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City Nominations and Phase 1 Voting from May 7th-June 7th. Finalists Announced: June 13th.

Our community needs a PetSafe dog park!

Welcome to the City of Jonesboro, AR "Bark for your Park" page - fully initiated and endorsed by Mayor Harold Perrin! PLEASE vote to support funding for the City's first ever dog park! Join the conversation online to voice your wishes on the location of the dog park and what you want it to look like!

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Tabitha Sims

I would love to have a park for my baby girl to play at and get socialized with dogs and other ppl. She has been with me since birth so she is a lil clingy

Bridget Taylor

Thks Paul - I figured that out but know that others haven't. Found out after I voted that we are not a finalist!!

Paul Holmes

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Shahrzad Tabatabai-Naini

As long as there is a separate "little dog area", plenty of trash receptacles & poop bags I'm in!!!!

Heather Clements

The City of Jonesboro, AR is making plans for a dog park. The Mayor has formed a committee to determine appropriate location, design the layout, and estimate costs for a dog park. The residents have been asking for a dog park and the Mayor would like to get started! Please vote to help aid the City of Jonesboro fund such an initiative for our dog-friendly community!! Join the conversation and tell us where you want the dog park to be located and how you want it to look!

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