What's new?

In 2012, PetSafe awarded $100,000 to Texarkana, Arkansas, and in 2013, to Texarkana, Texas to build PetSafe dog parks. And in the past two years we've also awarded $25,000 to 6 additional commiunities to build their parks. This year, we are so excited to extend the same opportunity to another U.S. community, but we have made a few changes to make the contest even better!


2014 Highlights

  • In addition to the $100,000 grand prize, PetSafe will also be giving four other finalist cities $25,000 each. The runner-up city in each small, medium, and large population category will also win $25,000. The Bark From Your Heart city will have the highest percentage of votes to the city’s population, and will also win $25,000.
  • PetSafe has installed a code of conduct to encourage positive interactions within cities. Because we know everyone has the same goal of happier dogs with dog parks, we want all participants to be respectful of other cities and individuals while barking for their park.
  • Voting begins as soon as the contest launches on May 7 until it closes on July 31. As soon as a city is nominated, participants may vote twice each day – once at www.petsafe.net and once on PetSafe’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/PetSafebrand). Votes will used to determine the 15 finalists.
  • Instead of developing a 2-minute video explaining why the city deserves a park, we suggest the Finalists cities create a commercial spot designed to get their community members to vote. Cities will have the option to air the commercial on their local TV stations to help encourage others to vote.

PetSafe is crossing its paws that every U.S. community will be inspired to bark for their park!