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  • Kay Gunderson 06/06/2014 Yes! lets definitely hit 800 by the end of the day.
  • Meg Lambert 06/06/2014 710!! We can hit 800. Last day rally for votes!
  • Nancy Munson 06/05/2014 662 Way to go!!
  • Alex Bryngelson 06/05/2014 Why not 1000? Dodge County can be Dog County!
  • Kay Gunderson 06/04/2014 Let's hit 600 toady!
  • Kay Gunderson 06/03/2014 We're doing awesome, keep voting everyday!
  • Mason Iverson 06/03/2014 Well done dog park supporters! Let's aim for over 600 today. We can make the first dog park in Dodge County a reality :)
  • Meg Lambert 06/02/2014 Come on Kasson-Mantorville! We can hit 500 by midnight!! Show the world how much we want a dog park.
  • Kay Gunderson 06/01/2014 OVER 400, you guys rock!
  • Nancy Munson 05/31/2014 349!!
  • Kay Gunderson 05/30/2014 300! YAY
  • Nancy Munson 05/30/2014 280 this morning! We NEED a dog park
  • Kay Gunderson 05/30/2014 This is awesome guys, so proud!
  • Meg Lambert 05/29/2014 250 votes! Nice job Kason-Mantorville community. Keep sharing and voting every day. We have been working for this for so many years. Let's finally make our dog park a reality!
  • Meg Lambert 05/22/2014 The Mantorville community deserves a dog park! Please vote daily.
  • Shari James 05/22/2014 Everyone vote plz ......would be great for all
  • Bryce Gunderson 05/17/2014 The community is a great place to raise a family. The Kasson-Mantorville Dog Park will be the only dog park in the county! Please vote.
  • Kay Gunderson 05/16/2014 This would be really great for our community and enhance our efforts for a dog park in Mantorville. Please vote and ask everybody you know to vote!
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