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East Hartford, CT

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  • Timothy-Maryann Guerra 07/26/2013 Last day to vote. Thank You to everyone who voted for East Hartford CT.
  • Kimberly Hackett 07/12/2013 Now these are great numbers. We have to vote like this everyday. Everyone tell all your friends. COME ON EAST HARTFORD!!!!
  • Gizzy Wonderdoglet 07/03/2013 Well done on the video, HUDSON STREET PRODUCTIONS of East Hartford and HANZ and friends!
  • Timothy-Maryann Guerra 07/02/2013 Here is the link for East Hartford CT Petsafe Video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wq_xhwgtlU&feature=youtu.be
  • Harry Peron 07/01/2013 Great Video East Hartford. I don't know who decided for this video to look that way but I love it. Everyone that has seen it loves it. Compared to the other cheesy video's this video can be on TV. It's wonderful. Its really well shot and written. I am prould to be supporting HANZ and his fur friends. WOOF!
  • Laura Odette-Clemons 07/01/2013 Your video is outstanding! Well done!
  • Gizzy Wonderdoglet 06/27/2013 GOOOO HANZ! *high paws*
  • Marianne Mickey 06/26/2013 You know what your doing here is great. I have a 10 year old little mut that I adore. I try and walk him the best I can But it is difficult becuase I have a lot of arthritis. I know that having a place to take Willo to run and play with being on a leash would be so healthy for her. I don't go to glastonbury becuase the dog park is located far beyond the park and it's too much of a walk for me. A dog park with good parking will help us senior citizens that do have dogs but no where to excersie them. I am not to good on the facebook but I can vote on here. I hope my votes are helping you little guy. All my love and a woof from Willo.
  • Dina Watson 06/26/2013 Yea, what's good wit da video....Woof to HANZ my litle man..
  • Aby Nigel 06/26/2013 When can we C da video! How do we know where 2 view it? Please let me know?
  • Katrina Perez 06/26/2013 EAST HARTFORD!!!! HANZ ROCK'S
  • Timothy-Maryann Guerra 06/23/2013 How do we send or upload our 30 second video? How do we upload our News station interview or our newspaper articles and links on petsafe. I click on the details and there are down load icons but there are no upload icons. The only upload is for pictures. Please HELP??
  • 06/23/2013 How do we send or upload our 30 second video? How do we upload our News station interview or our newspaper articles and links on petsafe. I click on the details and there are down load icons but there are no upload icons. The only upload is for pictures. Please HELP??
  • Timothy-Maryann Guerra 06/21/2013 Where is the sniff out today!!!!! No Pop up on my screen. I have been searching for it.
  • Pete stenger 06/17/2013 Rock'em sock 'em,,throw em in the hockanum! Go East Hartford!
  • Timothy-Maryann Guerra 06/15/2013 East Hartford your doing great. Slow and steady and we can get there. Tell your friends and family to vote and don't forget to vote on facebook. I know many of you have not been able to becuase you only have mobile phones. So let's spread the word and VOTE!!!!!!!!
  • East Gazette 06/06/2013 Let's go, East Hartford!
  • k c 06/06/2013 Voting from work hanz I hope you guys at least get some money. pound the pavement, talk to local papers, youll do great
  • Brandy Day 06/05/2013 I am so prould of CT. Let's rally with HANZ and win for CT. WOOF!
  • Timothy-Maryann Guerra 06/04/2013 Our Land Verfication Icon is no longer lit? We did have Senator Gary Labeau's but he could not upload it becuase we needed to upload the land verfication and Ted Fravel from Parks and recs was having trouble doing that through the city computers.
  • Sarah Magz 05/30/2013 2 DAYZ LEFT. LETS GO E-HARTFORD!
  • Timothy-Maryann Guerra 05/30/2013 TWO DAY'S LEFT!!! VOTE EVERYONE!!!!
  • Julie Porter 05/21/2013 Sending my votes to my hometown!!! All the way from Knoxville <3
  • Timothy-Maryann Guerra 05/15/2013 There are two locations where the park can be built. Both parcels of land are owned by the town. There are both great locations. The parks and rec's department and the Mayor are decideding where to put the park if we do win. Let's keep voting and supporting HANZ and NENA in there goal to have a dog park in East Hartford CT.
  • Kevin CA 05/15/2013 Sending my votes all the way from CA. I hope my friend are helping out too. It sure looks like it.
  • David Mernitz 05/14/2013 Where is the park going to be located. Is land already purchased?
  • Galvinson Cranston 05/13/2013 Hanz and all his furiends need a dog park in their home town of East Hartford CT. Vote everyone!
  • Kirsten Vand 05/12/2013 I voted for you HANZ. Hope you win sweetheart. WOOF!
  • Chen Moib 05/11/2013 HANZ I voted for you little buddy. Woof!
  • Jamar Brown 05/10/2013 Yo HANZ keep doin ya thing. Keepen it real in hard hitting new britian got your back litle playa.
  • Lorna Cava 05/10/2013 Hola HANZ I voted 4 u. Is Nena your girlfuriend? She is cute. Woof to HANZ and Nena! Let's help out East Hartford CT. VOTE!!!
  • Natalie PetSafe 05/10/2013 Hi East Hartford, thanks for participating in Bark For Your Park. While reviewing your documents, we noticed you uploaded photos under land verification. We need more firm communication about the home of your future park should your town win the contest. If you have any questions, please email dogpark@petsafe.net. Good luck!
  • Daisy Fuentes 05/09/2013 HANZ we are suppoting you for all that you are doing in your community. Your trying to find homes for animals who need them. You deserve this park and more. A big WOOF from Kentucky!! You have our votes!!
  • Gretchen Chant 05/09/2013 Arizona supports HANZ and a dog park for him. We have 20 votes and lots of love and Woof's for you... :)
  • Jay Speaks 05/09/2013 East Hartford CT is #1!!!! GO!! HANZ!!! WOOF!!!
  • Harry Leigh 05/09/2013 Hello HANZ I am sending you my votes for East Hartford CT from Florida, The Sunshine State. You deserve this park, Myself and a few buddies I know are all voting for you. We hope you win!! WOOF!!
  • Haroled Pax 05/09/2013 We are voting but we need more help. Support East Hartford. We have needed something like this for a long time!!!!!! This is our TIME!!!!!!!!
  • Israel Diaz 05/09/2013 Hey everyone, Let's vote and win for east hartford.
  • Timothy-Maryann Guerra 05/08/2013 We are supporting Bark For Your Park In East Hartford CT. VOTE!!!
  • Dollynette Ventura 05/08/2013 I am supporting the Bark Park in East Hartford, CT...
  • Paw Logo PetSafeBrand 04/23/2013 Welcome to your City's discussion board. Use the form below to add to the conversation.

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