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Bryant, AR

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  • Shelli Russell 05/27/2015 Barooooo!!
  • Tammy Schmidt 05/26/2015 Let's go to the dogs!
  • clara bardella 05/26/2015 Woof!! Woof woof woof woof WOOF!!
  • Emilee Squires 05/26/2015 Bark for our park!
  • Brandon Griffin 05/26/2015 Bark for our park!!
  • Debbie Grimmett 05/26/2015 we have great parks for us, so why deny our four-legged friends?
  • Debbie Grimmett 05/25/2015
  • Tricia Power 05/25/2015 Don't forget to vote everyday for Bryant to win $100K for our dog park!!
  • Jan Browning 05/25/2015 Please share the link to vote with your family and friends. What a wonderful asset this would be to our city!
  • Debby Harris 05/24/2015 'Mon Bryant!
  • Dani Petty 05/23/2015 1052!! Woo Hoo!
  • Brandon Griffin 05/23/2015 Over a thousand!!
  • Mary Vickers 05/23/2015 Vote.... vote.... vote....!
  • Debbie Orender 05/22/2015 Would make a nice addition to Bryant.
  • Debbie Grimmett 05/22/2015 Bryant would be a perfect place for a dog park because people living here enjoy spending time outdoors with their four footed companions.
  • Monty Ledbetter 05/22/2015
  • Tiffany Dunn 05/22/2015 I voted!! :)
  • Lisa Groves 05/21/2015
  • Jill Dabbs 05/21/2015 I voted!
  • Pat Kittle 05/20/2015 I don't have a dog at this time, just my 2 cats. But I want to support any community developments that help to make Bryant a great place to live!
  • Haley Shipe 05/20/2015
  • Carmen Young-Phillips 05/20/2015 I will be voting everday! Hoping the pups get a place to play!!!!
  • Lori Raines 05/20/2015 I am voting everyday. HOPE WE WIN> IT WILL BE AWESOME FOR BRYANT.
  • Brandon Griffin 05/20/2015 Yes maam!
  • Tricia Power 05/20/2015 Keep voting everyday!!!
  • Dani Petty 05/19/2015 Keep sharing!
  • Dana Poindexter 05/19/2015 We are almost to 500! Share Share Share!
  • Dottie Edwards 05/19/2015 Bryant needs votes. So, get busy people and do this for your community.
  • Karen Sharp 05/18/2015 Vote for Bryant
  • Dottie Edwards 05/18/2015 My Max came from Bryant. He is such a love. Immediately fit in with family of two cats and one other dog. Actually, they are all my babies.
  • Melda Brown 05/17/2015 Voted again! We NEED your votes!!!!
  • Melissa Daniels-Pollock 05/16/2015 Vote for Bryant!!
  • Michelle Milam 05/15/2015 VOTE VOTE VOTE people Bryant needs this Dog Park. What a wonderful addition to our wonderful city it would be.
  • Sarah Durham 05/15/2015 Just voted! Our puppy, Murray would love socializing with his fellow K9's! What a great addition for our city!
  • Melda Brown 05/15/2015 Just did my daily voting! Let's do this!! #BarkForBryant
  • Karen McEntire 05/14/2015 🐶❤️
  • Rebecca Bryant 05/14/2015 Pls vote & share!# #BarkForBryant
  • Dana Poindexter 05/14/2015 Vote and Share !! #BarkForBryant
  • Dani Petty 05/14/2015 Vote for Bryant to get a dog park!
  • Marie Free 05/14/2015 Please share and vote
  • Tina Cranston 05/14/2015 Please share and vote
  • Nicky Arendt 05/14/2015 SHARE AND VOTE !!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!
  • Brandon Griffin 05/14/2015 Share with your friends and help get the word out!
  • Tricia Power 05/13/2015 #barkforbryant We need this money for our dog park!!
  • David Bennett 05/13/2015 Vote for Bryant
  • Rebecca Stephens 05/13/2015
  • Shelli Russell 05/13/2015 Voted for Bryant, Arkansas to get a dog park! Tell all your friends & social media! This is wayyyy cooler than a tax!
  • Preston Noland 05/13/2015 Go vote for Bryant to get a new top of the line dog park. Our huskies need it!!!!
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