Contest FAQs

  • 1. Who is eligible to win the Bark for Your Park contest?

    The $100,000 and four $25,000 awards for a PetSafe dog park are available to any community in the continental U.S. All communities are encouraged to nominate themselves and participate in the contest. A city may only win one of the prizes and previous Bark for Your Park grand prize winners are not eligible to win the grand prize more than once.

  • 2. How can I nominate my city to win?

    Go to to nominate your city. You will also be able to indicate whether you're a community member, civil servant, or media representative. Your community will then need to come together to find land, get your civic leaders involved and rally votes. We'll consider the number of votes, availability of land and community population when selecting the 15 Finalists. Note: Radio Systems Corporation associates, family members, and RSC vendors or distributors may not participate in the Bark for Your Park contest.

  • 3. Do I have to sign up on Facebook to participate?

    No. However, you are allowed to vote on the PetSafe Facebook page every day. Throughout the contest, you may submit one vote per person per day on Facebook and at

  • 4. I can't find the contest on Facebook. How can I participate?

    Visit, and click "Like."

    If using a computer, use the Bark for Your Park tab located at the top of our Facebook page.

    If using a mobile device, search for Bark for Your Park in the search bar of your Facebook app. Then click on the Bark for Your Park voting application.

  • 5. I use Facebook on my smart phone. How can I vote on Facebook mobile?

    You can search for “Bark For Your Park” in the search bar of your Facebook app and grant it permission to use your account, just like you would on the web. As always, if you have any questions, email

  • 6. I’m having issues with the Bark For Your Park website. How can I get help?

    Make sure you are using one of the following web browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 8. If your browser is one of those, then do the following:

    • Refresh the site - if on a PC, hold down Ctrl+R; if on a Mac, hold down Command+R
    • Log out of Facebook. Once logged out of Facebook, then go back to and login to the Bark for Your Park site to login
    • Clear your browser cache

    If you do all of the above and are still having trouble with the Bark for Your Park site, please email us at and include the following information in your email:

    • Details about the issue you're experiencing on the Bark for Your Park website
    • What type of device you're using (PC, Mac, iPad, smart phone, etc.)
    • Which browser you are using (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer)
    • Include screen shots when at all possible
  • 7. Why isn't my email accepted when I try to vote?

    To vote, be sure you are using the email address you registered on your account. You can view the email address associated with your account by clicking "Your Account" in the Menu. When in your account, scroll down to view the email address on your account that you will need to vote.

  • 8. I have other questions or concerns that aren't addressed here. Whom can I contact for more information?

    We're here to help throughout the Bark for Your Park contest, and we'd love to connect with you. Please email us to get your additional questions answered.

  • 9. How can I secure land for a dog park in my city?

    Contact your local Parks and Recreation Department, or another civic leader, to see if your community has land available. You also may want to check with local animal organizations to see if any group is already working towards building a dog park. These individuals can give you information about vacant lots which may be available for donation. Dog parks are like dogs; they can come in lots of sizes. Most of the parks we see are at least 1-3 acres, but that’s up to you and community and your dream of your park! There’s so many great things you can add to a dog park. Click here to consider what to include.

  • 10. How can I get my civic leader to show his or her support?

    In order to prompt your elected officials to show their support, you may send them a letter, call their office, attend a meeting, or set up an appointment to tell them about the contest. Then, you could help them register for a Bark for Your Park account and encourage them to upload a letter confirming their support. When they see how excited you are to have a dog park and how it will benefit their community, they will be barking just as loudly as you.

  • 11. How can I increase my city's chances of qualifying for the Bark For Your Park Finals?

    Be sure your city's profile is updated regularly to reflect your progress. To have a complete application and be considered to become a finalist, a community must have land, civic leader support and votes. Remember, you may vote on PetSafe's Facebook page and every day from May 13 to June 10. There are lots of great templates on the Bark For Your Park website that you can download to help get the word out. Place an ad in your local newspapers, share it on Facebook, or print posters and place them in the windows of businesses that support your park. 

  • 12. How are finalist cities selected?

    All completed entries will be considered by PetSafe's judges in regards to land availability, civic leader support, and number of votes, as well as the municipality's population. A total of 15 finalist cities will be selected: five in a small-city category, five in a medium-city category and five in a large-city category. The categories will be determined after the Phase I deadline to complete the application. PetSafe will divide the group of 15 finalist cities into three size categories based on the population data submitted by communities' civic leaders.

