we are behind
  • Elizabeth Vandall 06/23/2014
  • Becky Sarrett-Cloonan 06/23/2014
  • Judy Rothenberger 06/23/2014 We can do this Beckley! Go - Go - Go :)!
  • Amanda Fernandez-Mills 06/22/2014
  • Rosa Turner 06/22/2014 Beckly keep up the votes. Go Beckly
  • Mabel Miller 06/22/2014 My vote is in for yours???
  • Kelly Bragg 06/22/2014 My vote for Beckley has been made for today!!
  • Anna Bennett 06/22/2014 Everyone needs to VOTE! This would be amazing!
  • Donna Bolen 06/21/2014 Vote ! Vote ! Yes
  • 06/21/2014 Everyone please tell your friends to vote. Barney lost his pal, Fred. He needs a place to hang with new pals. Beckley pooches need a park!!
  • Tracy King 06/21/2014 Please everyone share this link on your Facebook and Twitter and ask friends to help us! Thanks!!!
  • Judy Rothenberger 06/21/2014 Come on Beckley...We can do this for the Weiners of this world :)! I have a dog dachshund dog...
  • Cindylulee Skinny Wraps 06/20/2014
  • Mona Price Adkins 06/20/2014 Click on the stay and play fencing and choose the fencing product that cost around $339.00. The clue question pops up on the left answer question then vote. It asked me how many acres it covered.
  • 06/20/2014 Beckley WVa needs a dog park so we can take our pets out and let them meet other friends and run with them Jeannie Crookshanks
  • KB Morgan 06/20/2014 Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get to the 7 extra votes on Fridays??????? I can't even figure out how to get 2 votes each day...nothing is working and I am getting so upset that all these votes I have are being wasted just because I can't figure it out!!! Many thanks.
  • Lora Smith 06/20/2014 Beckley WV needs a Dog Park!
  • Jackie Eubank 06/19/2014 I voted...for beckley,w.v.
  • 06/19/2014 That is True, almost all places around Beckley prohibit dogs from parks, this remains true in Fayetteville as well, Yes we have trails everywhere, but a trail sometimes is not a safe place for pets, At least with a Dog park, dog owners can at least, Keep there dogs out of potential danger of wild animals, or being hit by a car. Every vote counts, even if you are not a dog owner.
  • Eva Morales 06/19/2014 Yvonne many people would love to have a dog but for whatever reason can not. One great things about parks is that people that love the canine can go and enjoy the dog contact and watch the antics that goes is a great place to socialize and meet other people as well. We all have something in common our love for dogs. If can win this money...we can all enjoy. Thank you for your support.
  • Yvonne Martin 06/19/2014 I don't have a dog, but I would love a dog park for those who have dogs.
  • Britiny Akers 06/18/2014 Beckley doesn't allow dogs in most parks and to have a dog park would be amazing.... I would take my dogs there almost everyday!!
  • Bozie Fox 06/18/2014 Vote vote vote
  • Linda Cantrell 06/18/2014 We have limited space to walk our dogs and a park for them to run and exercise would be the greatest thing to ever come to Beckley. We would visit everyday.
  • Amber Gunnoe 06/17/2014
  • Chloe Mullens 06/17/2014 Good luck Shelby & Beau King !!!
  • Destiny Wheeler 06/17/2014 Come on, Beckley really needs this!!!
  • Judy Rothenberger 06/17/2014 We can do this Beckley. Vote TWICE a day. Once on facebook and once onthe Petsafe Website itself! :)
  • Trina Simon 06/17/2014 I thinl this is the best thing for our dog lovers which in case they are our children as well.
  • Cheryl Blakeman-Todd 06/17/2014 We do need this.... I signed a petition a couple years ago, but never heard anything after that!! Our doggies need a place to play and run!!
  • Nicole Elizabeth 06/16/2014 BECKLEY WE NEED THIS BAD
  • sherry miller 06/16/2014 I didn't know about the twice a day rule. Thanks!
  • Debbie Shuck 06/16/2014 Keep VOTING! Hopefully if we all vote as often as allowed our city can win. Our friends need a safe place to play together.
  • Nancy Price 06/16/2014 Let's help our four legged friends in Beckley win a dog park. It just takes a second once you register and sign in!
  • Maryanne Burwell 06/16/2014 Yayy! Beckley! Your friends in Wheeling are cheering for you!!
