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Watkinsville, GA

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  • Megan Turner 05/22/2015 Got all my 14 votes in today! Now if could figure out how to vote via FB I would have 28.
  • Gary Rollie 05/21/2015 Voted Best County in Georgia, all we need is Amazing Dog Park!!!!!!
  • James Smith 05/21/2015 I don't live in Oconee County. I live in the real OC. However, I vote often for Watkinsville anyway.
  • Dianna Anderson Craft 05/21/2015 Ok lets vote Watkinsville a new bark park
  • Dan Matthews 05/20/2015 Watkinsville and especially Oconee Veterans Park needs a better dog park. I once nominated the park across the street for a basketball court from Sprite and they won, so let history repeat itself.
  • Megan Turner 05/20/2015 PARMA. OH has 409 votes- Now I know that this doesn't seem like a threat right now- but we CANNOT slack one bit!! VOTE VOTE VOTE
  • Linda Jones 05/20/2015 I wonder where folks are at. Come on guys vote vote and vote pets need a place to play too where they can run free. Let's do this folks
  • Mike Huff 05/19/2015 Sheriffs office can get 5 or 600 likes on one FB post in a day we should be getting that many votes or more. Share the links from Scott Berry and get the word out so we can win this thing!
  • Megan Turn 05/19/2015 I do believe we will have over 1000 today- KEEP VOTING!!
  • Claire Phillips 05/18/2015
  • Linda Bowman-Lundy 05/18/2015 Voting daily!
  • Scott Berry 05/18/2015 Vote early, vote often!!!!
  • Peggy Hardigree 05/17/2015 Voted twice today
  • Jeanna Kelley 05/17/2015 Vote today!
  • denny vieitez 05/17/2015 lets go OC!
  • Peggy Hardigree 05/16/2015
  • Knox G 05/16/2015 We hit 500! Vote with every email account in your household for Watkinsville, GA to win this contest! Happy dogs, happy life in the OC!
  • Kim Wortham 05/16/2015 Voted Twice today !!!
  • Whitney Sperlik 05/15/2015 Thank you for your votes!! Keep if up!!
  • Scott Berry 05/15/2015 Please remember to vote EVERY day for Watkinsville...improvements to the Bark Park would make it the premier park in our area.
  • Heather Broadwater 05/14/2015 We volunteer with Oconee County's animal shelter to support adoption of lost or abandoned dogs and to provide foster homes so dogs awaiting adoption can maintain social and housebreaking skills and be better candidates for adoption. Improvements to the dog park may help make adoption a possibility for people who don't feel they have enough room at home for proper exercise for a dog. Thanks!
  • Melanie Parker 05/14/2015 The Oconee County Sheriff's Office posts all their lost and found dogs on their Facebook page. Whenever I see or hear of LEOs helping dogs it makes me feel so great about that officer and the community to which he/she belongs/protects. Thanks!
  • Jenn Fordham 05/14/2015 Make sure you're voting for Watkinsville, Ga. to help us , mistakes are easy to make! Thanks for you help :)
  • Megan Turner 05/14/2015 Voting for Watkinsville GA!!!
  • Linda Jones 05/14/2015 Vote for wAtkinsville , GA. Mixup in there is another Oconee co , Ga. Get the word out to vote for correct city. If u vote wrong it goes to place in wadhington co.
  • Jana Hollingsworth 05/14/2015 Vote for Watkinsville GA
  • Donna Houseman 05/13/2015 Please vote for Oconee Veterans Park Watkinsville Ga
  • Angela Young 05/13/2015 Please vote for Watkinsville GA
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