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Mason City, IA

is competing to win a dog park!

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PetSafe is here to help you along! We've created a visual process for your city to follow. As you reach each milestone and upload the required information, that icon will be brought to full color. You can click through the milestones to see what is needed to activate it. We've even provided you some templates to assist you in the process. Scroll down to see what your community has already uploaded.

Here's how the contest works


Vote For your City:

What: Get friends, family members, community leaders, and everyone in your city to visit us online and vote for a dog park. Remember, your may vote twice a day; once here and once on our facebook page.

When: Stage 1 – May 1 to May 31 before 5pm Eastern. Stage 2 – June 5 to July 26 before midnight.

Land Verification

Land Verification:

What: In order to qualify to win a park, your city must find land and approve it's use for a dog park. Work with local government and landowners to find your spot!

When: Ends May 31st at 5pm Eastern

Community Support:

What: PetSafe needs to know your community government supports your pursuit of a dog park. To complete this task, notify your civic leaders (ie: mayor, county executive, city manager, Parks and Recreation director) of the contest and encourage them to create an account to upload a letter.

When: Ends May 31st at 5pm Eastern

Media Coverage:

What: This step is optional, but getting your pups' faces in the media can't hurt. Get in touch with your local news station and print media to rally support for the new park!

When: Spans the entire contest

Video Invitation:

What: If you're been selected as one of our 15 finalists, you'll be invited to make a .30 video ad to show the world why your city deserves to win a dog park! Watch our video for tips to help you.

