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Margate, FL

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  • Linda McNamara 06/09/2014
  • Tom Savoca 06/06/2014 I tried to vote for MARGATE ever day..... https://www.facebook.com/coco.german.shepherd.dog
  • Melodie Savoca 06/06/2014 I voted for Margate every day. How about you?!?
  • 06/06/2014 We have gone from 5 on May 24 to 415 today. Very proud. U ROCK. Let's keep trying to get to the next round. Le
  • Joanne Simone 06/05/2014 Show them how much we would like to have a dog park! Two days left! Let's give it all we got these last two days. Encourage everyone you know to vote and keep getting the word out. I am so proud! We have done absolutely fantastic in a short period of time. No stopping until 5 pm on June 7!
  • Donahue ForMargate 06/05/2014 My vote just got us to 400... let's make it 5oo
  • Santo Curatolo 06/03/2014 Vote for the Park. It's not such a "RUFF" task.
  • Andrea Torres 06/03/2014 We all need a place to stretch our legs... :)
  • Santo Curatolo 06/02/2014
  • Traci Cautela 06/02/2014 Margate is in desperate need of just about everything! The dog park would be a very welcomed start! We as a city/community need help so please consider us. "if you built it they will come". :0)
  • Sheila Bennett 05/29/2014 Let's vote for our four loyal companions!!!!!! For a dog park in the City of Margate, Fl.. Friends and family cast your votes.... Sheila T Bennett Vote by June 7th Deadline!
  • Laurie Gaifaglione 05/29/2014 Dog park would be great. Who is doing the Media coverage for this event. Scroll down and see media information. Maybe already in newspapers and on T.V. news, and I just haven't see it. Marketing is marketing. If nobody knows but a few then that is all you will have, a few votes from one local organization.
  • Lucy Tinnirella Cardinali 05/29/2014 Teea thx for the info Margate needs this! Ill eventually have another dog xoxoxoxo
  • Eddie DeCristofaro 05/29/2014 Come on Margate, we can do this
  • Daisy B 05/29/2014 Come on Margate...we can do it! There are plenty of animal lovers in this city but no dog park....Yet!
  • Bob De Robertis 05/28/2014 Come on citizens & pet lovers, support this cause. It would be nice to be in YOUR home town with YOUR friends/neighbors watching YOUR dog play in THEIR house.
  • Erica Galaska 05/28/2014 Vote!! My pups, and pups every where, need a playground! :)
  • Teea Peeples Cardinali 05/28/2014 Make sure you get your 2nd vote counted by clicking the link to vote again on Facebook.
  • Daisy B 05/28/2014
  • Donahue ForMargate 05/27/2014 We can do this if we all work together as a team!!!
  • Teea Peeples Cardinali 05/27/2014 Shared the link on Facebook too. I hope it helps.
  • Eric Simon 05/26/2014 Hi, I own Eric's Pet Services, Inc. It would be awesome if Margate gets a dog park...plz vote and LIKE www.facebook.com/ericspetservices
  • Joanne Simone 05/26/2014 Come on, Margate! I see we are inching our way up. Thank you to those that are voting! Slow and steady wins the race! Keep those votes coming in. There will be no stopping us! Pass the word on to your friends and neighbors. They can live outside of Margate and still vote to help us get a dog park.
  • Ross Russell 05/25/2014 Margate should be ashamed for not building the dog park on Rock Island.
  • Mitch Pellecchia 05/25/2014 Residents have barked about a dog park for a long time in Margate. Now it's time to walk the talk. Share the contest with friends and family on Facebook and make sure you vote every day! Help get the word out. Nothing beats free money.
  • Kerry Hettinger 05/25/2014 Let's go Margate!
  • Joanne Simone 05/24/2014 Please, please, please Margate, let's win this dog park! It will just take a second of your time every day to vote.
  • Le Peerman 05/24/2014 Margate we can do this....
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