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City Nominations and Phase 1 Voting from May 7th-June 7th. Finalists Announced: June 13th.

Our community needs a PetSafe dog park!

Do the dogs in our town dream of wide open spaces and a place to call their own? Then win your furry friends a new dog park from PetSafe®. Read the Contest Overview to get the full details on participation!

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Irene Rabinowitz

Paws crossed, and anxiously waiting to hear if we made finals.

Maria Alestra

Literally just found out today..voted and posted ...hope we can do we know where we stand:)

Kathy Huber

1,040 VOTES! 2 Days left to vote!

WENDY Roehder


Lisa Verdi

Trying to get the word out daily, I wish people would vote, it doesnt take much... Would LOVE for Selden to win :)

Irene Rabinowitz

Thanks Robin. The community is so excited to be in the running and hoping to make finals.

Robin PetSafe

Hi Seldon, NY! You guys have a great effort towards your dream dog park in place. I just wanted to let you know that we have received and reviewed your Land and Support Letters. They are great and congrats on making this important step in the contest. You are using so many of the resources we have in place to help cities get the word out. Your precious pups very much deserve a dog park. Go Selden! Bark For Your Park!

Irene Rabinowitz

Come on Selden, we can do this! If everyone votes just once, we could win $100k. Be sure to like LI DOG & Central Suffolk Paws on facebook, we post updates often.

Marlene St Jean Brigantino

Our community deserves to have a nice place to bring our 4 legged friends & it would also show that Middle Country isn't just a bunch of stores & strip malls!

Irene Rabinowitz

What a great show of support from the community. I can't wait until we can celebrate at the dog park! :)

Gerard Dean

I'm so exciting and I hope we win. We really need this dog park.

Ginny Munger Kahn

Love the photos showing all the support for the Dog Park this weekend!

Irene Rabinowitz

We love seeing all the dogs just waiting for their own playground. So keep the votes coming in!

Nancy Borock Ami

This time no problem via online or Facebook, but I tried via mobile first. That didn't work! But at least I did get my votes in!

El Tag

Now it's not letting me vote

Ginny Munger Kahn

I love the letter from Councilman LaValle. It's a wonderful letter of support for the dog park!

Nancy Borock Ami

For whatever reason,, it went through using IE. Why I haven't a clue! Now if only I could get that last week of trying to vote and have those added on. Sigh.

Melanie Apostolico

Can't vote through the website but could only vote through the FB page.

Sarah Gugumuck

Nancy, I never. got an email back to vote just created a account, logged in and noted with email and captcha. Hope that helps

Nancy Borock Ami

Irene, still no answer back,, no email,, can't vote.

Irene Rabinowitz

Thanks Nancy. Once you registered, you should just be able to click vote and it should take.

Nancy Borock Ami

I've registered to vote,,, but no email yet to verify.

I am having trouble uploading the news article for Selden. Any advice would be so appreciated. Thanks

Carol Ciprios

Thank you Irene for advocating for all the dogs in our area!

Irene Rabinowitz

Thanks PetSafe for holding this contest and helping communities have a great safe recreational area for dogs and their humans. Our community is hoping to win. We send a big thanks to all our supporters! Everyone can check out the article our local newspaper published to help get word out:

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