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Newton, KS

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  • Ashley Klein 06/07/2014 Keep it up, Newton! We have until June 7 at 4pm to vote this round and to try to make it to Finals. Right now we are #12- out of 1,433 cities! Because PetSafe only takes the Top 5 small, medium, and large cities for 15 total, we need to push HARD! Most of the overall Top 15 are small and medium cities. Challenge yourself to get several new voters today. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm! We couldn't have gotten so far without you!
  • renita altum 06/06/2014 you all have such cute dogs! love seeing them all . hope we win so they can all socialize , our girls do need it.
  • kevin stubbs 06/01/2014 WOW! i wonder how many of us top 15 all fall into the same size city classification? And i would like to remind everyone that after the 7th of June WHEN WE BECOME A FINALIST all our votes go away and we have do this again!
  • 05/31/2014 @Kevin: No leaderboard until the finals. I clicked through aaaaall of the cities to find our ranking. Hovering about the Top 15, but I think we NEED to get more voters and start getting 200-250 votes each day to make the finals for sure. @Vicki: Scroll down the conversation a couple of posts. I posted suggestions. Thank you for your persistence!
  • Vicki Ruggiero 05/31/2014 I tried to vote but keep getting the message to verify my e-mail account. How do I do that??
  • kevin stubbs 05/31/2014 BARK, BARK We want a Park! After 15 random clicks I found one city with over 1,300 votes, does anyone know where we stand? I can't find the leader board either! Bark for our park, please vote
  • Ashley Klein 05/28/2014 Oh, no! I'm sorry you're having problems with the site. I think most of us have been disappointed with the glitches we have experienced during the grant competition. A Reminder for everyone: if you experience problems voting, use these tips ( http://www.petsafe.net/barkforyourpark/faq/#accordion_2_10 ) or vote manually by clicking the link between where you put in your e-mail and where you put in the numbers ("cast your vote manually here"). Thank you!
  • Noelle Dickinson 05/28/2014 Most days I'm still not able to vote. Sorry I can't be of more help!
  • renita altum 05/27/2014 Tucker and TinkerBelle you are so BEAUTIFUL!
  • Ashley Klein 05/27/2014 Today's goal: 200 votes! We need to get to 1,362 to meet that goal. Share with friends. Did you get an e-mail about the Dog Park? Forward it on! <3
  • WANDA RYEL 05/25/2014 It looks like we're getting about 100 votes per day now, but we need more! I finally got the regular voting site to work, but simply CANNOT get the Facebook app to work. It just flashes the start-up page over & over again - won't let me get to Select Your City. Cynthia, did you ever get it to work?
  • Ashley Klein 05/23/2014 Reminder: if you experience problems voting, use these tips ( http://www.petsafe.net/barkforyourpark/faq/#accordion_2_10 ) or vote manually by clicking the link between where you put in your e-mail and where you put in the numbers ("cast your vote manually here"). Thank you!
  • Ashley Klein 05/22/2014 Newton needs a dog park because my furkids would love to socialize and get to know other dogs... so they are more friendly! Next! "Newton needs a dog park because..." ?
  • Cyndi Klein 05/19/2014 Hey everyone. What is your #1 reason you believe Newton needs to have a dog park? :) Start with "Newton needs a dog park because..."
  • Ashley Klein 05/19/2014 Oh no! I hope you were able to get through. The only thing I can think to do with facebook is log out and log back in. Or use the smartphone facebook link listed here (even if on your computer) http://newtonksdogpark.com/bark/ and try that once you are logged back in. If you have more troubles, please e-mail me through the contact form and we'll try and figure it out. :( Thanks for the heads up.
  • Cynthia Wyss 05/18/2014 I am having trouble voting on FaceBook this evening. I keep getting the same screens. Cynthia Wyss
  • Ashley Klein 05/16/2014 Sorry, typo in my last post. NewtonKSDogPark.com
  • 05/16/2014 I'm not sure that they put the leaderboard up until the Finals. So I clicked through the entire list a couple days ago and recorded anyone who had more than fifty. I am on my phone and don't have the list, but remember it was a large jump between the number 1 and 2 cities, but not too bad after that. We need more consistent voters, so everyone please share! Especially send them to the NewtonKSDogPark.con website so they can get all the details in one place. Thanks!
  • Erin McDaniel 05/16/2014 Is there a way to see who's in the lead?
  • Ashley Klein 05/16/2014
  • renita altum 05/15/2014 : ) vote Newton Ks. !!!
  • renita altum 05/14/2014 YEAH ! GO NEWTON
  • Ashley Bergner 05/14/2014 Go, Newton! :)
  • barbara burns 05/12/2014 The reCaptcha glitch continues. I also had to reset my password again. They aren't making it easier on voters, are they? Hang in, Ashley!
  • Cyndi Klein 05/10/2014 If you get an error, start from http://www.PetSafe.net and click through to the Bark for Your Park contest to vote. Not a 100% workaround, but it is all we have until PetSafe tells us the glitch is fixed.
  • Dana Stahl 05/10/2014 It's not letting me vote :( when I try it asks for my email address, i enter it and then it says invalid reCAPTCHA. ?? can you help me?
  • Ashley Klein 05/10/2014 Okay! I messaged PetSafe about the reCAPTCHA issue and they are working on it. In the mean time, please attempt a few times to enter your e-mail and click "Vote Now". I have experienced the error, too, and found the vote count went up my first or second attempt, even when the error showed up and told me to try again! Thank you for your enthusiasm for Newton!
  • Ashley Klein 05/09/2014 Thanks for the message, Cindy! You are not the first person to experience an error. The issue I am hearing about is people getting an error, "Oops! Invalid reCAPTCHA. Please try entering the words again." When I vote, I see one of the boxes with squiggly words/numbers for me to type in so the website knows I am not a robot voter. The people getting this error do not see the box, but are told they put it in wrong. I have contacted PetSafe and will update here and various e-mails I've received when I hear back. I thank you for your persistence. I believe that some of these votes are going through or people are able to vote after reloading the page and trying again. THANKS!
  • Cindy Rolland 05/09/2014 I tried voting and it didn't seem to accept it. Anyone else having issues?
  • Ashley Klein 05/07/2014 Thank you for coming to vote for Newton! I am so excited to have you here!
  • Paw Logo PetSafeBrand 04/23/2013 Welcome to your City's discussion board. Use the form below to add to the conversation.

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