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Hollywood, FL

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  • Elizabeth Velez 06/07/2014 I say yes to a dog park. Let's win this contest Hollywood!!
  • Leya Morales 06/03/2014 I say YES to our furry friends, they deserve it!!!
  • Lieschen Clover 06/02/2014 It would be great to have a dog beach opened every day all day ;-)
  • Raelin Storey 05/30/2014
  • Joann Hussey 05/30/2014 Zeke will tell you why you should vote for Hollywood! Watch here: http://youtu.be/yRq9q0zuYy4
  • S Funk 05/25/2014 Remember to vote every day. Tell your friend too!
  • Rosemarie Watson 05/25/2014 If Hollywood wins, I would love to see Hollywood expand the area of their dog beach and also the hours it is available. We are residents of Hollywood and the limited hours and large crowds keep us away. We visit a beautiful dog beach in Port Orange FL several times a year because of it's spaciousness and hours.
  • jeanie harding 05/24/2014 Hollywood loves their doggies and will create a beautiful park with lots of trees that Hollywood, Florida is well known for.
  • D Case 05/24/2014 As a tourist destination we want travelers to feel Hollywood is complete in its accommodations. Even pets need a vacation spot.
  • jeanie harding 05/23/2014 We need a park for our doggies so people can begin too realize how calming to both animal and humans life can be. Nothing but good can be accomplished by winning for all parks but especially Hollywood Fl because it truly is a beautiful city with many wonderful beautiful dogs who unfortunately have never experienced the joy of interacting with other animals and people. Please everyone vote, it will bring much tranquility to the animals and their owners and promote how nice life can be. And remember DOGS ARE MAN's BEST FRIEND now let us be their best friends and get a beautiful park for all to enjoy.
  • Stacie Oliva 05/23/2014 I'm voting for Hollywood, Florida.
  • Brad Chaney 05/18/2014
  • Shelli Staley 05/18/2014 Hollywood needs an updated dog park for it's residents. It should be centrally located for all to enjoy.
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