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  • Marie Murphy 06/04/2014 To our dismay, we just learned of your wonderful contest to award money for the development of dog parks. In spite of the late date, we will tell you our story. In the City of West Bend, Wisconsin we have a wonderful fenced in Dog Park. However it is for dogs of every size. Due to the size disparity that occurs we have personally lost our little “Orphan Annie”. She was a thirteen year old six pound Shih Tzu we adopted three years prior to her death in May, 2013. A forty-one pound boxer mix picked her up by her neck and shook her. It was over in an instant before anyone had a chance to prevent it. My husband, Pat, and I collected over four hundred signatures petitioning the City to build a dog park for small breed dogs. The City did approve our request for a fenced in park for small dogs that would be on the same land, but separate from, the existing park. While the City will provide the half acre of land, it will not contribute any money for the construction of the park or its amenities. (See enclosed copy that appeared in the West Bend Daily News.) According to bids the City received for fencing in the park, they estimate the cost will come to $17,000. The responsibility of raising this sum of money falls on our shoulders and we are by no means experienced in this area. However we are determined to do our best to prevent another tragedy like this. This was not the only incident that has occurred at the park. Another small dog was attacked by another large dog wherein the small dog’s neck was torn open requiring numerous stitches. Luckily the dog survived. NOW, Annie’s story! In 2010, we visited our son who lives in we took our rescued dog Maggie with us. Maggie came with us to a local dog park wherein we met a woman carrying a small dog. She told us that she was in search of a good home for it as she was unable to keep it. She said that she had visited her brother in the state of Washington and found the dog in his barn. The dog was in bad shape. Its hind legs were matted to its body and could move only by using its front legs to pull itself along. They took her to a vet and had her checked over taking more than three hours to groom her, freeing her hind legs. We agreed to adopt her and took her to a local vet to have her more thoroughly evaluated and given the necessary shots. The vet said that she bled at the sites of the shots. Upon taking a blood test, they reported that she had the highest level of rat poison that they ever saw in an animal that lived. After two months of treating her with vitamin K the rat poison problem was corrected. She then had to have her two rear legs operated on. After it was safe to travel with her, we returned home to Wisconsin. She then had extensive dental surgery done. Placed on a healthy diet she recovered to enjoy three more years of life. She was a sweet, loving little dog that was worthy of every penny spent. We have enclosed two pictures of our Little Orphan Annie, a police report and a copy of the city’s approval. Any help you can afford to give us will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your wonderful work. Patrick Murphy and Marie Spors-Murphy 3440 County Hwy NN West Bend, Wi 53095
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