  • 13. How do I know another city isn’t cheating in the Bark For Your Park contest?

    We have a variety of controls in place to ensure all of the votes that are placed are legitimate. We also have a Code of Conduct that all participants must adhere to throughout the contest.

  • 14. What happens once the finalist cities are selected?

    The 15 Finalist will be encouraged to complete a 30 second commercial video ad designed to convince pet-lovers everywhere to vote for your community. The 15 finalist cities will receive a finalist kit that includes lots of tools to help you get the word out to your community to encourage them to bark for their park. The kit has t-shirts for your Dog Park leaders, yard signs to place around town, stickers, window clings and more – all designed to lend you a paw in getting more votes. Daily voting will continue on PetSafe's Facebook page and

  • 15. When will I know the finalist cities?

    PetSafe will announce the 15 finalist cities on June 12th. Finalists will been sent their finalist packets upon selection. We also call your civic leader and/or Director of Parks and Recreation.

  • 16. How many times can I vote for my city?

    Each person can vote twice per day: once on the PetSafe Facebook page and once at

  • 17. How do I know how many votes my city has received?

    Throughout the contest, the number of votes each city receives is tallied by PetSafe and listed on each city’s page on the website. When the 15 finalist cities are announced, we will post a leaderboard so participants may see how they rank. There will be a dark period of voting during the last week called the "Howl at the Moon" period when we will not post a leaderboard. We will make a surprise announcement of the winner on July 31.

  • 18. Do I have to nominate or vote for the city that I live in?

    No. You are welcome to support any city regardless of where you live.

  • 19. Someone entered my city twice, what do we do?

    Email and we will combine the nomination and votes.

  • 20. A city close to mine is also participating in Bark For Your Park, can we combine our efforts and our votes?

    Yes. If two cities that are within 30 miles of each other are both nominated for Bark For Your Park, their civic leaders may choose to combine theirs efforts to improve their chances of winning. One city will need withdraw from the contest and lend their support to the other city. PetSafe will merge the vote totals for the two cities and create a single city. The cities should agree to work together on their effort to win, and in the spirit of team work, choose a convenient local to both cities for their dog park. This can only be done during Phase I (prior to June 10th). Both city civic leaders will need to contact PetSafe at

  • 21. Why and how does my city create a video?

    A short Public Service Announcement Video lets you broadcast to a large local TV audience within your community and remind everyone to vote  2x per day, now - July 22nd on & facebook. We invite our 15 finalists to prepare and submit a PSA to share their story. However, a PSA is not required to continue in the contest. We have provided a general PSA for cities to use if they are not able or prefer not to prepare a video available on the Templates and Downloads page.

    City-developed PSAs should be submitted by July 1st at 5 pm. and will be available to share via facebook and youtube on July 3rd. Once the link to city videos are up, we encourage everyone to share the video. In order to maintain the fairness of the contest, video views to not count towards votes in any way in 2015.

  • 22. Do I have to have approval from my city mayor or another government official in order to win?

    Yes. In order to be considered for a finalist spot, a community's civic leader must create a Bark for Your Park account and upload a letter to the community's profile to show approval and support of the city's participation in Bark for Your Park.

  • 23. How can I tell my friends and family about Bark for Your Park?

    When you vote for your city on, we'll offer you an option to share information about the contest via Facebook and Twitter. You can also download our fun templates and change your Facebook profile image to let people know to bark, place an ad in your local newspaper, ask your local media to do a piece on your community’s participation to help get the word out and lots more. Get some advice from last year’s Top Dog.

  • 24. If we win, are there stipulations on how exactly we can use the money?

    Yes, if your city wins the $100,000 grand prize or a $25,000 prizes, you may only use the prize money to create a PetSafe dog park. For more information, please visit Contest Rules.

  • 25. I'm a media representative/blogger. How can I get more information about this contest?

    We're thrilled that you're interested in sharing information about the PetSafe Bark for Your Park contest with your audience. Your support can be a big help in your community’s winning money for a dog park. Please email us to get additional media information.

  • 26. What is PetSafe? How do I learn more about the company and your products?

