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Hello and thanks in advance for your support and votes! Don't forget to vote every day!

-Pendant Trainer 2013

Park Timeline

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You have won funds from PetSafe® to build a dog park in your community. What’s next?

Your community is responsible for completing the proper paperwork and receiving the correct permits to begin construction.

Excavation and water line construction will fill a large part of your park timeline. These projects are time consuming but necessary for park completion.

Fun details like landscaping, fencing and water features are the next step in a finished park. When completed, zoning reviews are the final step.

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Larissa Pyer

Today's the day!!! Thank you to everyone for your support and tireless voting efforts throughout the contest. We hope you can join us tonight at Salt Hill Pub in Lebanon to watch the announcement of winners!

Larissa Pyer

Only TWO days left!!! We can do it, Enfield!

Sylvia dow

Go Enfield!!! We can do it!!!!!

Robert Pyer

PetSafe had some technical issues yesterday that caused the popup not to show but it was fixed and started working around 1pm yesterday afternoon. Hopefully you all got your extra 7 votes!

Lindsay Batten

I can't get the popup either. I think I found the right page but can't get the question. Also having trouble with facebook today.

Cindy Rae

I finally found the answer to get the 7 extra. I was having my doubts for a bit!

David Fracht

We had 13709 at about 11:55 last night

Jo-Ellen Courtney

When I looked yesterday it was something over 13 thousand.

anne beck

does anyone know how many votes we had before we went dark?

Linda Langley

I found the page under "Infographic" (from menu on the right of the page), but the pop up isn't coming up to actually answer the question and get the votes. Still trying... Maybe this is another case where the afternoon will prove more fruitful.

Nettie Olson

I couldn't find any pop up either. Only the one with the clue. Found several different "pages" of their blog.

Larissa Pyer

Has anyone successfully completed the 7 Vote Sniff Out today? I got the first pop up with the clue but can't seem to find the right item/page.

Jo Ann Clark

By my informal tracking we had 1278 votes last Friday. Let's aim for 1500 tomorrow! The frustrating part will be not being able to watch them add up!

Larissa Pyer

13,487 - we're almost there! Surely we can make it to 13,500 today.

Tina Sweet

Just placed the 13,000th vote - :)

Louise Lavoie

Yeah, passed 12,800!!! Keep going! Who will put us passed 13,000???

Larissa Pyer

The yard sale yesterday was a HUGE success! Thanks to everyone that donated items and everyone that came out and purchased said items. We raised nearly $2,000 for the dog park in ONE DAY! Amazing. Special thanks to the Animal Clinic of Enfield and Wendy for hosting and organizing the sale.

mitch beck

Thanx Lisa! I was pretty sure that was the case...darn,

Lisa Drummond

This is what happened to me on my smartphone. Unfortunately couldn't change it and had to use a different device to vote unfortunately.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. I tried last week and again today to get the x-tra 7 votes. I get the pop-up on the Petsafe website but the vote button is off-screen and I can't scroll in or move the pop-up to get to the vote button. Anyone have any suggestions???

Larissa Pyer

Don't forget to get your extra 7 votes today, in addition to your regular 2, for a total of 9 votes per person!!

Larissa Pyer

Woohoo, almost to 11,100!! Great job Enfield!

C Lavoie

10,590 This morning!!!!

Larissa Pyer

Sam, rankings can be found on our website at: I try to update them a few times a day.

Sam Sweet

where do you find the ranking that you post every now and again that shows the percentages and calls out the current leaders for each category?

Larissa Pyer

Sandra, I know I answered your question on facebook, but I'm posting my response here as well for anyone else who is wondering: I'm not sure how exactly they figure it all out, but our vote count didn't budge even by one vote, so don't worry about that. In the case of Springfield, IL they were allowing proxy voting (literally someone else voting for a bunch of people each day) and actually talking about it and how to sign up for it right on their city page on the PetSafe site, so that one wasn't too hard to figure out I'm sure. I don't know about Port Chester, but at one point someone on the Waverly page did mention how it was odd that their vote counts skyrocketed on Fridays, so maybe it had something to do with the 'bonus' votes and people redeeming them multiple times? PetSafe also mentioned the extra 7 votes in their announcement so I'm guessing it had to do with that.

Sandra Jones

I am confused by the discussion on the Illinois page. It says they deem it fraud if someone logs in as you from a different computer (I take that as a different IP address) even if "your vote" is only being cast twice a day (1x via facebook and 1x via this site). What if I've been logging in from a different machine (e.g., occasionally I login on my laptop; other times I use my mobile phone, etc.)? Is that considered against the rules? I don't quite understand how they've detected proxy votes. Did our count go down at all?

Te Lynch

10.000 Way to Go Enfield!

Brittney Cole

Happy to have been the 10,000th vote! Go Enfield!

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Community events

Mascoma Valley Dog Park Supporters will be at the Shaker 7 race which starts and ends at the site of the future Shaker Field Dog Park! We will have information about our efforts so far and be taking donations, membership sign-ups, and selling dog treats and key chains, all of which will benefit the park! We will also be filming some footage for our PSA at 1pm, so if you're in the area and want to stop by with your dogs (on-leash), please do so! The more the merrier for our video!

Lebanon Farmer's Market

Mascoma Valley Dog Park Supporters will be at the Lebanon Farmer's Market at Colburn Park accepting donations, taking Membership sign-ups, and selling some dog-related items, all of which will benefit the dog park.

Enfield Farmer's Market

Mascoma Valley Dog Park Supporters will be at the Enfield Farmer's Market accepting donations, taking Membership sign-ups, and selling some dog-related items, all of which will benefit the dog park.

On Saturday, July 19 the Animal Clinic of Enfield will be participating in the Enfield town-wide yard sale by hosting their own sale to benefit the dog park! They are also taking donations of items to include in the sale, so if you're doing some cleaning out, consider donating to support the park. Donations can be dropped off at the clinic during normal business hours. If you have large items to donate, please bring them the morning of the sale, as they have limited storage space available.

The Mascoma Valley Dog Park Supporters, in partnership with the Lebanon Recreation & Parks Department and 4 Legs and a Tail magazine, will be holding the first ever Paws in the Pool event on Sunday, August 24 from 10am-2pm. It will be held at the Lebanon Pool the day after the pool closes for the season and will allow people to bring their dogs to swim in the pool before it is drained. Funds raised at the event through entrance fees, vendor/exhibitor fees, and a raffle will be split 50/50 between the Lebanon Rec & Parks Scholarship Fund and MVDPS. Advance registration for individuals and vendors/exhibitors will be available soon. Check the Lebanon Rec & Parks website for more info and to register to attend!

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