When: Due June 26th by 5pm Eastern

  • Pat Otto 07/31/2013 Congratulations to all of the winners! Thank you PetSafe for this opportunity!
  • Laura Grommesh 07/27/2013 Thank you petsafe for this contest. At the very least it united our city behind the cause. It has been fun for canines and humans alike. Thanks to all who voted for Mason City!!!!!
  • Pat Otto 07/02/2013 We are neck and neck with W. Columbia! Friday votes will be crucial. Be sure not to vote until noon on Fridays and check out the Mason City Needs A Dog Park page on Facebook for directions to the virtual scavenger hunt. Go Mason City
  • Tanya Pfau 06/28/2013 Thank you KIMT team for the AWESOME video!!! http://youtu.be/JRX6653LHt0 Please vote & share with ALL of your friends!
  • JD Browder 06/28/2013 Video is up! Great job KIMT. Be sure to share with all your friends, family, co-workers. Every 1000 views is an extra 1000 votes - this could make the difference.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRX6653LHt0
  • Clyde Oehl 06/27/2013 When will the video be posted?
  • kimberly bresnahan 06/20/2013 Why is it not possible to vote from one computer three individuals
  • 06/18/2013 Connie, I've discovered they don't seem to have the clue up much before noon so don't vote for the day before then. Go to the www.petsafe.net and log in if you need to. The clue will be posted on that page. Find the product page the clue describes on their site and a trivia question will appear. Correctly answer the trivia question - hint, it is located on the page you are on at that time. Voila, you will have logged 7 votes for Mason City!
  • Connie Oglesby 06/18/2013 Where is the virtual scavenger hunt located to participate?
  • Pat Otto 06/18/2013 Don't think your vote doesn't count just because we are dropping in the polls. We can bump it back up if everyone will vote every day, twice a day and participate in the Virtual Scavenger hunt on Fridays for an extra 7 votes! We can do this!
  • Leanne Rand 06/12/2013 HARLEY "states"-- Come-on all you Mason City Area Citizen's "Please vote for the park in our city"!!!!!! A lot of you know me!!
  • Pat Otto 06/08/2013 Mason City, we have to vote twice every day to make this happen. What we've done is ok but we need about 2,000 votes every day to do this!
  • Marlene Owens 06/08/2013 We've dropped to #9. We can't let this happen!
  • Pat Otto 06/06/2013 We're up to #8 from #11, but New Braunsfeld, TX, Safford, AZ and W Columbia, SC are all hard on our heels and they want this just as badly as we do! We've got some great competition so we have to vote every day, on this site and on their facebook site, and get our friends and family excited for this, too!
  • Pat Otto 06/05/2013 Congratulations, Mason City!! Thanks to everyone who voted and to our City and Civic Leaders for their fantastic support! We can do this, we will win the $100,000! Keep voting everyday and get your friends and their friends to vote every day, too! Tell everyone you know about this fantastic opportunity for Mason City's Dog Park.
  • Tanya Pfau 06/05/2013 AWESOME job to all the voters and supporters for our dog park!!! We have made it into the top 15! We are now in phase 2 and need you more then ever. Voting Ends: July 26, 2013 at 11:59:59 p.m. ET
  • Ozzie Ohl 05/30/2013 How many communities are participating in the contest?
  • Ozzie Ohl 05/23/2013 Many areas in Mason City were ravaged by a flood in 2008. A new dog park would be one more great addition to our community as we are still rebuilding from that horrible flood. The land for our new dog park will be from one such area. This is a great way for our community to rise back with a well secured, well maintained off leash dog park for our dog owners and their dogs to enjoy.
  • Natalie PetSafe 05/22/2013 Hi Mason City, thanks for participating in Bark For Your Park. While reviewing your documents, we noticed you uploaded pictures, meeting minutes, resolutions, and planning documents under land verification and civic support. We need letter from a land owner and elected official about the home of your future park and commitment to maintain it should your town win the contest. If you have any questions, please email dogpark@petsafe.net. Good luck!
  • Pat Otto 05/21/2013 Natalie PetSafe Someone accidently posted a photo on our 1st Land Specs doc space. That pushed all of documents over one and I have not space to post the Mayor's support letter. Please remove the photo! Thanks!
  • Ozzie Ohl 05/19/2013 A dog park would truly be a dream come true. This has been a big project for Mason City,Ia. Winning the $100,000 would allow us to finish our park. Our volunteer efforts and fund raising have gotten us to $23,000 and the city will chip in $40,000.
  • Tanya Pfau 05/16/2013 Local News clip KIMT Channel 3 http://kimt.com/2013/05/14/8091/
  • Laura Grommesh 05/15/2013 Hi! A picture got uploaded to the land verification. How do we / can you remove it? It was an accident. Thanks!
  • Ozzie Ohl 05/12/2013 By John Skipper, Globe Gazette Columnist | Silly me. I don’t have a dog. I’ve never had a dog. I don’t want a dog. But I am in total support of the proposed Mason City Dog Park. Maybe it’s because it’s one of those things that has no political agenda to it. I can’t tell whether the dogs in my neighborhood are Republicans or Democrats. The real reason I like it is because of the asset it will be to the community — and because of the process that has driven it from the wild-idea stage to the we-can-really-do this stage. Laura Grommesh, one of its backers, gave the City Council a progress report last week. She showed drawings of the proposed five-acre site on Twelfth Street across from the water treatment plant. It will have areas for small dogs and large dogs, an agility area, a special needs area (for people and dogs), a pond for dog swims; walking paths; and a building that can be rented out for parties. And it will all be fenced in. She said supporters are not looking for a government handout. All they wanted is support. No government money? In 21st century America? Silly me. It is instructive to remember how all of this came about. Government did not interfere. It assisted. The proposed area for the dog park was heavily damaged by the flooding in June 2008. City staff set up neighborhood meetings so citizens could help decide how to revamp their neighborhoods. The unique thing about the meetings is they were all held under the same roof at the same time. Tables were set up in the Mason City Room at the public library. Residents of particular areas were directed to tables where they sat with their neighbors and collectively came up with ideas on how to rebuild and regroup. A dog park was one of those ideas — something dog enthusiasts had thought about for years. From that night on, volunteers and city staff have worked to find a site, develop a plan and raise money. They’re going to need about $200,000 and have raised about $3,100. I have no doubt they’ll raise the rest. Pat Otto, the city’s neighborhood services director, is serving as treasurer for donations. Checks should be made payable to the City of Mason City, memo: Dog Park and sent to: Mason City Dog Park, in care of Pat Otto, City Hall, 10 N. First St. N.W., Mason City, IA 50401. Is there such a thing as an idea that keeps on happening? I think so. Silly me. Reach John Skipper at 421-0537 or john.skipper@globegazette.com.
  • Natalie PetSafe 05/10/2013 Hi Mason City, thanks for participating in Bark For Your Park. While reviewing your documents, we noticed you uploaded a landscaping drawing under land verification. We need more firm communication about the home of your future park should your town win the contest. If you have any questions, please email dogpark@petsafe.net. Good luck!
  • Pat Otto 05/09/2013 Hi, Natalie, Thanks for the information. I have other documents to put up but I have been working on another project this week and have not gotten around to uploading them. I did not intend for the rendering to be the complete upload. Pat Otto, Neighborhood Services Manager City of Mason City
  • Natalie PetSafe 05/06/2013 Hi Mason City, thanks for participating in Bark For Your Park. While reviewing your documents, we noticed you uploaded a landscaping drawing under land verification. We need more firm communication about the home of your future park should your town win the contest. If you have any questions, please email dogpark@petsafe.net. Good luck!
  • Paw Logo PetSafeBrand 04/23/2013 Welcome to your City's discussion board. Use the form below to add to the conversation.
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