    PetSafe produces the industry's most popular and innovative products in pet training, containment, safety and lifestyle. We are all about giving people a great experience with their pets. We’ve been helping build dog parks for several years because we see how much that make a community even more dog-friendly. We'd love for you to learn more about our company and our products by visiting

  • 27. How do I start planning our commmunity's dog park?

    We are so happy you’re so excited to plan your dog park. Visit our dog park page for some helpful hints.

  • 28. I am an RSC associate, vendor, distributor or a family member to one. Can I participate in the contest?

    No. RSC associates, family members, and RSC vendors or distributors may not participate in Bark for Your Park. You can inform your city of the contest and encourage their participation. You may not provide advice, guidance, or support to any city.

  • 29. I entered my e-mail address. Will PetSafe sell my information?

    No. We never sell your information to a third party.

  • 30. I posted a question on a blog, forum, or social site and PetSafe didn't answer my question. How can I get my question answered?

    We are not able to provide advice, guidance, or support to help your city win beyond what is provided on the Bark For Your Park website and PetSafe Blog. We can only answer those questions that refer to the rules of the contest, function of the website and PetSafe in general. If you asked a question that falls within this criteria and still didn't receive an answer, or if your question is not listed, please email us at

  • 31. What is the Bark From Your Heart Award?

    Many cities show a lot of heart in the Bark For Your Park contest but may not have enough votes to win. We wanted to make a special prize for a city whose community clearly demonstrates they want a dog park regardless of their total overall votes. The city that has the highest community participation in the contest (i.e. the highest percentage of votes based on their population) will win the Bark From Your Heart prize - $25,000 to go towards the construction of a dog park in your city. So no matter your size, if you get the largest percentage of your community to bark for your park, you’ll win the Bark From Your Heart Prize and be $25K closer to your very own dog park. So get barking!

  • 32. When do we develop our finalist :30 ad?

    If you are one of 15 finalists, you’ll be encouraged on June 17th to develop a :30 TV ad. The ad should be clever and designed to help you get more votes for your city. Consider working with a local advertising agency, cable company or a marketing class at a local college, university or high school to develop a unique concept that will really get more people to vote for your city to win. Better yet, place your ad on your local TV stations to share your message with even more of your community. We will post the ads on YouTube and you can share it with everyone you know and that can earn you even more votes.

  • 33. How does my city’s finalist ad help us get more votes?

    You should encourage people to vote for your city, so the more people that see it, the more votes you should get. Make sure to share your ad from YouTube. 

  • 34. How do I share my city’s finalist ad?

    Consider connecting your local TV stations and request they place the ad as a Public Service Announcement (PSA). Then go to PetSafe’s YouTube page, find your city’s ad and click on it. Click on the Share link. You can share your video with all your friends and encourage them to vote. 

  • 35. My city’s votes reset to 0 in Phase II. Why?

    Your city is so lucky to have made it to the finals! The votes you received in Phase I were your qualification votes to become a finalist. Phase II votes will be the votes that determine if you are one of the winners, therefore, are reset to 0 at the beginning of Phase II. 

  • 36. What is the "Howl at the Moon" period?

    During the last week of voting, the leaderboard will disappear. You will still be able to vote once a day on both the PetSafe Facebook page and at However, voters will not know where each city stands until the Top Dog is announced.

  • 37. When does the contest end? When will I know who won?

    Voting will end on July 22nd at 11:59:59 pm EST, and PetSafe will announce the winners on July 31st.

  • 38. How can I get more involved with PetSafe contests and product development?

    PetSafe frequently offers contests and giveaways on our social sites. For more information, visit us on Facebook, Twitter and our Paw Print blog at In addition, we have a PetSafe Lab site where we conduct research surveys and in-home product testing. To become an Idea Partner, visit

  • 39. We won! Now what?

    Congratulations! Your local Parks and Recreation Department should begin developing construction plans for your park. See our contest rules from more information. You will be able to use your City page as your hub for park activity.

  • 40. We didn’t win. Now what?

    You’ve developed a huge amount of support for dog park in your town. You already have land and a civic leader that will support your park. Not only will you be in a perfect position to win next year’s contest, you may be able to do a bit of fundraising and get your park completed. Visit our Dog Park page for more support.