  • Shari Drennen-Crookshanks 06/16/2014 Everyone please vote - Beckley needs a park. I have posted information on my facebook page. Thanks everyone. Can vote daily!
  • karen parks 06/16/2014 Let's go Beckley,WV!!!
  • Anne Skewes 06/15/2014
  • Cheryl White 06/15/2014 Awesomness
  • Penny Allen 06/15/2014 Stoked!
  • Tammi Sherwood 06/15/2014
  • Adam Moye 06/15/2014 we are 5th!!!! share to every social outlet you got daily =)
  • Cheryl Hartley 06/13/2014 Please share this link with everyone you know! Don't forget you can vote twice a day - once on the website and once on Facebook! Let's put social media to work!
  • Judy Rothenberger 06/13/2014 Way to go Beckley, WV! Given our comparative size, and we ARE a finalist! We CAN DO THIS :)!
  • Tammi Sherwood 06/13/2014 We can do this Beckley!!!
  • Adam Lilly 06/13/2014 We made the finals! Woot! :D
  • Jessy Keller 06/13/2014 WTG Beckley WV!!!
  • Kelsey Pack 06/10/2014 There is, for lack of a better description, NOTHING going for our animals here. The only interaction that they have amongst eachother and their humans is at the track, occasionally walking down the street, and at one of our few (mostly out of the way) parks (human parks *cough*). Something needs to give here in Beckley, WV, and I'd say that this is the perfect place to start.
  • Piercen Shull 06/09/2014 U guys are doing a good job and my city has 1,055
  • Holly Darnell 06/07/2014 Vote for a Dog Park in Beckley, WV!
  • Monica Richards 06/07/2014 Strong showing Beckley! Keep your fingers crossed that it is enough.
  • Neshoba Nowa 06/03/2014 I've been In Houston for a few years, (dog owner of 2) and I for one understand a need for a dog park, esp if you in a city, where there is not too many places to take your dog for a walk with out worrying about if your dog being on the side walk a few feet from the road. Since I've gotten to Wv I've been asking the wife to find a Dog park, and the nearest one is in charleston wv, and of course that's too long of a way to go to a dog park. Don't get me wrong I love going on the trails with my dogs, but My knee will not allow me to at times, So this would give me an opportunity to take both my boys somewhere at least to socialize, play, and be dorks, and for the most those days my knee is troubling me, I can take it easy. Not to mention for us dog owners, it opens up a door to meeting new people, new ideas, and possibly friendships.
  • rebecca foster 06/02/2014 The dark park is a great idea for the dogs they will love it wheres it going to be at
  • Tracy King 05/31/2014 Is anyone working on the community video/commercial yet?? Maybe someone local would donate services?
  • Bobbi Harvey 05/30/2014 Vote, vote, vote! We need this so bad! Thanks everyone for working so hard... we just have to keep trying! Go, go, go!
  • Agnes Keatley 05/30/2014 Such a worthwhile cause, so little effort needed to vote, so PLEASE, take the opportunity to add your support. As to the "waste" situation, responsible pet owners take care of their own, and as for "fighting among dogs", etc., this is one of the wonderful amenities of a Dog Park, to socialize our dogs, teach them to interact with one another. Everyone needs a peer group, even dogs. Some dogs don't know they are dogs, until they are introduced to other DOGS. VOTE NOW BECKLEY, THIS IS SUCH A WORTHWHILE PROJECT.
  • Jamie Daniels 05/30/2014
  • 05/29/2014 As was previously said, most people that take their dogs to dog parks have very socialized dogs and if they are just beginning to socialize their dog, they will maintain control over them while keeping them on a leash. As far as mess, there are waste disposal tools throughout the parks and responsible owners will clean up their dogs messes. However the plan is to put together a volunteer group to perform maintenance as needed (cleaning, mowing, repairs etc.) We already have SEVERAL people that have offered to volunteer if we get our dog park.
  • Debbie Shuck 05/29/2014 Dogs are dog parks have USUALLY been socialized so they don't fight; they are like well adjusted children and play well together. Responsible owners clean up after their pets so there isn't a "mess". I have been to a lot of dog parks in various states and all are clean, well maintained and very welcome for pet owners and their dogs.
  • william marshall 05/28/2014 It would be nice for people to have a place to take pets. How are you going to keep the dogs from fighting though...And the mess dogs leave...Who will maintain the dog park?
