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  • 06/10/2014 We have the dedicated land from the City of Boyne City, scores of volunteers. The fundraising is in full force, and the commitment to make it happen! Boyne City and Charlevoix County and our guest will have a wonderful much needed place to people and their dogs to gather and socialize. Thank you PetSafe for the rally call and a motivator to give us some additional direction in helping to make it happen.
  • 06/06/2014 We are truly excited about the prospects of a world class Dog Park here in Charlevoix County and in Boyne City! There is without doubt great demand and need for a safe place to socialize and play in our rural community. The Socio economic diversity is great here structured space is limited and finding a place to exercise and interact with other pet owners and their pets here in northern Michigan is very challenging. In the summers there is a great influx with vacationers, and we know a first class dog park not only would be a wonderful asset in creating additional economic opportunities for the locals, but also create one more great reason for Boyne City and Charlevoix County to be a destination for pet lovers from around the world! The Charlevoix Area Humane Society sees the benefit of a Dog Park in our community, not only for the obvious benefits to area dog owners and visitors, but also as a tool to help create education opportunities, and greater awareness of the responsibilities of pet ownership. We fully endorse the Ridge Run Boyne City Dog Park! Scott MacKenzie Executive Director Charlevoix Area Humane Society
  • Kimberly Altobello 05/16/2014 The Dog Park is very much needed and a welcome addition to Beautiful Boyne City! I am looking forward to bringing my little Yorkie, Callie, so she can have play time and socialize with other small dogs.
  • Nancy Shear 05/14/2014 Our new dog park will be a wonderful way to bring dogs, and their people, together to meet and greet!
  • Lynn Maxwell 05/09/2014 Boyne City has the land, the passion, and the community enthusiasm to rock our park! Clean up begins next weekend, fencing and landscaping underway now! We are so excited to participate in the Pet Safe contest!
  • Joe Kimmell 05/09/2014 We have gathered every Sunday to exercise our dogs--all winter. This may not seem like much , but the average high for December through February was around 15 degrees, but we, and our dogs never missed. We met at a baseball diamond provided by the City, but obviously we need, and will use a dog park for our dogs. I doubt anyone in the country braved the elements more to give their dogs exercise, companionship and canine social interaction. It will be even greater when we can offer our dogs and visitors a quality area to exercise.
  • Michele Carter 05/08/2014 We are in the planning stages of a dog park in our community. The next closest dog park is more than an hour and a half away. Boyne City is dog, and people friendly community that deserves this dog park! The community support has been nothing less than inspiring.
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