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  • Holly Morales 06/11/2014 No news yet! Finalists announced on June 13
  • Holly Morales 06/07/2014 another town pulled ahead of us!!! Please spread the word in our last 45 minutes, Merrimack!!!
  • Holly Morales 06/06/2014 We pulled ahead of another town today. Keep it going, all!!
  • Kathy Fulmer 06/06/2014 Voted today n every day
  • Holly Morales 06/06/2014 The facebook contest is located at: https://www.facebook.com/PetSafeBrand/app_321086731284099
  • Deb Lacoy-Belhumeur 06/06/2014 voted today
  • Chris . 06/05/2014 Search for barkforyourpark to vote on Facebook!!!
  • Tracy Russell 06/05/2014 How do you vote on Facebook?
  • C Lavoie 06/05/2014 Come on Merrimack!!! Keep voting!!!!
  • Carol Murphy 06/05/2014 Carol and Lucy voted today
  • Debbie Hopkins 06/05/2014 Voted today
  • Chris Mitchell 06/04/2014 voted today
  • Deb Lacoy-Belhumeur 06/04/2014 just voted again today
  • Chris . 06/04/2014 Come on Merrimack!! Keep voting!!!
  • Holly Morales 06/03/2014 Lots of cute doggies in Merrimack! Let's win a park for all 4,000 of them :)
  • Holly Morales 06/02/2014 If we get lumped with towns in the 15K-30K population grouping, we are 6th. We need to rally, Merrimack, if we want that coveted 5th finalist spot!
  • Holly Morales 06/02/2014 In towns 20-30K in population, Merrimack is currently in 4th PLACE with votes!!!!
  • j h 06/02/2014 Yeah Merrimack, NH!!!! :)
  • Holly Morales 06/01/2014 We passed another town! Keep it up, Merrimack!!!
  • Nancy Silvernale 05/31/2014
  • Holly Morales 05/30/2014 If we are placed in towns 20K in population and higher, we would be in 5th place overall and 3rd place in required criteria.
  • Holly Morales 05/29/2014 It is very hard to know what place we are in. If you put us in the 15K-30K sized towns (who knows where Petsafe will put us), we are 12th with regards to votes, but 5th with regard to all required criteria.
  • Janie garza 05/29/2014 Does anyone know what place we are in?
  • C Lavoie 05/29/2014 It may look like a lot of votes but with the stiff competition, we need everyone to vote 2x daily! Spread the word!!! Check out the Friends of the Merrimack Dog Park FB page, stay connected with all thats going on!!
  • Holly Morales 05/28/2014 I know it looks like a lot of votes, but there is stiff competition from a handful of other towns. We have to keep voting if we want to be a contender for finalist! Vote 2X every day to June 7!!!
  • C Lavoie 05/28/2014 Come on Merrimack! Keep voting!! We need to get as many votes as possible! Spread the word!!
  • Holly Morales 05/28/2014 Who will be our 1,000th voter??? :)
  • C Lavoie 05/28/2014 Come on Merrimack, you say you want a dog park, winning this will be a help in fundraising!!!! Keep voting and spreading the word!!!
  • Holly Morales 05/27/2014 Urge friends and family to help! Let's get to 1,000!!!!
  • scott kepnes 05/26/2014 I voted
  • Chris . 05/26/2014 Thank you Clark! Keep voting everyone, check our FB page: Friends of the Merrimack dog park. Ask your friends and family to help vote too!!!
  • Clark Harvey 05/25/2014 I already made a $50 donation and challenge all to match or better it!!!
  • Tara Perkins 05/24/2014 Vote, vote, vote, we need a park in town for our dogs!
  • Janet Campbell 05/23/2014 Our dogs are counting on us, don't let them down!
  • Holly Morales 05/21/2014 We have moved up in the standings. Looks like we are roughly in 30th place. It going in the right direction, but we need more votes. Refer to Lisa's post before this one!!!!
  • Lisa Depalma 05/21/2014 Double your votes by getting your spouse or family members involved. Just simply say, "OK, your turn now dear!" Then, get up off the chair and let them use your computer. Trust me, they will thank you for the easy reminder. And so will the dogs!
  • C Lavoie 05/20/2014 Come on Merrimack! Our dogs need our help! If we win we get a dog park and to watch Bill Boyd take a Polar Plunge!!!
  • Holly Morales 05/18/2014 Don't forget to join the "Friends of the Merrimack Dog Park" Facebook page for all park-related updates: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-of-the-Merrimack-dog-park/236423419887473
  • Holly Morales 05/18/2014 Keep voting 2X every day!! We are currently in the top 35 communities in the country!!! The 5 finalists are based on number of votes compared to their population.
  • Scott Mortimer 05/17/2014 Voted today! Glad to help out a great Merrimack-cause.
  • C Lavoie 05/16/2014 Keep voting, please remind people to vote and tell new people about the contest!!! Don't forget to vote on sat and sunday too!!! Lets win this and watch Bill B take a Polar Plunge!!!
  • Holly Morales 05/15/2014 Let's get to 200 today people!!
  • C Lavoie 05/14/2014 Way to go, keep going!! Don't forget to vote on Facebook too! FYI: Bill Boyd has issued a challenge.. if we get over 10,000 votes and win this contest, he will jump in the Naticook on Jan 1st!!!!
  • Mike Murphy 05/13/2014 Keep the votes coming!!
  • C Lavoie 05/13/2014 Keep voting! We can do this, don't forget to post your dog photos too! Please tell your friends and family to help by voting too!! Woof Woof... (Thank you from Molly!)
  • Dorinne Whynott 05/13/2014 Merlin, our official mascot of Professional Pet Sitting Etc., loves to meet other dog friends at parks. The Merrimack park is close to home.
  • C Lavoie 05/12/2014 Don't forget to download a picture of your dog too!!! If you are having issues voting, close out and start over! Thanks and keep voting!!
  • 05/11/2014 P&R director Matt C is all for this! In fact he said he would man the dunk tank for the July 4th celebarations if we get over 10,000 votes! So keep voting!
  • Doreen Rolls 05/08/2014 Keep voting!
  • Chris . 05/08/2014 Yeah! The logging trucks started work already!!! Spread the word, visit us @ Friends of the Merrimack Dog Park (FB) for updates, play dates and more!!!
  • Holly Morales 05/08/2014 Parks & Rec said we are so close to getting the dog park at Wasserman Park. The only thing in the way is funding!
  • C Lavoie 05/07/2014 Come on Merrimack we can do this for our dogs!
  • Paw Logo PetSafeBrand 04/23/2013 Welcome to your City's discussion board. Use the form below to add to the conversation.
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