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Fort Gratiot, MI

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  • Charity Bradley 05/28/2015 #1841
  • John Remick 05/28/2015
  • Lynne Zalenski 05/25/2015 Keep voting folks!!!
  • Melinda Frumveller 05/22/2015
  • Lori Gill 05/22/2015 Vote, vote and vote again!
  • Lynne Zalenski 05/20/2015 Ca mon folks.. Let's win this!!!!
  • Audrey Cornell 05/19/2015 I've lived in this area a long time; A dog park would be wonderful! I've said for years it's surprising we don't have one. The closest is 30+ minutes away. I love seeing our community working together to get our fur babies a park!! :-)
  • Nancy Kirby 05/19/2015 I have three dogs live in Fort Gresh it Michigan and they would love a doggie park🐶
  • Gilda Castillo 05/19/2015 I have a mini schnauzer , Max would like a place to socialize with his peers :)
  • Kayla Harris 05/18/2015 I don't have a dog but for all of the dog owners out there I hope our community gets it!
  • Chelsey Green 05/16/2015 We need this so bad!!!!! fingers crossed!!! :)
  • Judi Reynolds 05/16/2015 We need to make this Dog Park a reality. We not only have the support of our wonderful Fort Gratiot community, but the surrounding communities as well, including Port Huron Township and Port Huron City Recreation. This parcel of land "McIntyre Park", which was donated to the Twp. is surrounded by nature, bike paths and is adjacent to our two ponds. We need to make McIntyre Park a Pet Safe Park. Please vote every day.
  • Jennifer Medford 05/15/2015
  • Wing Thiele 05/14/2015 A dog park would have the support of the business community as well as the residents, civic leaders and surrounding communities. We are an animal loving community... Fort Gratiot has the perfect land to make a wonderful dog park. Wing Thiele, President, Fort Gratiot Business Association
  • robert zauner 05/14/2015 The idea of a dog park has been brought up several times in the past couple of years we now have the opportunity to see this idea come to life The township a great piece of land to put this on the property was donated to us It will not only benefit Fort Gratiot TWP but the surrounding TWP and citys by us The park will create a place for dogs and there owners a place to be free have fun together Robert ZAUNER cHAIR PERSON Fort Gratiot PARKS cCOMMISSION
  • Gary Piper 05/13/2015 Bridget is really gonna enjoy going to the Fort Gratiot Township Dog Park!
  • Sheri McColman 05/13/2015 Even though I don't have a dog, I have many friends who do & this would be a safe place for their pups to play. Please help make it become a reality!
  • Cathy Weis 05/13/2015 We have Lake Huron. No parks allow our dogs to go for a swim. Our older dogs would benifit by being able to swim to get excersize with out the pain of their joins.
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