  • Randy Wooten 05/28/2014 Community needs a Dog Park.
  • Becky Sarrett-Cloonan 05/28/2014
  • Barb Overdorff 05/28/2014
  • Chum Chumington 05/27/2014 no.
  • Bobbi Robinson 05/25/2014 im here coz we want to come and visit Shelby and beau
  • Mona Price Adkins 05/25/2014 Is there a way to see how close the votes are?
  • Christina Roop 05/25/2014
  • tammy daniel 05/25/2014 Beckley needs this so bad
  • Paige Gwinn 05/23/2014 I've been voting and I've been sharing with friends. Beckley needs this, so let's keep up the momentum!:)
  • Cherie Peacock 05/23/2014 Vote on facebook:
  • Brandee Mullens 05/22/2014 Still cannot vote on Facebook. Every time I click the page it says page not found.
  • Jo Heil 05/22/2014 Please remember to up load the requiered information by 7 June. Failure to do so will disqualify you
  • Beth Marshall 05/21/2014 We now have 1785 votes... Not enough please ask your friends and family to vote. Thank you from the bottom of our paws :)
  • 05/21/2014 Thanks Meredith! We have responded.
  • Meredith Schneider 05/21/2014 Hi Beckley voters! We’re looking for help responding to a local media request. Stuart Hammer, a reporter at WOAY-TV in Oak Hill, WV, wants to do a story on Bark for Your Park and would like to speak with someone in your area (southern West Virginia) about the contest and the chance Beckley, WV has to win. Please call the station ASAP at 304-469-3361 and ask for Stuart or News Director Keith Conner. If you do reach out to the station, please respond to this post so we don’t have tons of voters flooding the station with calls. Thanks!
  • Adam Lilly 05/21/2014 Hey guys! I have created a facebook page to help raise awareness for the dog park. U can find it at please like it and definitely share it to help spread the word. Lets bark for this park! :)
  • Suzaine Smith 05/21/2014 I am from Beckley and now live in Boulder, Colorado. We can't survive without our dog parks! Beckley deserves this for our loving pets! I'm voting for you every day! Go Beckley mountaineer doggies!!!!!!
  • Jo Heil 05/21/2014 Jo from Dale City VA I will be voting for you. Just a gentle reminder to submitt all of the necessary information and a point of contact.
  • Kathey Bane 05/19/2014
  • Lydia Spencer 05/19/2014 Hope we get a dog park Beckley WV
  • Eva Morales 05/19/2014 Do you really want a dog park for out area? Are you willing to work for the cause? If so, this is how your can help: 1) Spread the word by sharing the info on your Facebook and Twitter pages. Anyone can vote including out of state people. Encourage and remind your contacts to vote daily in both the Bark for Your Park website and Bark for Your Park Facebook page. 2. Talk with your neighbors, friends and family about the contest and encourage them to help out. Let them know how to help. 3. Pet Supplies Plus will provide flyers if you are willing to go out into the community and help spread the word. Stop by the store and ask any staff person for flyers tell them you want to help spread the word to all canine lovers. This is a community project so it takes all working together to repeat the benefits. IF WE GET INTO THE FINALS THEN YOUR HELP WILL BE NEEDED EVEN MORE TO WIN THE PRIZE MONEY.
  • Amanda Clyburn 05/18/2014
  • 05/18/2014 Location for the Park in Beckley is near the Soccer Field. Piney Creek Watershed Association is working on the project...this is land owned by the City of Beckley. What we need are votes from all the citizens and others to win the contest. The money won will go a long way to support the efforts. Please share the contest with all the canine lovers you know. Anyone can vote even out of state people. Help the cause and we all are winners.
  • Missy Omar 05/17/2014 We have 974 votes. We need a lot more to win! Remember to vote everyday!
  • Adam Lilly 05/17/2014 Land has been donated and civic support given.
  • Joe Modley 05/17/2014 I voted! Has anyone started working on a location?
  • Jeannie Crookshanks 05/17/2014 I sure hope Beckley WVa can get a dog park where they could play with others Jeannie Crookshanks
  • Tracy King 05/17/2014 Our community really needs a dog park!!! Shelby and Beau would love a place to play with others!!!
  • Megan Shea 05/16/2014 Voted! I'd love to have a place to take my dog to walk and play with others! She's a very social dog so she would love it!
