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East Hartford, CT

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  • Timothy-Maryann Guerra 05/28/2015 1753
  • Jennifer Riebesel 05/27/2015 1704 and 1705
  • Prisilla Benton 05/27/2015 1700
  • Jose Garcia 05/26/2015 1670 icu in the board of directors HANZ
  • Jennifer Riebesel 05/26/2015 1612 and 1614
  • Keith Garbart 05/26/2015 1600
  • A Lieblick 05/26/2015 So far where do we rank in relation to the other cities? How can I check this?
  • Sherry Carter 05/26/2015 We need a safe place for our dogs to be able to get out and expend some of their energy. We need to support this so that dogs like mine have somewhere I can take her and let her be a dog!!!! Please help support East Hartford by voting! Every vote counts!
  • John Ferrucci 05/25/2015 1460
  • Jennifer Riebesel 05/25/2015 1452 and 1453!
  • Deborah LePage 05/25/2015 I've been voting but can only vote once a day not twice.
  • Timothy-Maryann Guerra 05/25/2015 1364
  • Peter Scott 05/25/2015 1292 continue to vote.
  • Sarah Mirk 05/24/2015 1181
  • Vicky Feliciano 05/23/2015 1163
  • Timothy-Maryann Guerra 05/23/2015 Jayne Mosley We do post everyday on HANZ Facebook Page and The Bark For Your Park Facebook Page. I will repost links on here. Thanks and keep voting for East Hartford CT.
  • Jayne Mosely 05/23/2015 Wish someone would post a reminder to vote everyday.
  • Timothy-Maryann Guerra 05/22/2015 Thank You Naomi from Norwalk for support East Hartford CT.
  • Betsy Crum 05/22/2015 1107 Lets Go East Hartford CT!!
  • Naomi Oppmann 05/22/2015 I don't live in East Hartford, live in Norwalk, will probably never use the park, but I want to see a CT town win and you guys have the most votes. Good Luck!
  • Stephanie Googe 05/22/2015 1094 I voted
  • Mike Burnett 05/21/2015 925 Stamford supporting East Hartford CT
  • Al Montero 05/21/2015 Thank You Sara for supporting East Hartford CT. I am Voting from New Haven CT. Go East Hartford CT.
  • Sarah Douglas 05/21/2015 899 voting from Hattiesburg!! :D
  • Timothy-Maryann Guerra 05/21/2015 898
  • Jennifer Riebesel 05/21/2015 897!
  • Nelly Figeroa 05/19/2015 837 Keep Voting We Need This.
  • Timothy-Maryann Guerra 05/19/2015 794
  • Kevin CA 05/19/2015 787 woot woot
  • Tina Grove 05/18/2015 780 lets keep voting.
  • Jennifer Riebesel 05/18/2015 704!
  • Samual Ambrosi 05/18/2015 663
  • Timothy-Maryann Guerra 05/18/2015 Please continue to vote everyday twice a day. Thank You.
  • Bela Colon 05/17/2015 601
  • Vicktoria Zaya 05/17/2015 520 East Hartford CT.
  • Gina Givenchy 05/17/2015 455 I voted East Hartford!
  • Peggy White 05/17/2015 426 Hansome HANZ
  • HANZ G 05/17/2015 Jennifer your not the only one with a problem. People using the facebook or firefox browser the captcha is not showing up so they can't vote. People can't vote on there cells phones when trying to vote on facebook. We could have had a lot more votes but there are a lot of glitches this year. The good part is that we are still getting votes and people are still trying. We hope Petsafe fixes everything real soon.
  • Jennifer Riebesel 05/16/2015 I voted on facebook but its not letting me vote here on the website today...Jennifer from Hattiesburg
  • Claudia Godburn 05/16/2015 374 East Hartford
  • Isabella Ava Vana 05/16/2015 360 HANZ ♡ u
  • Kyle McAdams 05/16/2015 301 we have to keep voting. This is important to this town.
  • Timothy-Maryann Guerra 05/16/2015 284
  • Bryan Burb 05/15/2015 I am back to support East Hartford for a third year. This is our year everyone vote.
  • Debby Blue 05/15/2015 222 HANZ GN
  • Jennifer Riebesel 05/15/2015 214 from your Hattiesburg friend!
  • Lorenzo Quitti 05/15/2015 206 4 East Hartford
  • Andrei Brel 05/15/2015 164 HANZ
  • Milly RJ 05/15/2015 I voted for you Hanz♡
  • Rachel Gary 05/15/2015 147 I will share the voting process on Monday with my class room. Let go East Hartford CT.
  • Jacen Black 05/15/2015 84 HANZ
  • Angel Rivera 05/15/2015 Oh Snap 69!
  • Timothy-Maryann Guerra 05/15/2015 Thank You Jennifer...You Rock!!
  • Jennifer Riebesel 05/14/2015 Hi guys! This is Jennifer from Hattiesburg, Ms! I will be voting for you guys this year!!
  • Doby Mickals 05/14/2015 HANZ I can't vote from the link that you shared on facebook. I can vote on the petsafe.net. I guess it's becuz i am on my cell too.
  • Manny Bills 05/14/2015 Voted. Im 27
  • Gina Millie 05/14/2015 I voted for East Hartford. I will vote every day. I can't vote on face book from my phone. I can only vote on here. What can I do. Is there anyway other way to vote. Is there an APP?
  • Angel Rivera 05/14/2015 HANZ I vote for you
  • Kevin CA 05/14/2015 Make sure you are doing the capcha when voting to make sure you are not a robot. I had to do it twice first time it was a hamburger picture and when I clicked the one and only hamburger it said not enough choosen though there was only one, try it again after that.
  • lisa Murzin 05/13/2015 Vote for east Hartford!
  • Sal Sarinuzzo 05/13/2015 yep david my vote didnt work either
  • Kathy Ferrera 05/13/2015 Yes David minz
  • David Macorte 05/13/2015 I tried to vote but there was not a difference in the count.
  • Xavier Sarracino 05/13/2015 HANZ I voted for you
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