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Help your city design the park of your dreams. Keep up with park features and track along with the city’s progress. Check back often because your city admin will be uploading photos and sharing progress.

Hello Friends! Welcome to Waverly, Iowa's "Bark for your Park" page. Thank you so much for supporting us. Let's do this!

-Pendant Trainer 2013

Park Timeline

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You have won funds from PetSafe® to build a dog park in your community. What’s next?

Your community is responsible for completing the proper paperwork and receiving the correct permits to begin construction.

Excavation and water line construction will fill a large part of your park timeline. These projects are time consuming but necessary for park completion.

Fun details like landscaping, fencing and water features are the next step in a finished park. When completed, zoning reviews are the final step.

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Angie Ellerbroek

Thank you, PetSafe, for having this contest and allowing our community to be able to build a dog park.

Jayne Kielman

THANK YOU Waverly community and beyond ..... your votes, encouragement, cheerleading, sharing, tagging paid off! Waverly is so lucky to have such great support--- it is because of YOU that Waverly will be building a NEW dog park! Coming Spring of 2015 .....

Gene McLemore

Congrats Waverly, I know you really worked hard to win. Dog lovers like you deserve to win. You and your dogs enjoy your new park. Mac Texarkana

Nikki Welch


Molli Burns

Idk if i can wait 3 more days!!!!!

Amber Evans

The suspense is just killing me!!! I can't wait to hear all of the winners announced. Whether we win or not, this has been an incredible experience and so much fun!

Last 2 votes in! Kind of sad! This has been so much fun to see everyone rally together. Waverly, you are awesome!

Tara Kaiser

Last 2 votes done! I think I will miss voting every day! Now the waiting is going to be miserable!

Jayne Kielman

Thank you to everyone who supported Waverly during this contest! It was wonderful to see so many people come together and encourage each other in the spirit of providing a dog park! Thanks to PetSafe for an amazing opportunity!

Jessica Foelske

Last day to vote & mine are in!!! We can do this Waverly :-)

Cheryl Hurdel

here's hoping everyone can throw their dog leashes high in the air in celebration for Waverly Iowa

Go Waverly!

Dave-Deb Kunkle

Well...that's all I can do...the rest is up to you! Good luck Waverly !!!!!!!

Kirsty Sheridan

Placed my final votes today...fingers crossed and paws pressed from here for Waverly

Glenna Karnatz

Voting complete! I hope Waverly wins the grand prize!

Barb Dunakey

12:46 AM on Friday, July 31 - placed my last two votes for WAVERLY! Sure hope we get FANTASTIC NEWS when the votes are all tallied!!! GO WAVERLY!

That was my final vote. Regardless of the outcome, I'm proud of our team, and I'm amazed by and grateful to the thousands of supporters in Waverly, throughout Iowa, across the country and around the world. Thank you all! Whether we're big winners, smaller winners or receive nothing at all, we are building you a dog park.

Tracy Wilkinson

Our new puppy Uwen wants to wants to play at the park with his brother Odin and his sister Elli.

Cheryl Hurdel

Here's hoping we have all barked loud enough for the whole country to hear! Everyone will know where Waverly, Iowa is.

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Would you and your family (dogs and kids welcome) like to walk with us in the SHELL ROCK PARADE? We need help handing out info cards, candy, and puppy treats. Visit our Facebook page and message us!

Would you and your family (dogs and kids welcome) like to walk with us in the HERITAGE DAYS PARADE? We need help handing out info cards, candy, and puppy treats. Visit our Facebook page and message us!

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