  • Beth Kirby 05/16/2014 Voted!! This would be a great addition to our community
  • Kathy StJohn 05/16/2014 Tell all your friends to vote everyday! Share the link on Facebook.
  • Monica Richards 05/15/2014 Remember to stop by Pet Supplies Plus on Saturday May 17th for our community kickoff party. Events start at 10 am and run until 5 pm. All furry friends are encouraged to bring out their pet parent to show support for their new dog park.
  • Annissa Reiger 05/15/2014 We really need this in Beckley! Be sure to vote each day.
  • Cindy Fernald 05/15/2014 Just voted!
  • erica stock 05/14/2014 Voted, please share, this would be great for the community!
  • Penny Allen 05/13/2014 Spread the word! More dog lovers need to speak up! Vote. Then email the mayor of Beckley and ask if he can make it happen!
  • Elizabeth White 05/13/2014
  • Kathy Thompson 05/10/2014 i would love to have a safe place to take my dogs where they could run and play with other dogs
  • Tammi Sherwood 05/10/2014 I agree with Adam. Beckley needs to be more "pet friendly" and this would be a great start!
  • louann jarrell 05/09/2014 I just voted
  • Adam Lilly 05/09/2014 We need this! Out of town customers at Pet Supplies is always asking if we have a dog park. Visitors may stay around longer if we can accommodate their pets they are traveling with which could really help Beckleys economy!
  • Penny Allen 05/09/2014 This would be wonderful!
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BransonCan I come in?Maggie wants a dog park in Beckley, WVJack wants a dog park!Jack wants a dog park!Please help me get out of the house--I need to take my Mommeee for a walk!Luna needs a place to play...Please vote for a Doggy Park I would love to have alot of room to run and play ball!!!!!Please vote for Beckley, I need to get my mom out of the house more.They are ready to playneed a place to play out my puppy energyneed a place to play out my puppy energyI like to dance!I'm going to sit here until I get a dog park.Carter says, "Pweeze can we have a dog park?"Frank and Jessie needs a place to playMotorhead wants to be able to run and play.Chance wants a dog park!Bubba wants to meet new friendsShay would love to have a dog park to meet new friends.We love to play!Dude loves to run and play. If only there was a safe place...We Live With A Siberian Husky...Pleezzzz Get Him Out Of The House!! Vote BECKLEY DOG PARKJasper & His Mama want a nice Dog Park to go play at!NIKO just listening for the call that BECKLEY gets the new Dog Park!!Can we go to the dog park in Beckley, WV today?Foxy would love to play with her fav toy at the dog park!Beau will do Anything for a Dog park!Peanut needs a place to go and play in Beckley, WVBall? Check! Beckley WV Dog Park? Hopefully!I don't need four eyes to see that we need a dog park!Maggie needs a dog park so she has a place to play freely!This doggie wants a dog park in Beckley!!!Mercedes is excited for a dog park!Hey dad, I know you're on the computer to vote for our puppy park, RIGHT???Crickett and Spright will beg, twirl and jump through hoops to convince you to vote for Beckley to win a dog park.Barney needs a park to find someone to share his squirrel with. RIP Brother Fred.Opie needs a dog park!!!bo ready for bedGrizz will give you a smile for a vote!Gemstone says to please vote every day, twice a day!Gemstone says to please vote every day, twice a day!Shelby and Beau : Begging for a Dog Park!dreaming of my Beckley dog parkPockets wants to win!Sadie wants to play with her friends in a safe environment!Pearl says she has been asking for a dog park for years!Please vote for Beckley, WV !!HAVE YOU VOTED FOR MY DOG PARK YET??- ShelbyDid somebody say dog park? Huh? Huh? Huh?Jade needs a place to run!NIKO is Ready to meet new friends in BECKLEY!!I want a dog park....Fred and Barney are beside themselves with excitement for a park!This is how happy Beckley dogs will be!!!Abby wants a park!Please get me outdoors more........SugarWe want a doggie park !!!!!!!!!Dreaming of a dog park...Gemstone needs a place in Beckley, WV to play with her friends and make new friends!Benson would love a Dog Park in Beckley!Murphy and Cody want to know if you are voting and sharing daily?? They want a dog park in Beckley!!Honey was soooo excited when I told you that she may get a dog park to play in with her friends!!!Valor would love a dog park to take his toy duck to!Coco wants a dog park!Rocco hopes that you will vote for the Dog Park in Beckley so that he can play with his friends!!
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