Stratford, CT

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  • Carissa Mason 06/07/2014 Thank you Robin!! We are crossing our paws!
  • Robin PetSafe 06/04/2014 Stratford, CT we have received and approved your land and civic leader letters! You are on your way to making your dogs' dog park dreams come true! GO STRATFORD!
  • Patricia Ballentine 06/04/2014 Last 3 days of voting....Let's go Stratford!!!
  • Kristen Cruz 05/31/2014 Stratford, CT!!!!!
  • Aimee Sprogis 05/30/2014 Lets go Stratford!
  • Robin PetSafe 05/28/2014 Hello there Stratford. We are so glad to have you in our Bark For Your Park 2014 contest. It is my pleasure to you know that we have received and reviewed your Land and Support letters. You are done a great job so far. Keep up the great barking and we hope to see you in the finals! Go Stratford!
  • Sean Haubert 05/17/2014 I can't vote on the website again - the captcha code isn't showing up. I voted on Facebook though.
  • Carissa Mason 05/12/2014 I am on chrome, something should come up where you click and then "confirm that you are human" - although dogs should be able to vote too :) you can comment on their facebook page
  • Sean Haubert 05/12/2014 It's not working for me on Mac Safari or Chrome. It keeps telling me I have to verify my email address?
  • Carissa Mason 05/11/2014 its working - it just needs people to log in and vote!
  • Sean Haubert 05/10/2014 Is the voting not working?
  • Melody McDonald 05/09/2014 Make sure you vote twice a day - on the website and on Facebook!
  • Karla Kantzas 05/09/2014 Please help Stratford get a Beautiful Dog Park!!!
  • Kristen Cruz 05/08/2014 Come on Stratford, CT!!!
  • Carissa Mason 05/08/2014 Help Stratford win a dream dog park! Please share and continue to vote twice each day!
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